Shu Qi, 47, "disfigured" recent photos exposed, with white hair and an old face. Seven years after she married Feng Delun, she completely freed herself.
Shu Qi, 47, "disfigured" recent photos exposed, with white hair and an old face. Seven years after she married Feng Delun, she completely freed herself.
With this bad card in her hand, she won the game.

A few days ago, the recent photo of Shu Qi, which I hadn't seen for a long time, was brushed again.

on the first day of the Lunar New year, Feng Delun released a photo with his wife Shu Qi to wish you all a happy New year.

in the photo, the couple snuggle up sweetly in casual clothes.

but everyone's focus is on Shu Qi's hair without exception.

it is not difficult to see that the big waves on this end are mixed with a lot of white hair, making netizens say:

when did my sister turn white behind our back?

sure enough, marriage makes people old.

in fact, it is not uncommon for Shu Qi to have gray hair but not dye it. She has naturally posted photos on Weibo before.

as to whether marriage is caused or not, I would like to say that even if you are single at the age of 47, your hair will be gray, but the state of marriage will indeed be reflected in a person.

look at Shu Qi, who went on the hot search a few months ago. Her graceful posture and wonderful state make everyone want to say something wonderful.

Beautiful, not suitable to describe Shu Qi.

wide eye distance, thick lips, flat nose, square face. These characteristics don't seem to have much to do with beauty.

to be more precise, it is a kind of beauty that runs through the bones.

there are always people who describe beauty as "no cannibal", but she is on the contrary.

after trying all the roads and writing stories one after another, you can still master any definition of beauty.

you can say that she is Loli, or you can say that she is an imperial sister. She always feels like a young girl, but she can't hide the most obvious amorous feelings.

there are thousands of adjectives for beauty in this world, but when I come to her, I still feel that I owe some points to any word.

Today, Shu Qi is the representative of the "sense of relaxation" that has the highest opinion of beauty.

with the passage of time, it is difficult to see in her the mood and means to fight against time. Instead, she is always unflattering, neither humble nor arrogant, and beautiful just right.

this sense of relaxation is more of a temperament emanating from the inside out. The atmosphere is resolute, gentle and peaceful. It must be the thickness of the soul that has experienced something.

as for what you have experienced, it starts in the spring of 1976.

Shu Qi once mentioned her childhood in a documentary:

"I don't have a childhood. My childhood is too miserable."

in April 1976, the flowers in Taiwan's New Taipei City had already bloomed a lot. Ben, who was born with a beautiful Shu Qi, seemed to have voted for the wrong person.

at that time, Shu Qi's mother was only 18 years old. "the baby gave birth to a baby," in Shu Qi's words. "

the childish mother, who looked at the child with a big mouth, was not a good-looking child on TV. She casually named her daughter Lin Lihui.

since neither of his parents is old enough to imagine, this immature family is not well-off.

my father is a company employee, and my mother doesn't have a formal job, but she just works odd jobs for others from time to time. Under such conditions, it is very difficult to raise a child.

unexpectedly, soon after, the mother got pregnant again, gave birth to a boy, and the life of a family of four became more tight.

therefore, when other children have countless toys and beautiful skirts, Lin Lihui is wearing shabby and deformed clothes. Coupled with the fact that she is hungry and full, her nutrition cannot keep up with her. The skinny body was sloshing around in the dirty old clothes.

maybe life is too stressful, and if she and her brother annoy their parents a little, they will become the targets for them to vent their emotions.

when you do something wrong, you can't do it without a stick; when your parents are in a bad mood, they will beat them up.

Mom chased her all over the street with a stick, and even the neighbors were used to it.

so that many years later, she still thinks of those dark pictures.

growing up in such an environment, children can easily go astray, and Lin Lihui is no exception.

when she was a teenager, she became so rebellious that she didn't want to go home and lived with a boy in puppy love.

she didn't want to go to class, so she skipped class and went out to hang out with young people in society. Drinking, racing and smoking became the three-piece set of daily life that she should not touch at her age.

one day, on the way, a talent scout talked to her and invited her to take a photo shoot.

thinking about earning money and not finishing high school, she was tricked by this "modeling agency" into signing a brokerage contract directly.

she was dumbfounded when she entered the studio.

the photographer came up and asked her to take off her clothes, but she wouldn't do it.

the other side said leisurely with ease: "Don't take off or lose money."

it's harder to ask for money than to kill her, so she has to be obedient.

so, she took a group of large-scale photos, the company gave her a stage name "Shuqi", in that circle.

Shuqi is born sexy, even if she was less than 16 years old at that time, it was hard to hide her unworldly desire.

as soon as the photo was sent out, Shuqi became famous.

more and more photos are taken, and she is becoming more and more famous in otaku circles.

at that time, when the third-tier film was very popular, Ke Chun-hsiung saw a picture of Shuqi. If he got a treasure, he immediately sent someone to contact her company and offered to sign her at a high price.

bid100000 Taiwan dollars, in this way, Shuqi changed her identity, from a graphic model to a third-tier film heroine.

