Still worrying about baby rations? When choosing milk powder, you must recognize these three points!
Still worrying about baby rations? When choosing milk powder, you must recognize these three points!
Teach you how to choose a safe, suitable and nutritious milk powder for your baby!\" data-type=\ "jpeg\" data-w=\ "1080\" style=\ "width:auto;\">


once a woman becomes a mother, she may still be a little fairy on the surface, but she has already become an old mother who is worried about the bear baby.

talk to the mother's woman and you can see how obvious the difference is. They don't leave their children for three words, and when they talk, it's called beaming.

especially when it comes to baby rations, almost 99% of mothers will be interested.



why do you say that? Because some time ago, when my mother talked about milk powder with a novice mother, she unexpectedly told me that "usually I only buy milk powder that is expensive, and I haven't seen anything else."

I have to say that this mother is really an inexperienced rookie.


Please ~ picking milk powder is not a small project! It is really too easy to step on thunder if you only look at the price to buy milk powder.

it's a small matter if you buy milk powder that is not nutritious or even harmful to your health, and it's too late to regret.

as a senior old mother, let's talk to novice mothers today about how to choose a safe, suitable and nutritious milk powder for your baby. Get in the car!\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" 1080\ "style=\" width:auto;\ ">

the morning mother has a principle for picking up milk powder for her baby, that is, "Don't buy expensive ones, only buy ones suitable for the baby".


before carefully studied 99% of the milk powder on the market, from milk source, component distribution ratio to testing standards, milk powder quality. They are all very different. Which one is better?



1. Detection criteria\" data-type=\" png\ "data-w=\" 39\ "style=\" width:22px;display:block;\ ">

CCTV's consumption Proposition has commissioned domestic food testing agencies to conduct detailed tests on 19 best-selling milk powders.

Experimental results show that:

these milk powders refer to vitamins, minerals, etc.There is a difference in the content of the target.

as far as latte content is concerned, the iron content of some milk powders exceeds the upper limit of Chinese standards.



so when we pick out milk powder for our baby, we must pay attention to distinguish the testing standards.

2, Scientific Research strength\" data-type=\ "png\" data-w=\ "39\" style=\ "width:22px;display:block;\">

the strength of scientific research is also valued by Chen Ma.


if a milk powder is willing to devote its efforts to product research and development, it must be a big compliment!

We all know that breast milk is the baby's golden rations, so many formula brands have also made a lot of efforts to approach breast milk.

for example, Feihe Bar has built a breast milk database with breast milk as the gold standard, and launched the Feihe Star Flying Sail series, which is more similar to breast milk.\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" 900\ "style=\" text-align: White-space: normal;width: 100% span style= height: auto;\ ">


this is because Feihe Xingfei there is a combination of OPO, hydrolyzed protein and galacto-oligosaccharides in\'>. The formula is close to breast milk , naturally, it is more easily absorbed by the baby ~

3, Milk Powder quality\" data-type=\ "png\" data-w=\ "39\" style=\ "width:22px;display:block;\">

what are the advantages of a good milk powder?


some novice mothers may ask, how to tell whether the milk powder is good or bad?

it is very simple, mainly depending on the solubility, wall-hanging degree, taste and even packaging of the milk powder.

pan> . These are all things that we need to observe carefully.

Baby's rations can't be sloppy. You really can't just look at the price!\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" 1080\ "style=\" width:auto;\ ">

so seeing here, do you mothers have the secret of get to pick out milk powder?


which kind of milk powder is suitable for the baby's physique?

as far as Chenmama knows, a lot of domestic milk powder is specially developed for Chinese babies, whether from the formula or milk source, taking into account the physique of Chinese babies.

take Flying Crane to put it, it is such a milk powder that is more suitable for Chinese babies.

pan> my baby has been drinking Feihe milk powder, there is almost no incompatibility.

because it not only focuses on the characteristics of domestic breast milk, but also strives to make infant milk powder supplement the missing nutrients in breast milk, which is naturally more suitable for babies.

take Feihe's milk source, many people's impression of high quality milk source is still limited to Ireland, New Zealand, Holland, France, Germany, Australia. These places.


such as Heilongjiang, located at 47 °north latitude, Feihe the milk source of is located here.\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" 900\ "style=\" width: 100% Height: auto;\ ">\" data-type=\ "jpeg\" data-w=\ "900\" style=\ "text-align: center White-space: normal;width: 100% control height: auto;\ ">\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" style=\ "width: 100% jpeg height: auto <">

Golden Milk Source Belt at 47 °North Latitude\" data-type=\ "png\" data-w=\ "39\" style=\ "width:22px;display:block;\">

as a loyal fan of Feihe , Chenma personally "inspected" Heilongjiang, the source of milk, and felt to collect the sound of nature and capture the sound of "fresh" at 47 °north latitude.