Suddenly Guan Xuan divorced, congratulations!
Suddenly Guan Xuan divorced, congratulations!
No variety shows, no gossip, do a good job in every play, this is all about Deng Jiajia.

some time ago, there was a very popular video on Douyin. Have you seen it?

is a segment from "famous Liwan". When Deng Jiajia's character is insulted by others with unbearable language, she uses three kinds of crying scenes to express her psychological process.

she first looked embarrassed.

when she was unreservedly given up in the past, she panicked and scratched a little unnatural on her face, despite her apparent self-confidence.

then she stared at each other for a few seconds, and there was no one to say, so she looked up and tried not to cry.

in the end, she could not help it, and two lines of tears flowed down her cheeks, her eyes full of unwillingness.

you really can't feel her three psychological processes just by describing her in words, so I specially found a moving picture for everyone to experience.

I have seen it over and over again for about 10 times. Why do I watch it so many times?

the first one is because she acted so well that she was not only natural but also emotional.

the second is the surprise that Deng Jiajia is becoming more and more like an actress rather than an actress.

in 2009, the series of "Love apartment" hit a lot of people, such as Lou Yixiao, Li Jinming and Deng Jiajia.

among the three girls, I think the one who has the greatest advantage is Lou Yixiao, because she has the most experience in filming, and she is very much in line with the aesthetic of the entertainment industry.

followed by Li Jinming, although her works are very few, but the role of Chen Meijia, really let her eat a lot of dividends, and her appearance is also very agreeable.

but since the end of the "Love apartment" series, the two basically have no representative to do, and even have few works, but in the live broadcast with goods, the two girls are becoming more and more adept.

and what about Deng Jiajia, who has the least advantage?

Deng Jiajia's history of fame is very similar to that of Tang Youyou.

in Love Apartments, Tang Youyou loves acting. No matter how many roles she plays, as long as others ask for her, she will agree immediately.

but we can also see that the play received by Tang Youyou is filming to put it bluntly. To put it bluntly, it is a tidbit.

when she was a maid, the emperor was unhappy and she died;

when the assassin, the other party spit, she died;

when she was a nurse, someone else directly cut her off.

from the beginning to the end, there are almost no lines in the whole process, just a walk-on.

and Deng Jiajia is the real version of Tang Youyou.

"Tang Youyou is the true portrayal of himself at that time, with no fixed roles and lines, but just waiting and honing again and again."

the popularity of "Love apartment 2" made viewers know Deng Jiajia, but few people knew that she had been running a dragon for nearly 10 years before that.

Deng Jiajia is an undergraduate majoring in Communication University Of China acting. She has a proper professional background. When she first graduated, she, like everyone else, was full of hopes for the future.

but soon, reality watered her.

"at that time, I was holding a thick stack of resumes, and as soon as I saw a prepared place, I immediately put in a resume."

Deng Jiajia's idea at that time was:

if I go to a few more places and fill in more resumes, there will always be a chance.

what's the result?

but they all sank into the sea and heard nothing.

her parents were anxious and advised her to go back to her hometown and find a secure job, but she was not reconciled to giving up.

as a result, she tried it for 10 years.

and in these 10 years, she has tasted all the ups and downs.

such as the embarrassment of life.

when they first graduated, Deng Jiajia and another person spent 500 yuan to rent a basement.

the room is dark and damp, the air-conditioned refrigerator is not cool, and even the bathroom and kitchen are shared with other tenants.

the hardship of the conditions didn't make Deng Jiajia feel much bitter, but the neighbor next door liked to cry in the middle of the night, which made her suffer.

"the two of us have been scared for a long time and always feel that our house is haunted.

I didn't know until later that the crying was made by the girl next door. At first I thought I had seen a ghost. "

another example is the hidden rules in the entertainment industry.

one night, Deng Jiajia suddenly received a notice from the director.

"there is a play that suits you. Come and have a look."

as soon as he heard that there was an opportunity, Deng Jiajia rushed to the crew without saying a word.

when she got to the place, the director said to her:

"this character has a high demand for figure. Can you show us first?"

Deng Jiajia was so angry that he said foul language directly: screw you.

of course, there are also people who are not red and sad.

I believe everyone has heard of Huang Bo's experience.

when filming the TV series "Taste of Love", he played the role of a robber.

on the day of filming, the deputy director asked if the robbers had arrived, and Huang Bo stood up and replied that I was.

as a result, the assistant director turned a blind eye:

how can you be photogenic with your appearance? just be an actor.You deserve it, too?

this is the sadness of an actor who is not popular, and Deng Jiajia is not much better.

when Deng Jiajia was not popular, the roles were all fought for by themselves.

once, in order to fight for the role of female No. 6 in the play, she spent a lot of time speculating on the psychological process of the characters, and then wrote a short biography of more than 5000 words and gave it to the director.

after watching it, the director said: yes, it's fine.

and then it's over, and the play still hasn't decided on her in the end.

everyone is watching the dishes. It's no use trying to work hard. You have to be popular.

but the loss of a horse is not a blessing. Just two weeks after Deng Jiajia buried himself at home after a change of roles, the opportunity came to her door.

in 2008, Wang Yuelun found Deng Jiajia with "ten perfect nine beauties".

