Song Joong-Ki officially announced a new relationship, Song Hye-kyo finally went crazy.
Song Joong-Ki officially announced a new relationship, Song Hye-kyo finally went crazy.
Song Hye-kyo really won hemp!

unexpectedly, Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-Ki, a pair of out-of-date CP, unexpectedly became double top streams in the new year.

Song Zhongji's new play "the youngest son of the chaebol" has soared since its broadcast, with its finale said to have reached 26.948%, the second most impressive achievement in cable history.

at the same time, Song Joong-Ki also took advantage of the opportunity to announce a new relationship with a beautiful British woman. It can be described as complacency in career and love.

but he won in the play and lost in the play. Apart from the controversy at the end of the play, Song Joong-Ki's acting skills have also been complained a lot.

for the same vengeance theme, the ex-wife's performance in the new play Dark Glory is obviously more recognized.

once Dark Glory is launched, it is equally hot, but its reputation is more powerful, and Song Hye-kyo's crazy performance adds a lot of color to it.

Song Hye-kyo actually won the CP showdown before this time.

Song Hye-kyo, as we all remember for a long time, is delicate, gentle and sweet.

however, after many years, everyone suddenly found that she, once the first sweet sister, had run away from the idol drama for half her life and returned to be a ruthless vengeance. Crazy!

in the past, when Song Hye-kyo was mentioned, it was impossible to have anything to do with Diablo.

No other, there are too many classic sweet girl images.

she starred in the first TV series "Shunfeng Obstetrics and Gynecology", in which she played the rebellious and perverse little daughter, who had not yet fully grown up, her acting skills were relatively immature, and her appearance was not very fashionable.

but youth is invincible.

I am young and ignorant, but I can already see that she is a beauty.

when it comes to the Blue Love of Life and death, which made her an initial hit, the role of Cui Enxi faded a little bit green and became a little more pure.

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but what really made her popular in China is the rookie novelist Han Chih-en, who is full of romance and full marks. It's really hard to resist the temptation of a top sweet girl.

at that time, Song Hye-kyo, with a sloping ponytail, double ponytail and dish hair, was bright and beautiful, which would still be captured by the present.

however, what really makes her enter the hearts of the Chinese people is the classic advertisement that has been unforgettable for a long time.

the melody rings and the beauty enters the painting.

later, people may forget who the advertisement is for. All they know is that every time the notes start to beat, it automatically comes to mind that summer, the sun was right, and the bright beauty danced with the rhythm.

because of this, many people have a permanent filter for Song Hye-kyo.

Song Hye-kyo in memory has always been so pure, bright and gorgeous, sweet to the heart.

but in fact, inside her, not always like the appearance or acting in the idol play, simple unworldly, there is a fire hidden in her heart, glowing faintly in the corner where no one is watching.

do you still remember the Grandmaster? Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung were both divine in this film, but who noticed the wife Ip Man, who had been filming for four years and cut the film to only six minutes?

he is quiet and gentle, but he has the powerful power to examine everything, understand everything, and tolerate everything.

that is also Song Hye-kyo.

now forty years old, a Dark Glory has sent her to Qingyun again.

when Sister Qiao becomes Sister Qiao, the sweetness is gone, and what's more is dark, cold and hard.

some netizens have summed up objectively that Song Hye-kyo has been able to hand in a masterpiece of popularity in every age group.

what does she rely on? Rely on a face, rely on innocence? Wake up, there is no shortage of beauties in the entertainment industry, how can you go on without some means?

Sweet girls are not sweet. Song Hye-kyo is capable.

it was this internal merit that made her go through hard times and unbearable discussions.

the source of the most unbearable controversy about Song Hye-kyo is the once sweet double Song CP.

after the divorce, accusations fell on the woman alone.

"she must have done something to hurt a man."

"the evaluation of the woman's style is not very good, so I think it is the woman's fault."

but if you ask her in detail what evil she has done and what mistakes she has made, she will know nothing about it. She will probably reply, "I guessed" and "I feel".

or put forward a very unreasonable reason, "the wrong party can not mention divorce" or "the man hated it so deeply that he knocked down the marriage house".

however, the party at fault cannot mention divorce, which does not mean that the party at fault must be the party at fault. This is logical thinking at the junior high school level.

the theory of marriage house is no more than being followed by others.

in the final analysis, people only believe what they want to believe, while for a divorced woman, they are willing to believe that she is innocent and made a mistake, rather than simply "don't love".

this is the malice that women have always been forced to bear, especially when it comes to the topic of marriage and love. Suspicion and trial always come first.

even if you are a female star, even if you have never been out of line before, you still cannot be easily pardoned.

it is also a sin to have a few more relationships, and when men succumb to her supreme charm, she is accused of seduction.

even rejoice for the man because he failed to achieve the right results.

Why? Tall, handsome, golden and kind men must not be harmed by "bad women".

how ridiculous!

but in fact, before combining with Song Joong-Ki, Song Huiqiao ChengThere are only two relationships I've ever known.

filming Life and death Love in Los Angeles with 11-year-old Li Bingxian was the first time she publicly admitted her boyfriend to the outside world. At that time, their love was so high-profile and sweet that they were called "lovers of the century".

four years after the breakup, he fell in love with Xuanbin because of "the world they live in." they were also not afraid to look at the eyes and spread all kinds of dog food.

you see, every time she falls in love, including her bond with Song Joong-Ki, she is so enthusiastic about her happiness that she wishes the whole world could know her happiness.

so those unacknowledged gossip are nothing more than gossip after all.

those baseless accusations are nothing more than the helplessness of being a girl.

but she didn't argue for herself.

although she is splashed with the most dirty water at the end of every relationship, how can she bear to tear it ugly if love is real?

decency is the best adjective for her, so she enters and exits gracefully.

her decency lies not only in emotion.

many people don't know that Song Hye-kyo started charity a long time ago and has been insisting on it.

at the same time, all the advertising salaries are donated to establish Hope Primary School.

is clearly a beautiful and kind actress!

especially when she grew up in an unloved environment, it was not easy.

Song Hye-kyo's mother gave birth to her at the age of 18. The hasty marriage filled the family with quarrels and pain. Song Hye-kyo's parents divorced when she was 9 years old. Later, her mother left her to her elderly grandfather and left alone.

it is difficult for a turbulent family to raise a healthy child, and Song Hye-kyo's childhood is broken.

but probably grew up in such an environment, will forge the later as patient, strong, unyielding big woman temperament.

wearing a weak shell, she walked through the storm, scaly and elegant, dormant looking forward to her next rebirth.

is not "dark glory", there will also be "dark glory".

it is her arrogance that turns around and achieves the height of the play.

as for men? She doesn't need a man anymore. She no longer fantasized about the princess's Prince Charming. She knew that when the princess rode on the white horse, she could still point the sword at the world.

I admit that I want to see her like this all the time.

the hot sun is burning red lips, and beauty is impossible.

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