Stop mental friction and start by cleaning the room
Stop mental friction and start by cleaning the room
Bid farewell to mental internal friction and greet a new life with a cheerful mood.


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have you ever had such an experience:

push the door into the house, look at the clothes piled up on the sofa and the small objects scattered on the coffee table, suddenly get angry.

in a messy room, there is no place to sit and there is no place to stand, so it is difficult to calm down and study.

and when you make up your mind to clean up and clean your house thoroughly, you feel better again, and your dreary life seems to be lit up by the sun coming through the window.

room, like a mirror, can show what we look like inside.

the process of sweeping dust and removing dust is not only a process of taking care of the mood, but also a good medicine for the treatment of mental internal friction.

it is mentioned in "sweeping Power" that a room can best reflect a person's spirit.

it is not only a place to eat and sleep, but also a corner of the soul.

A study by Harvard Business School shows that

successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy environment, while people who live out of control usually live in a messy and dirty environment.

there is a woman and her husband who are both shopaholics and always do some shopping when they come home every day.

over time, the house is like a warehouse, full of useless sundries.

stay at home, husband and wife are like prey under siege, their movement is limited and their mood is irritable.

most of the time, I go out in such a hurry in the morning that I can't even find a piece of clean clothes.

and the sloppy life makes them fall into self-remorse and anxiety, and have no energy to work well.

troubles come to us frequently, the mood is getting worse and worse, and the pressure is getting bigger and bigger.

in desperation, they invited them to accept Yingzi Yamashi and thoroughly summed up the sundries.

when the tidy-up room brightens people's eyes, they suddenly realize that cleanliness is also a cure.

Hideko Yamashita said:

"throw away a piece of useless, a little more space; throw away a piece of excess, less a burden; throw away a piece of waste, restore a bit of refreshing.


in psychology, there is a "law of spatial attraction".

the room is messy, people's heart will be confused, and when the heart is confused, they don't want to clean the room even more.

this vicious circle can make people fall into mental internal friction.

the dirty room is like a hole in life, full of dust and suffocating.

is also like a black hole, which consumes people's spirit.

people who can't get out of peace of mind in such an environment.

some sociologists have pointed out:

cleaning will provide people with goals and do small things that can be controlled to get people out of stress for a while.

most of the time, confused and anxious, it is because of the loss of control of life, and cleaning the house can give people a sense of control.

in an uncertain life, the "certainty" of cleanliness is a good medicine to resolve mental internal friction.

carefully clean up the dust, patiently return items, collect off-season clothes, and action will press the pause button for your confused thoughts.

when you drink tea, read books and listen to music in a spotless room, you will relax and forget the troubles of the outside world for a while.

when the living environment takes on a new look, the state of mind naturally brightens up.

the writer Thoreau once lived away from downtown and lived alone in a cabin on the bank of Walden Lake.

he tidies up the cabin every day.

he emptied the ash from the stove, prepared the firewood to burn, cleaned the tables, chairs and benches, and even swept the muddy path in front of the door.

in the process of sweeping, Thoreau had no distractions. Although he consumed his physical strength and time, he gained peace of mind.

he said:

"I would like to plunge deeply into life, suck the bone marrow of life, and live a solid and simple life. Use the most basic form to get rid of all the content that does not belong to life. "

Don't underestimate the small matter of cleaning the room, it contains a "sweeping power" philosophy of life.

someone on Zhihu asked, "my life is a mess. How can I change it?"


someone replied, "when you are in trouble and there is nothing you can do about the situation at hand, go and clean the room."


to clean up your home is not only to clean up yourself in the past, but also to plan your future life.

agrees with a sentence in "break up":

"tidying up the room is not simply dealing with sundries and throwing away old things, but awakening the breath of life in the long river of life full of closeness.

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Man is an environmental animal, and the room we live in is the largest magnetic field in life.

only by living comfortably can people pick themselves up, muster up their energy and live a good life.

American writer Tara Westford,

parents run a scrap yard and fill their homes with junk and sundries.

in her memory, the family was like rats in a dustbin, dirty, smelly, belligerent and nervous.

she often complains about her unfair fate and becomes extremely sensitive and always has a lot on her mind.

later, Tara left the house by studying and moved into the school dormitory.

she arranged the dormitory like her classmates so that she could finally settle down to study.


@ deer in the forest

, at the end of every yearSet aside a few days for immersive cleaning.

when she finished cleaning, she lay on the sofa enjoying her masterpiece. Her mood was as bright as a clean window, and she was full of hope for the new year.

on the social platform, she shared four ideas for cleaning up housework.

cleaning the room starts with the bedroom, then the living room, balcony, kitchen.

every room is swept up to the sundries on the table and down to the dead corner of the floor.

she said: "when you are in a bad mood, if you have a big fight like this, you will immediately get better."


We often say that we can't sweep the world without sweeping the house.

the troubles of work, the pressure of life, and inner confusion often drag us into the whirlpool of "thinking too much".

whenever this happens, find something specific to do for yourself.

the concrete trivial matter of cleaning the room can quickly stop our confused thoughts.

when the room is clean and tidy, people will return to a positive state.

when Sanmao first arrived in the Sahara, the rented house was a mess.

when she was away from home, she was already in a bad mood, and this room made her extremely depressed.

someone came to visit and called it "the most beautiful desert house".

, Sanmao was able to devote himself to writing and completed the famous "the Story of the Sahara".

I very much agree with the words of the writer Hiroyo Masada: "your life is actually like your own room."

room not only carries our lives, but also a safe haven for the spiritual world.

, may you


in a tidy room, bid farewell to mental internal friction and greet a new life in a cheerful mood.