Silence is a kind of top wisdom.
Silence is a kind of top wisdom.
Silence is not to avoid the world passively, but to face life and hit the sore spot.


there is a saying in Daojing: "to the extreme of emptiness, to keep tranquility, and to do all things at the same time, I will observe and reply."

the understanding of the world needs to reach a state of extreme stillness, not only a quiet environment, but also inner peace.

Silence, which reflects the attitude of being a man and doing things, is accumulating strength, reflection and wisdom.

Silence is Xu Li

the Book of changes says, "Don't use hidden dragons."

before things are strong, they must know how to hide the front and be clumsy.

success always belongs to those who are prepared.

Silence is Xu Li, seemingly hollow, but contains infinite power.

three years before the king of Chuzhuang succeeded to the throne, he ignored the imperial government and was drunk in pleasure, which was questioned by his men.

he ignored it and described himself as a big bird:

"if you don't make a sound, you will be a blockbuster.


after years of secret observation, he knew who was available, began to face the dynasty, led troops to gather, and finally dominated the world.

Gui Guzi said, "if you are a late bloomer, there must be signs."

people who achieve great things all have a common feature, that is, they exert their strength in silence.

blindly start can not go far, an impetuous heart, can not control the situation.

if you want to live up to your words and deeds, you must wait until the time is ripe, and you must not rush to achieve results.

exposing yourself prematurely can only run counter to success.

Silence is reflection

Zhuge Liang said in the Book of Commandments: "you can't make your mind clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

only by calming down your mind and indifferent to fame and wealth can you clear your mind and go far.

Truth is often stored where no one asks for it.

Wang Yangming devoted all his life to being a sage, but when he first entered the workplace, he was not smooth and was hit and excluded.

he tried to solve the mystery with what he had learned, but to no avail.

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during the reign of Zhu Houzhao, Emperor Wu of the Ming Dynasty, the eunuch Liu Jinquan turned to the government and opposition, and many loyal courtiers were killed by him. Wang Yangming did not escape and was put under pressure.

Wang Yangming calmed himself down by meditation every day, examined all the holy studies he had learned before, and finally had an epiphany of the famous Yangming theory of mind.

he applied the theory of psychology to war and won victory; he applied it to management and won the hearts of the people.

so a brand new Wang Yangming appeared.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "therefore, there is often nothing. I want to see its beauty."

only when the mind is in a state of serenity can we discover the mysteries of the universe, society and life.

in 1756, the 44-year-old Rousseau left the city and began to live in seclusion, searching for the truth of life in silence.

in Cai Gentan, it is said: "when people sit and watch alone in the middle of the night, they begin to feel that they are poor and true."

in silence, the mind is closest to the truth.

an unexamined life can never become mature.

Silence is not to avoid the world passively, but to face life and hit the sore spot.

Silence is wisdom

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "look before you leap."

in the Spring and Autumn period, Lu Zhengqing Ji Wenzi would think three times before acting before doing everything.

calmness is the best way to deal with things.

Yang Xiu in the three Kingdoms period was like a roundworm in Cao Cao's belly, fearing that he might not be able to vomit quickly.

Cao Cao wrote a movable type on the door. Yang Xiu saw it and immediately sent someone to make the door smaller, saying that the door was too wide.

Cao Cao wrote down "a box of crisps". Yang Xiu told the servants to take a bite each, because the three words were "one mouthful for each person".

Yang Xiukou's unrestrained cleverness made Cao Cao unhappy.

when pacifying Hanzhong, a general and soldier asked Cao Cao his password in the evening. He was considering the decision of advance or retreat, so he casually said "chicken ribs".

when Yang Xiu heard this, he took the initiative to ask the officers and men to pack up and prepare to withdraw.

after being questioned by Cao Cao, he said:

"Chicken ribs, if you eat, there will be no gain, and if you give up, there will be no pity."

Cao Cao finally couldn't stand it and killed him in the name of disturbing people's hearts.

Hemingway has a famous saying:

"it takes us two years to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn to shut up."

chatter is tiresome, and it is wise to keep silent.

Confucius once commented on the doctor of the State of Wei, Ning Wuzi:

"if the state has the Tao, it is wise; if the state has no way, it is stupid."

Ning Wuzi was able to save himself because he kept his mouth shut and did not let the other side catch him.

instead of protecting himself, he pretends to be foolish and pretends to know nothing, but in fact he paralyzes the enemy and waits for an opportunity to escape.

in the face of adverse circumstances, temporary silence is better than eloquence.

Cai Gentan says: "if you wait for a long time, you will fly high; developer, Xie Duzao."

success is to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength. If it emerges too early, it will surely come to an end soon.

Stability is fundamental, static determination is the master, and only by holding on to the root and domination can we be stable and far away.

A life that is too noisy is the moon and mirror in the water.Zhonghua, although there is temporary glory, but can not keep for a long time.

people who are silent at the right time, who are full of strength, reflection and wisdom, will eventually succeed and make their lives the way they want them to be.

May we keep silence and win glory in this life.

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