Suddenly Guan Xuan! The truth of Li Bingbing's feelings has been exposed at the age of 50. Netizen: have you seen something wrong with you two a long time ago?
Suddenly Guan Xuan! The truth of Li Bingbing's feelings has been exposed at the age of 50. Netizen: have you seen something wrong with you two a long time ago?
In life, the most beautiful thing is not necessarily love, friendship is also precious.

in the eyes of many people, the entertainment industry is a very complicated place, and the so-called "plastic friendship" has long been common.

but there is a couple. The relationship between them is deeper than friendship and truer than love.

"warm happiness, Miss Li should remember."

Li Bingbing also replied sweetly in the comment area: "Love you my old friend."

attracted a burst of envy from netizens:

"I still envy this friendship, which lasts forever."

some netizens even shouted online: if you two don't get married, how will this end?

No wonder netizens knock so much Z (true) Q (emotion) s (real) g (feeling).

since 2011, Ren Quan will send birthday wishes on time on this day.

13 years in a row, never absent.

the same is true of Li Bingbing, who sent birthday wishes to Ren Quan.

has seen too much, from intimacy to the rollover drama, this 30-year-old "Bingquan" friendship appears to be so precious and enviable.

in the entertainment circle, there is a saying, "there is a friendship called Li Bingbing and Ren Quan."

A beautiful face, elegant and handsome, a long hair fluttering, lively and valiant, both from Heilongjiang, both studying in different places, the two felt inexplicably close at first sight.

whether it is rehearsal or graduation drama, Li Bingbing and Ren Quan are always the best partners, and they get to know each other more and more.

every weekend, Ren Quan rides a bike, carrying Li Bingbing all the way from campus to the streets of Shanghai.

handsome men and beautiful women, this situation, undoubtedly not a beautiful scenery.

over time, even teachers think they are "golden boys and girls".

it was only later that I found out that it was really a beautiful misunderstanding.

two people born into ordinary families agree to work-study programs and perform in the community whenever they have time.

when you are lucky, you can get 30 yuan a day, which is very satisfying.

in the first fight with the world, Ren Quan always stood beside Li Bingbing and advised her.

on one occasion, advertisers asked for cooperation, and when it came to remuneration, Li Bingbing looked sincere and had no city.

Ren Quan saw that the other party was worried, and in line with the principle of not losing money, he figured out in his mind how to bargain with the other party.

finally talked about the price from 500 to 2000, and the pride exploded instantly.

for once, Ren Quan seems to have become the "backbone" of Li Bingbing, requiring his "escort" in everything.

later, Li Bingbing shot an advertisement and made 260000 yuan.

seeing so many advertising fees for the first time, Li Bingbing lost her mind and didn't know what to do.

it was Ren Quan who stepped forward: "Don't be afraid, I'll go with you."

the two men started the journey of "asking for wages" with their schoolbags on their backs.

being together day and night for a long time, a silent tacit understanding was formed between them.

Ren Quan suddenly had a nosebleed at the scene of a competition.

as soon as Li Bingbing, who was immersed in the performance, looked up and saw the scene, she was in a hurry.

"Don't be sad, don't cry."

as she spoke, she brushed the red tears off his face with her hand.

finally, the performance won the second prize in the country, and Ren Quan jokingly said: "this is bought with blood!"

after graduation, Bingquan's "Revolutionary Friendship" both extended to the acting career.

in the Young Bao Qingtian, the gong Sun Zhi of Yushu facing the wind and the clever Ling Chuchu completely made Ren Quan and Li Bingbing popular.

up to now, the scene of playing and fighting between Gong Sun ce and Ling Chuchu is still fresh in my mind, with a full sense of CP.

then, they collaborated on many movies and TV dramas such as in the mood for Love and Youth, which left a deep impression on the audience.

time, can not take away true friends, years, there is no room for false feelings.

they knew each other through micro-acquaintance. They shared their joys and sorrows, filmed together, and went from obscurity to fame.

and along the way, it was very difficult for them to walk.

think of a very warm sentence: "True friend is that no matter what decision you make, I will support you."

this sentence is more appropriate for Li Bingbing and Ren Quan.

