She died suddenly, stinging all over the network: "so many people love you, have a good journey."
She died suddenly, stinging all over the network: "so many people love you, have a good journey."
In an avalanche, not a single snowflake is innocent, and every participant is an accomplice.

another tragedy happened! After watching it with a sigh.

do you remember the pink girl who was hit by the Internet last year?

her name is Zheng Linghua, a girl born after 1995.

Last July, after successfully seeing off graduate students, she wanted to surprise her grandfather in hospital bed and witness such a beautiful moment with her grandfather.

so he took the notice to visit Grandpa and took photos and videos of the scene to the social platform.

No one thought that just because she dyed her hair, she was abused and insulted by netizens all over the world:

"the hair is hot and the eyes are hot, as if he is engaged in an improper industry."

"the wine girl can get a master's degree."

the most outrageous thing is that there are malicious rumors that she has an improper relationship with her grandfather.

overnight, she was given many insulting nicknames: hostess, nightclub dancer, red-haired monster.

Zheng Linghua was angry and scared. After the Internet storm, she suffered from depression, couldn't eat, and couldn't sleep all night.

she spent a lot of time fighting back against the foul language and was finally knocked down.

in a letter to a friend, the young hard-working girl wrote about her despair:

"I'm really sorry, but I really don't have the courage to go on."

on the afternoon of February 19, her friend revealed that Zheng Linghua had gone and his life would stay forever on January 23, 2023.

it's hard to imagine how much effort she made and how many days and nights she struggled before she turned from an art student who almost went to a vocational high school to a graduate student.

she originally had a bright future, but now such a hard-working girl has been ruined by a group of narrow-minded people on the Internet.

it hurts so much!

is she wrong?

she just dyed her pink hair, she just wanted to make Grandpa happy.

such an ordinary and warm daily life turns out to be the victim of cyber violence.

this is the horror of cyber violence.

there is no reason, no sign, every ordinary you and I may be the next victim.

recently, Guan Guan, a 38-year-old Internet celebrity in Shandong, committed suicide by taking poison.

the reason is still cyber violence.

Guan Fanbao, whose real name is Sun Fanbao, set out from Shandong in a tractor in June 2021 and traveled to Tibet by himself.

along the way, he shared what he saw and heard, so he gained a lot of fans.

at the beginning of the year, Guan Guan suddenly said in the video that he had been hit by the Internet for half a year, and a black fan led more than a dozen groups of netizens to slander him.

before the accident, the unbearable supervisor sent video messages to confront the cyber rioters many times.

but in the face of his warning and his collapse, the other party not only did not restrain, but became more unscrupulous.

they mocked madly under the video of the tube:

"lying on the train track is your man."

"stop acting."

such blatant malice makes people angry across the screen.

only left the bewildered wife, her eyes red and crying in front of the screen:

"my husband was abetted and abused by a black fan for more than half a year, which eventually led him to commit suicide by taking medicine, leaving two old people in their sixties and a three-month-old child. What should you tell me?"

after the hot search went viral, the comment area also exploded.

some people say that the leading black fans are the culprits, but I think those who follow the trend are equally abhorrent.

it is they who add fuel to the flames that magnify the damage suffered by the victims a thousand times.

like 17-year-old Liu Xuezhou, he finally succeeded in finding relatives, but was held hostage by reality.

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Liu Xuezhou

, the lawyer extracted more than 2000 online violence comments against Liu Xuezhou on the Internet, which was shocking!

his life was full of misfortune. He was "abandoned" by his biological parents from an early age, and his adoptive parents died at the age of 4. He finally found his parents, but was abandoned by his parents for the second time.

how sad! More unfortunately, he has to bear the malice from strangers.

some people scold him for not wanting to struggle and just want to eat old age, some people spray him with deliberate hype, it is impossible to have a house to live, and others curse him, "Why don't you go to death?"

hurt people with every word, and in the end, Internet violence became the last straw that overwhelmed him, so that he no longer had any nostalgia for the world.

I have read such a paragraph:

"did you see who killed you?"

"No, they are all standing on the highest point of morality. Under the holy light, I can't see their faces clearly."

in recent years, where there are grievances, there are Internet Keyboard Warriors. In the name of justice, they commit cyber violence and create one tragedy after another.

whether it is Zheng Linghua, a girl for the postgraduate entrance examination, or Guan Guan, 35, and Liu Xuezhou, 17, they were full of expectations for the future, but they felt the most ferocious malice from strangers in real life.

there is Longquan on the tongue, killing people without blood.

they used their lives to prove their innocence, but the cyber bullies have not apologized so far.

just like LiuWhat Aunt Xuezhou said:

"those people came everywhere like locusts, and when something went wrong, they all retreated, and even deleted the content of the original abuse, as if they had never been here before."

Lu Xun once said, "as a matter of fact, the number of people who take advantage of the team to cheer is the same as last year."

look ahead, because the tragedy of the cyber storm never seems to stop.

Why is the Internet violence banned again and again? Who are those people who are used to taking part in cyber violence?

in order to understand this problem, BBC once made a niche documentary called "Internet Jet Hunter".

Emford in the play is a makeup blogger who has suffered from Internet violence for a long time.

for her own experience, she is both helpless and angry, she does not understand why she has been subjected to such an inexplicable personal attack, she hopes to find these Internet sprinklers and confront them face to face.

later, she met several keyboard warriors who were willing to be interviewed.

to her surprise, the Keyboard Man who took part in the Internet violence was not all the "bad guys" she imagined.

among these people, there are both idle thugs and industry elites in suits.

their reasons for Internet violence are also very representative.

some people think that cyber violence has nothing to do with crime, but launch wanton attacks on others just because they are on top of it.

some people confess that the reason for publishing some radical remarks is to get more attention.

some people use freedom of speech on the Internet as an excuse to put all the blame on the victims, complaining that their psychological bearing capacity is too fragile.

this is true of documentaries, but it is the same in reality.

many people are obviously polite in life, but once on the Internet, they become hostility sprinklers.

these keyboard warriors spray for the sake of spray, vent their anger, and spray for eyeballs.

No distinction between right and wrong, regardless of the consequences.

even if a tragedy happens, it doesn't matter to these people. They never think they are at fault.

everyone thought they were just saying something casually, everyone thought they were just a bystander, and everyone thought they didn't force him to commit suicide.

but they overlook the fact that the harm of Internet violence is more terrible than they thought.

every time they abuse without thinking, every time they question irresponsibly, they are pushing the victims into the abyss step by step.

in fact, cyber violence won't solve the problem.

in many cases, self-righteous justice will only lead to greater tragedies.

I agree with a sentence on the Internet:

"everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact; everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

there are three versions of anything that happens: your version, my version and the truth version. "

at a time when the information on the Internet is becoming more and more cluttered, with one picture, you can make up all kinds of false exciting and eye-catching stories.

A video with a pinched head and tail can trigger a tsunami-like cyber storm.

every time, after being rhythmically and emotionally incited, we realize that the truth is not what we think it is.

as onlookers, what we need most is to be rational and not to lose our judgment.

some time ago, the Liu Xuezhou case officially opened.

Liu Xuezhou's grandparents are in their seventies, but they are still duty-bound to sue the cyber rioters.

they are not trying to gain any benefits, but just hope that the tragedy in which Liu Xuezhou was killed by Internet violence will not happen again.

Cyber violence should be taken seriously.

, I believe that cyber rioters will eventually be punished as they deserve. I also hope that we can all refuse cyber violence and not become a weapon for wrongdoers to attack others.