Li Xiang, Li William, Huang Yi and so on participated in this TV series at that time, all of them were already a little famous, and only Deng Jiajia was a small transparent existence.

in the landing role, Wang Yuelun gave Deng Jiajia the role of a strange princess, not even female No. 4.

however, unexpectedly, Deng Jiajia became the only favorable comment in the film.

many netizens even said: give a star because of Deng Jiajia.

although the score of this TV series is very low, it makes Deng Jiajia see the hope of persistence:

there are some things that don't have to be forced, do well in front of you, play a good role, reap matching pay and reputation, and every character has a little progress.

although the future role may continue to be a walk-on, she is satisfied as long as she keeps improving.

Gold always shines. After the broadcast of "Ten perfect Nine Beauty", someone noticed Deng Jiajia's talent for comedy, which led to the addition of her later "Love apartment 2."

in 2010, Deng Jiajia joined "Love apartment 2". At that time, people on the same crew were not optimistic about it. After all, they were newcomers who joined temporarily. Can the audience accept it so easily?

as a result, Deng Jiajia's Tang Youyou not only lived, but also conquered the vast majority of the audience, even up to now, many of her classic moves have become her iconic representatives.

for example, Don's performance rule, Showtime;

for example, the big nephew with a strong Sichuan accent and so on.

Deng Jiajia was 27 years old.

at the age of thirty, she finally has her own masterpiece.

but Deng Jiajia is not satisfied with this.

in 2010, the broadcast of the "Love apartment" series made several stars in the play a little hot, and their respective careers also began to have new development.

Chen he began to be active in various variety shows;

Li Jinming started her live streaming career with the help of Chen Meijia.

and Lou Yixiao has also become the mentor of all kinds of programs.

only Deng Jiajia seems to have suddenly disappeared.

what is she up to?

busy saying goodbye to Tang Youyou.

in this TV series, I like two actors best, one is Wang Chuanjun, and the other is Deng Jiajia.

after Tang Youyou's character became popular, she did not blindly copy the character to pick up the script, but chose to continue to challenge other types of characters.

performance is a very difficult process for an actor. I just like the challenge. I always feel that there is no difference between an actor without a breakthrough and a salted fish.

this is her cleverness.

for an actress, you can still act in such silly Mary Sue dramas when you are 20 or 30, but will the audience still buy it when you are 40 or 50?


so if you want to walk for a long time, you must find a way to broaden your path.

so, while several other friends were shining brilliantly, Deng Jiajia began to work hard.

she can be a ruthless Hu Shanxiang, full of power and calculation;

can also be a simple girl next door who burst into tears when she learned that her father was in prison for her.

even if it is the mistress who is reviled, she can still follow it, and can interpret the role incisively and vividly.

to complete this process of transformation, there are misunderstandings, sadness and confusion, but she never wants to give up.

in addition to daring to act, Deng Jiajia is also very powerful, that is, she can bear hardships very well.

in order to show Lin Mengmeng's ignorance and fear in "National Witness", she specially went to the juvie to experience life and lost 15 jin in two weeks.

when shooting a thriller, in order to make the audience feel that kind of horrible and tense anger, she put more than 50 living frogs on her body.

in "Love apartment 3," Tang Youyou had a play hanging from a tree. On a hot day of more than 30 degrees, Deng Jiajia, wearing a costume on the inside and outside, was hung from a tree for 12 hours.

"I am a very theatrical addict."

"to this day, I feel very lucky to do a particularly addictive thing, and I dare not mention the word 'hard work' at all."

in 2015, Deng Jiajia won the 30th Golden Rooster Award for Best supporting Actress and the 32nd hundred Flowers Award for Best supporting Actress, becoming the only post-80s golden rooster and hundred flowers double female match.

YesPeople say that Deng Jiajia is like a snail. She never talks about her dreams, but only works hard.

indeed, Deng Jiajia is not the kind of person who likes publicity very much. either he doesn't do it, or if he wants to do it, he will do it well.

after the shooting of "National Witness", Deng Jiajia disappeared again, and it was a few years later when she once again appeared in the audience with her new role.

"I don't want to make some low-quality movies."

"instead of doing this, it's better to focus on TV series. At least it takes a long time to shoot, and I can get some exercise."

for Deng Jiajia, filming is not only his own rice bowl, but also a career worthy of his own painstaking efforts.

on January 18, 2019, Deng Jiajia suddenly announced her divorce on Weibo.

and what about Deng Jiajia?

as usual, continue to run in the acting career that you love.

No variety shows, no gossip, do a good job in every play, this is what Deng Jiajia is all about.

even after he became popular, he still dared not slack off in choosing scripts.

this is her: Deng Jiajia, who strives to be a qualified actress, not an actress.

to this day, Deng Jiajia still remembers what Sun Honglei said to her.

"Jia Jia, you must be the kind of person you lack in the entertainment industry."

well, bless her ❤️!

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