Should parents save money for their children? That's the best answer I've ever heard.
Should parents save money for their children? That's the best answer I've ever heard.
Parents' love for their son is far-reaching.


two days ago, Egg Mom flashed a message on Weibo saying" should parents save money for their children? " The topic of is deeply touched.

to be honest, since we have children, we parents want to do our best to provide a good environment for their children to grow up, and devote great efforts to their children's future.

and saving money is undoubtedly a way that most parents will think of, which can not only gain a foothold in the present life, but also protect the future, and kill two birds with one stone.

Egg Mom also solicited the ideas of some of her friends around her on this topic, and found that everyone was mainly divided into the following three factions:

conservative current faction

Representative: @ Qi Ma

raising children, family expenses can not be taken care of, but also save money for children, why are you so tired?

the future of our children is our own. We still figure out how to take good care of our children, and it takes a lot of effort to grow up and educate. if we think about it in the long run, it is to find something for ourselves.

Gao Gao Qiang

Representative: @ Dabao Ma

I used to live day by day and seldom think about the rest, but many friends around me set up growth accounts for their children, save money regularly, withdraw a sum of money when they need it, and raise interest when they don't need it. Xa0

Neutral Progressive

Representative: @ Jiama

our family is relatively neutral, and we will definitely save it. Long-term planning is still necessary, but we will not try our best to do everything according to our ability like Dabao's family.

however, my father and I still focus on cultivating our children's concept of money, which is very important, otherwise the child will be a money-shredding machine, and the long-term development will definitely not work.

well, seeing everyone at loggerheads and different opinions, I have to say that raising a child is really painstaking, not only considering eating and drinking Lhasa in childhood, but also planning the layout for the child's future.


We always talk about parents' love for their children, but we can understand people's deep feelings about licking their calves, but as mentioned above, when we save money for our children, we should also teach them the correct concept of money.

I can't help remembering that some time ago, the big and small S sisters also had differences in their children's views on money education.


" you are only 13 years old and will continue to grow taller now. Try to buy clothes cheaply now. " Just don't get into the habit of spending a lot of money from an early age. "

but Big S thinks the dress is a trend brand, and the child can wear it for a long time. She is willing to buy this dress for her niece as a reward for the dance competition.

originally the clothing incident was solved successfully, but the two argued about "whether to give the child pocket money".

Big S thinks that children should be given pocket money regularly to cultivate their sense of financial management.

it is obvious that there are obvious differences between the two in their children's money education, one tends to give naturally, the other is more inclined to gain by hard work.

just as German psychology professor Miles said:

to cultivate children's ability to use money correctly, to understand scarcity and the limits of money, and to deal with material desires are the most valuable assets left to them.

if children only spend money without a correct view of money, it won't help no matter how rich assets their parents leave them.


happily, my father has done a good job in this respect. Unlike an old mother like me, he is soft-hearted and likes to satisfy her children. Most of the time, he will teach the two children to treat money rationally.

for example, he usually likes to let children do some work such as mopping the floor and cleaning cars, so that they realize that money is hard-won, so as not to create a comfortable view of consumption.

so, as the small coffers of eggs accumulate, he asks the child," what do you want to do with this money, keep it for your parents, or keep it for yourself? "

as for the choice of banking products, my father and I both chose Bank of Shanghai , which is reliable and has many financial management systems, and can give children a variety of choices.

Shangyin Fortune financial management system, including current, medium-and short-term and long-term .

first of all, the current period must be used for the children's daily expenses such as life and study. According to the need, we deposit a sum of money to the Bank of Shanghai current products easy genie series , 10,000 yuan starting purchase, the amount is small, easy to operate on demand.

I have to say, Shangyin Wealth it is also very convenient for daily expenses in operation ~

medium-and short-term financial management, the Bank of Shanghai mainly has net hedonic series , which temporarily puts money into the bank for 3 months to 1 year. Its biggest advantage is that the period will be a little more than other products .

Shanghai Fortune there is also a pleasure products , which can protect investors to a large extent and even get some excess returns.

for eggs, he is more inclined to holiday funds, which not only makes the revenue operation more moderate, but also makes the holiday more valuable. Why not?

so later, we also saved a small amount of money to enjoy the series as his future holiday play fund.

the last priority long-term financial management, my father and I both understood the importance of long-term planning, and subconsciously put all the big money in the small vault into the value selection series .

has a sound investment style and selects assets . What else is there to consider? in the future, it will be a considerable wealth whether as a child's learning fund or as a start-up fund to enter the society.

how, after reading the small vault of our eggs in Shanghai Wealth ?

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