Son hand-painted mother angry process: mom, you lose your temper look so ugly!
Son hand-painted mother angry process: mom, you lose your temper look so ugly!
What's the experience of having a bear child at home?

"hardliners" on behalf of Lu Ma: if you want your child to be sensible, you have to roar.

"gentleness" on behalf of Luna mother believes that blindly rebuking will make the child timid, thus obliterating the child's nature and suppressing his potential.\");background-repeat: no-repeat;background-size: 100% leadership: hidden" \'>

I believe that in the course of daily education, many mothers have experienced such an experience:



this is one of the reasons why I do not support "hardliners" yelling at children.


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I also like to doodle on the wall before, so I set a rule with him: you can create on the wall, but only in a small area.

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therefore, the egg mother wants to tell you that instead of yelling at the baby, let the baby explore freely. But release nature at the same time, should also be properly guided to find a more suitable direction for him, so that the baby thrives.

like the " Ilikin takes the crown " that way, it not only helps babies grow up healthily, but also actively pays attention to their emotional needs, encourages them to explore their nature and release their thirst for knowledge.

the egg mother does a lot of homework as soon as the baby starts drinking formula. Looking at the raw materials and recipes, a newcomer has become a big shot, just to find a "nutritional ration" that is better to transition, less irritable, and easier to absorb .

[Ilykin crown] the series of milk powder is completely in line with my definition of" golden rations ".\" data-ratio=\" 1.5\ "data-s=\" 300640\ "data-src=\"\" data-type=\ "jpeg\" data-w=\ "1280\" style=\ "width: 100% Height: auto;\ ">

Yili, as a national brand, is known to almost everyone around it, and it is a designated dairy product for the Olympic Games. Most people have a few cartons of Yili milk at home.

in addition, mothers' recognition of Yili's milk powder is also quite high.

Yili 17 years focus on Baby Nutrition Research , milk comes from New Zealand and contains a combination of α + β innovative proteins. Many friends told me that babies sleep more sweetly after drinking, and they have fewer colds and fevers.\" data-ratio=\" 0.6671875\ "data-s=\" 300640\ "data-src=\"\" data-type=\ "jpeg\" data-w=\ "1280\" style=\ "width: 100% Height: auto;\ ">

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its unique OPO structure fat composition can promote the absorption of calcium and fat. The baby will not drink constipation and irritation. It is a kind of milk powder with rich nutrients and is more suitable for Chinese babies.

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