Li Bingbing devoted herself to show business and made great progress all the way.

in 2007, in the movie "Ballad of Cloud and Water", Li Bingbing won Baihua and Huabiao with solid acting skills.

when she stepped onto the podium, Li Bingbing burst into tears:

"it may only take a minute to go from stage to stage, but I have worked hard for this minute for ten years."

since then, she has become more and more brave in the war, and has the strength to climb with her status.

in 2009, with her excellent performance in the film "the Wind", Li Bingbing won several awards, including the Golden Horse Award, pushing her career to another peak.

but instead of being satisfied, she chose to reduce the quantity of her work and pursue "quality" instead.

she studies English hard and tries to squeeze Chinese faces into the Hollywood world.

in Giant Tooth Shark, she speaks pure American English, which amazed countless people.

in biochemical Evil 5, Li Bingbing played the role ofThe second female Ada King, no matter her acting skills or language, has once again refreshed the foreign media's understanding of Chinese actors.

however, compared with Li Bingbing's thriving acting career, Ren Quan's acting career has been repeatedly hindered.

he found that after filming, there was no fame in his imagination, no one appreciated it, and the future was confused.

so the idea of opening a restaurant suddenly took root in his mind.

he told his ideas without expecting unanimous opposition from everyone.

but Li Bingbing complained, but still offered 30,000 yuan:

"if you lose, it's mine, and if you earn it, pay me back."

then, Ren Quan started the road of catering, taking the chef's certificate and opening a restaurant.

when his career was on the right track, he asked Li Bingbing:

"you see, my business is so good that I might as well put this 30,000 yuan into stock."

Li Bingbing said, "I just want to help you. I don't want to make a profit."

Yes, best friends never go their separate ways because of their differences.

but even if I can't agree, I will walk side by side and walk firmly with you.

as soon as the news of Ren Quan's announcement came out, it caused a sensation in the entire entertainment circle, and many people felt sorry.

but Li Bingbing, as always, supports and wishes:

"We are all exploring the possibilities of life, but Brother Quan is always sober and resolute, without too many worries, no worries about gain or loss, but also a strong heart and firm faith to support you."

"Tao is different, but hearts are connected" is the best interpretation of Li Bingbing Ren Quan friendship.

support you, respect you, bless you, are the purest notes in this relationship, they have nothing to do with the wind and the moon, only bosom friends.

the circumstances of life are different, years are the best thieves, drifting away from each other is not regret, but the normality of the world.

but Li Bingbing Ren Quan's friendship has withstood the years and withstood the test.

in 2017, Li Bingbing declared her love on Weibo:

everything is the best arrangement. "

many people found it difficult to make peace, and one after another @ Ren Quan asked him to get Li Bingbing back.

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but who knows, Li Bingbing's relationship comes from the matchmaking of his good friend Ren Quan.

can look around, this relationship still ends in failure, but it does not affect the relationship between "Bingquan" at all.

when someone asks Ren Quan, "will you be sorry you missed Li Bingbing?"

Ren Quan's answer is magnanimous and firm:

"I didn't miss it, because we'll be together forever."

Yes, the affection between them is better than affection, it is not love, but it can still move people.

in the Life of yearning, two restless people wash the dishes together.

A sloppy scrawl, a cleanliness addiction intensifies obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the picture of two people quarrelling with each other seems to be a true portrayal of you and an old friend.

although words are full of dislike, the mode of getting along with each other is comparable to that of family.

cozy and comfortable.

Li Bingbing can shout to Ren Quan without scruples: "it's up to you in this life."

Ren Quan looked proudly: "all right, then I have to consider it."

when the movie was released, Ren Quan was surprised and moved by Li Bingbing's eyes.

they are busy but miss each other, so much for the best friendship.

for Ren Quan, Li Bingbing once said:

"he is like my confidante, all joys and sorrows, I share with him, he is my spiritual sustenance."

at work, from script selection to clothing matching, she will seek Ren Quan's advice, and Ren Quan takes great pains to give her advice.

Ren Quan makes decisions for her in life, whether it's buying a house or decorating it.

and speaking of Li Bingbing, Ren Quan is also "the most precious":

jokes, hot pot, Li Bingbing

(the indispensable confidant in life)


is a joke, it is also true.

some netizens once described their feelings like this:

"their friendship is like the breeze blowing through the willow forest in early summer. Just thinking about it, they feel cured."

Yes, the most beautiful thing in life is not necessarily love, and friendship is certainly precious.

and a precious friendship is enough to support each other across the sea of life, not afraid of the sudden wind and rain, but also not afraid of the long road ahead.

I have seen such a question: what do you think of the best friendship?

A high praise replied: "Don't disturb each other, miss each other." Everything happens, something happens. "

once upon a time, we always thought that without being together day and night, we would go from saying everything to having nothing to say.

but neglected, the adult world, there are many people who are busy living alone.

Sanmao once said: "knowing friends is the norm of life. If you can talk occasionally and still be gentle in your heart, you are good friends."

, may you and I go through half our lives, go through ups and downs, and still meet our bosom friends and cure the tiredness of life.