Take an umbrella for yourself (this article must be read)
Take an umbrella for yourself (this article must be read)
Investing in yourself is the only business in the world that can break even.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "all things are done at the same time, and I will see its recovery."

there are so many things in the world, don't be fooled by the appearance of things, you should know that you are the root of everything.

in the past, I always thought that there were good relationships all over the world, and people didn't understand until middle age that no matter how big the eaves of others were, they were not as good as having umbrellas.

as the saying goes: "

rely on others to hold umbrellas

, ups and downs;

take your umbrella and take it easy.


Life is really hard. Only by learning to hold an umbrella for yourself can you feel reliable and live at ease.

fools ask for help, but wise men ask for themselves

as the old saying goes:

"he is far away, but he knows little. It is based on the fact that saints can't know it, don't see it, and don't do it. "

the more people run outward, the less they know, and the saints can know the things of the world without traveling far away, understand the Tao of heaven without seeing it, and succeed without acting rashly.

just because saints know how to do what they can't do, they ask for themselves.

in many cases, relying on yourself is the only way out.

there was a poor family, and when the two brothers grew up, they went out together.

three years later, my brother's deposit was 500 taels of silver, but his younger brother's deposit was ten times that of his brother.

in the past three years, my brother worked as a clerk in the fish pond, working conscientiously and constantly accumulating experience.

and my younger brother ran around and was appreciated by several rich businessmen. Through the investment of rich businessmen, he ran a cloth store.

for another three years, my brother built his own fish pond based on his own experience.

and the younger brother's cloth store business is poor, during the period, several rich businessmen withdrew their capital, so that the cloth store is facing the situation of closure.

when the younger brother was exhausted, the elder brother came to visit and talked about his experience over the years, the younger brother could not help feeling: "to make money still depends on your own down-to-earth work."

my brother said, "with the help of rich businessmen, you always have to look at others." In fact, anything can be really successful only on its own. "

A fool asks for help, gets a cold face, and tastes the coolness of the world; a wise man asks for himself, protects himself thoroughly, and has nothing to fear.

there are some injuries that need to be cured by themselves, and some thresholds that need to be crossed.

Don't expect anyone to help you solve all your problems. Everyone is the master of your own life.

if you learn the same skill more, you will be able to say less to ask for help; if you go through more hardships, you will be able to experience less disaster.

even if it is covered with thorns and bruises, as long as it is refined into steel, it will become a solid support for itself.

in the long years, parents will grow old, friends are easy to get separated, and only relying on themselves is a person's greatest strength.

the best sense of security is given by yourself

in the World of Zhuangzi:

"the husband's way does not want miscellaneous, miscellaneous is many, many is disturbing, disturbing is worry, worry but not saving. In ancient times, people saved themselves first and then others. "

A lot of things should not be complicated. Once they are complicated, there will be chaos, and chaos will cause trouble.

Wise people understand that they must first stand firm before they can support others.

I deeply think that in the wind and rain, the strongest eaves are built by themselves, and the best sense of security is given by themselves.

born into an aristocratic family, Zhang Kang grew up with food and clothing and enjoyed the protection of his family.

who would have thought that the family suddenly declined and the young man of the rich family turned into a poor boy in the twinkling of an eye, and such a gap was difficult for Zhang Kang to accept.

he became grumpy and could not extricate himself from the pain.

one day, he passed by a crop field

, there is a farmer who is still working hard to replant crops.

Zhang Kang asked, "what are you trying to do when the crops are gone?"

the farmer said, "the matter is here, and we must not be tired. Although the crops have been destroyed, they also bring rich fertilizer to the land. Instead of suffering, it is better to solve the problem as soon as possible."

the farmer's words made Zhang Kang realize in an instant that things had already happened, the pain had no effect, and the most important thing was to change the status quo.

later, he became a successful rich businessman by virtue of his wisdom and talent.

this is the way life is. Only by relying on yourself can we be secure and carefree.

you know: placing sense of security on others is the stupidest thing in the world.

there are too many variables in the world, and the sense of security given by others seems to hold on, but in fact it doesn't belong to you at all.

in the end, it is likely to be nothing.

the Book of changes says: "if you are blessed by God, there will be no disadvantage."

the only one who can save us is ourselves when we live a lifetime.

you can get as many sense of security as you can.

the greatest stability in life comes from yourself, and the best sense of security comes from every effort.

it is better to invest in yourself than to count on others

"he who wins, he who wins is strong",

only when you are at the helm of yourself can you control your life.

everyone wants to live a safe and stable life, but when there are unexpected events, misfortunes and blessings, and when they are willing but powerless, they know the value of investing in themselves.

there are three great riches in life, the first is health, the second is beauty, and the third is property.

without health, everything is zero. Only when there is health, there is everything.

thisA few days ago, someone posted a group of photos of reunion with classmates.

in the photo, the man's face is friendly, neat and young, like a young man in his 20s, while some of his classmates are gray and in poor spirits, some with a big belly and an old look.

former classmates, meet again, more like two generations of people.

however, many people rely on their young and unscrupulous profligacy until they lie in a hospital bed to realize that it is too late to mend.

as the old saying goes, "if you move, you will not decline; if you enjoy, you will live a long life."

long-term exercise makes people full of vitality and spirit.

A person's good looks and good health are inseparable from his continuous investment in himself.

the same is true of personal ability.

A few years ago, a

facing unemployment

burst into tears: "I'm 36 years old and I can't learn anything. What am I supposed to do?"

Xiao Li, who is also facing unemployment, does not have such worries. On weekdays, after work, Xiao Li reads and writes, develops his own interests and hobbies, and has mastered a survival skill.

after losing his job, Xiao Li became a full-time writer at home and earned a lot of money.

times change, rapidly changing, there is no stable job, only stable ability.

some people fall into the abyss as a result, while others go up to meet the difficulties and make a lot of money.

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if you want to be successful and live a carefree life, you should keep learning and improve your ability, not worry about being eliminated.

if you want to be healthy and look old, you should strengthen your exercise and routine instead of worrying all day long.

investing in yourself is the only business in the world that can break even.

No one can take away the inner things such as your ability, wisdom, health, etc. No matter how the world changes, investing in yourself will only keep you in value and never go down.

Life is like a reverse journey, often through wind and rain.

A person's life is destined to be a solo journey.

experience your own joys and sorrows, and endure your joys and sorrows.

do not rely on, expect less, learn to invest in yourself and strengthen yourself.

only rely on yourself is the king, can really withstand the long life of the snow sword.

for the rest of your life, may you be your own ferryman, not afraid of wind and rain, not near people's hedges, and learn to carry umbrellas by yourself!