She was banned all night and became angry on the Internet: you don't deserve to be a mother at all?
She was banned all night and became angry on the Internet: you don't deserve to be a mother at all?
What postpartum mothers want is simple, but more tolerance, understanding and companionship.

some time ago, Tang Yixin collapsed and cried bitterly, which made people cannot help but burst into tears.

in the TV series "this Life is also the first time", Tang Yixin plays the young mother Chen Lanqing.

not long after the daughter was born, the husband was ready to go on a business trip, leaving the children and wife to the elders of the family.

without the sense of security Chen Lanqing, I can't stand it right away.

"when you have a baby by yourself, the whole family does nothing and revolves around you?"

the attitude of her husband and mother-in-law makes people feel the chill of Chen Lanqing.

obviously, they only saw Chen Lanqing's sensitivity, but did not think that behind these emotions were fragility and helplessness.

as a novice mother, when she needs company most, her husband's first reaction is to stay away, to escape, and to let go.

how could she not collapse in the face of such a situation?

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even the netizens in the comment area couldn't watch it any longer and began to "fight injustice" for her:

"I was almost depressed! It's so hard to be a mother! It's important to have a good teammate! "

"Postpartum depression can't be controlled at all, and the hormone secretion disorder in the body is really terrible!"

for a long time, there have been too many misunderstandings about "postpartum depression". You must have heard such a voice in your life:

"it's just a child. What's so hard about it?"

"if you also take care of the children, how come others don't have as much to do as you!"

"what are you complaining about when you don't go to work and enjoy yourself at home?"

it seems that in the eyes of some people, there is no easier job in the world than having and raising children.

is this really the case?

there was a saying on the Internet:

"getting pregnant and having a baby is like inflating a balloon and then piercing a hole in the balloon. The gas was discharged, but the balloon deflated. "

is very vivid and realistic.

Postpartum mothers have to face the fact that they are out of shape first.

Xi Mengyao, a supermodel who regards her figure as life, once complained:

"after I gave birth, the whole person got thicker. I used to wear 24-inch waist jeans, but now I can't even wear them. "

more intuitively, a mother posted her belly after giving birth online.

the once-tight, flat belly is gone, replaced by baggy flab.

which woman doesn't like beauty?

but in order for their children to develop healthily and to replenish their nutrition, they can only give up the figure they once valued most.

however, being out of shape is only the standard for postpartum mothers, and what is even more excruciating are all kinds of unspeakable after-birth sequelae.

as strong as Zhang Ziyi, torn ligaments and flying fingernails don't hurt, but they are defeated by rising milk.

she said that rising milk is the greatest pain in her life!

Ella once revealed that he had bladder prolapse due to childbirth, and urine leakage often occurred during the 3-year period.

"I sneeze, jump in place, run and other actions will cause urinary incontinence, not a little incontinence, but the whole pad is wet, and then my pants are wet."

in addition to these, women also face mastitis, pelvic anteversion, pubic separation.

either way, it's enough to make people collapse.

giving birth is easy to say, but it is full of sadness behind it.

the arrival of new life except with


joy, for my mother, also means knocking down and rebuilding everything I used to be familiar with.

it can be said that a woman who has experienced childbearing has experienced a catastrophe and is riddled with holes.

physical pain is tolerable for mothers, but mental stress is the hardest.

Olympic champion Liu Xuan was once a cheerful optimist.

but she admitted on the program "freshman Diary 2" that she suffered from severe "postpartum depression" after giving birth.

"I don't want to talk to anyone. What anyone says is the opposite of me."

"No one cares about me, no one cares about me."

was most devastated, she even wanted to give the child away.

I don't think so.

after giving birth, mothers tend to lose control of their emotions because of changes in body hormones, while facing endless mental stress at the same time.

Postpartum depression is not only a pain for women, but also for men.

Lee Seung-hyun also suffered from "postpartum depression" after taking care of his child full-time for a few years.

I often feel like I've done a lot, but I haven't done anything in the eyes of others.

"I thought the role of a stay-at-home mother or family was too simple."

in reality, too many people disapprove of the hard work of stay-at-home mothers.

you don't have to go to work, just enjoy yourself?

what you don't see is that it's hard for mothers to have their own free time at the moment the baby is born.

revolves around the child 24 hours a day, and even getting a full sleep is a luxury.

it's just a child, easy and easy?

can pile up, a piece of annoying trivia pile up, but also enough to make a human heart tiredCollapse.

there is a problem with Zhihu. What kind of experience is postpartum depression?

one of the highly liked answers is as follows:

"after giving birth, no one cares whether I am tired or whether the wound hurts. Everyone is asking if there is any milk, as if I am not a person, just a cow."

I am sad that my family is in conflict with me. I am sad that my children do not have enough to eat. I am sad that I cannot manage the family well. I even think that I am not qualified to be a mother. "

people who have not passed can never understand what a cruel test it is for women to give birth.

Postpartum depression is not hypocritical, but a real predicament and danger. Every mother with postpartum depression has stood on the brink of despair.

and those seemingly vexatious quarrels may be their distress signals.

Why is it that "postpartum depression" has been mentioned repeatedly in recent years, but tragedies continue to occur?

in the final analysis, it is because we don't pay enough attention to it!

I see that no one understands the emotional stress that moms are everywhere.

there was a program that did an interview with novice parents devoted to the issue of "postpartum depression".

as a result, the male guests agreed that there was no postpartum depression at all, but that women were making a mountain out of a molehill.

No one knows the grievances of mothers, and no one is distressed about their pain.

over time, under both physical and mental pressure, tragedies occur quietly.

stop belittling these fertility dilemmas!

those reproductive injuries should not be blocked, but should be seen by more people.

it is not a scar of shame, but a trace of brilliance, a proof of bravery, and the greatness of maternal love.

only if mothers are no longer discriminated against because of their postpartum figure, can they relieve their anxiety and stress.

only by giving more people a correct understanding of reproductive damage can women be well prepared before they become mothers.

as husbands and family members, it is not easy to give birth, and many people are mothers for the first time.

they can be strong for their children, but instead of being mothers, they are just ordinary people with their own grievances and vulnerabilities.

they don't need to be silent about all the pain.

Ma Yili once said:

"We are full of goodwill, hoping that women will eventually find themselves in the long years, and that every mother can be seen."

in fact, what mothers want is very simple, but more tolerance, understanding and company.

, may every mother be treated gently, even if she is stuck in an emotional swamp, she can finally come out of the darkness and usher in the dawn of happiness.