Ke Junxiong directed "Spirit and lust", Shuqi naturally participated in the performance, the original male master is someone else, but he can not hide his selfishness, temporarily change people, on his own.

The awe-inspiring cocktail dress boutique is all you need; it is an essential. Consider these fabulous collections.

he took someone to Taiwan and offered to sign this girl. Ke Chun-hsiung asked for a penalty of HK $5 million.

in the face of this sky-high price, Wang Jingben had no choice. Later, she accidentally found that Shuqi was under 16 years old when she signed with him, not yet of legal age, and the contract was null and void. Ke Junxiong had no choice but to let people go when he caught this little pigtail.

so Shuqi came to Hong Kong with Wang Jing for development and changed her name to Shu Qi.

filmed the Jade Heart Sutra of the Jade futon, during the shooting, the director repeatedly asked for a lower neckline, and the process was very painful.

in the same year, she starred in porn with Leslie Cheung and Karen Mok, which won the Best supporting Actress and Best New Actor Award at the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards.

after that, Shu Qi's film was completely hung up.

she was secretly determined to bring back the clothes she had taken off one by one.

however, the more popular she is, the more people will know about her unspeakable past. in the face of abusive language, she can persuade herself not to care too much, because there is no second choice for that decision.

but the mother doesn't think so. she may be the last person to expect her daughter to be popular. She doesn't even dare to go to family gatherings during the holidays, for fear that others will point fingers at her.

although the daughter chose to go the wrong way, she was absolutely inseparable from the original family.

it is said that a happy childhood can cure a lifetime, while an unhappy childhood takes a lifetime to cure.

this sentence is too appropriate for Shu Qi.

everyone has seen the later story.

Shu Qi's career has gone from gray to white.

after the end of the contract, she immediately pulled out and never made a porn-related film again.

with her natural and excellent acting skills, she won the best actress many times and went to serve as a judge at the International Film Festival.

if we say that she has fallen behind at the starting line from scratch, then Shu Qi may be the only one who understands the frustrations of climbing from the bottom to the top.

she did not deliberately wash the white, but when she saw her later works, many people were willing to ignore the experience.

so, does it still affect her? It's inevitable.

during the filming of the City of Glass, Shu Qi, 22, met the Heavenly King Liming, and the two fell in love with the play.

the media have taken intimate photos of two people dating many times, which is a sure love for anyone to see.

but once asked by the media, Dawn is "just a friend" at most.

anyone with a discerning eye can see that love is love, but in the face of the disputed birth of the woman, Liming never wavered in choosing to protect herself.

Shu Qi once felt sad about it, but seeing that Liming never broke up because of it, she was willing to swallow all the bitter water.

Seventh year of love, just when everyone thought that the two were about to get married, the seven-year relationship ended hastily.

turned his face, Dawn announced his marriage to Loki.

Shu Qi made the wrong bet on this relationship.

soon after, Shu Qi met Zhang Zhen again.

during their cooperation, the relationship was ambiguous, but neither side broke the window paper.

he took her to a roadside stall and a walk at the seaside, which seemed like worthless trifles, but she thought it was the most priceless and sincere romance.

Zhang Zhen was asked, "do you like Shu Qi or not?"

he said with a smile: "I like it."

Shu Qi has said publicly that if Zhang Zhen pursues her, she is willing to marry him.

on the other side, Zhang Zhen's father broke the pink filter: "Zhang Zhen will not be with Shu Qi."

this delicate relationship finally ends at Zhang Zhen's wedding.

Shu Qi sits off the stage and wishes with tears as a good friend.

this time, Shu Qi is very careful. Although she has been photographed with "irrefutable evidence" many times, she denies it.

finally, in 2016, the couple announced their marriage.

the whole network is shocked and expected.

it's just that compared to before, the voice of boycott is replaced by blessing.

I am glad that she will never be hidden underground again, and she finally dares to stand up and admit her love.

to this day, searching for Shu Qi, the relevant entries are still curious about her past.

however, Shu Qi is no longer obsessed with erasing that period of life.

she said she would put on the clothes she took off one by one.

this is the determination to turn around.

then he said, "I never wanted to put my clothes back on."

this is true relief.

that's probably why so many people like her.

she is real enough to never try to hide anything, regardless of the porn she once made, the freckles on her face, or her white hair today.

instead of wasting breath to explain, it is better to close your ears and followLive with your own heart.

go on a trip and see different scenery.

keep small pets and speak for them again and again.

time will take away a lot of things, but she always retains her girlish frankness and innocence.

being poor, being beaten, dropping out of school, running away from home, taking a fork in the road to make money. This is Shu Qi's starting hand.

finally, with this bad card in her hand, she won the game.

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