Seven years of company has never been absent: why does the Spring Festival have to see "bears haunt the Wild mainland"?
Seven years of company has never been absent: why does the Spring Festival have to see "bears haunt the Wild mainland"?
On the first day of the Lunar New year, watch the bear "72" change


Hello! Do you still remember the "hair styling contest" held by Egg Mom for bald head two days ago? Here comes the award session that you are so looking forward to!

before opening the lottery, let's take a look at all kinds of masterpieces! (for the winning list, please see the end of the article) .

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how about it? Are you happy to see these strange brain works? Egg mom said long ago that when you see the comedian bald Qiang has a stylish hairstyle designed by teacher tony, it will burst into laughter!

this is exactly what Bear haunts the Wild Continent wants to convey to you-- happiness.

to the wonderful prospect of ahead of the show, "Bear haunts the Wild mainland" continues the warm company of the "Bear haunts" series for 7 years, and once again let us understand "Happiness is actually very simple" .


how simple is happiness? sometimes accompany the family to watch "Bear haunts the Wild mainland" , you will understand.

remember last week's mother's manual × Bear haunts the Wild mainland showing ahead of time?

before the movie starts, the children's eyes are bright, and the expectation between words is happiness. when the bald head comes out, the audience laughs constantly, and relaxation is happiness when watching the movie. after the screening, you and I both laugh with tears, and when we are moved, the resonance is happiness.

you see, a good animated movie can use relaxed and interesting stories to make us feel its own happiness. This is "Bear haunts the Wild mainland" gives us the most intuitive feeling.

especially worth mentioning is the opening long panoramic shot of the wild continent, coupled with the cool BGM, makes people feel as if they are in a glider, crossing mountains, skimming lakes and gorges with the camera. It's like being there.

xa0 is worthy of a large-scale animated film, and the special effects are comparable to Hollywood!

there are snow-capped Kou Bear Ridge, falling waterfalls, and a wild continent full of science and technology. All of them refresh the audience's viewing experience, let us forget the tired daily life, and see a new fantasy world.

"New", it is Bear haunts the Wild Continent keywords. In addition to the novel wonders, we have also seen the debut of many new characters.

mystery man Rakuten, anchor and skinhead Qiang classmate Yuanbao, photographer Xiao Ke. What kind of sparks will happen when they meet in the wild continent?

their stories have to start with the Wild mainland. What is the Wild Continent?

the answer is undoubtedly yes. In our childhood, we all fantasized about planting wings and gliding in the blue sky.

Wild Continent is such a future paradise product that satisfies people's fantasies-people can change into all kinds of animals in the park, experience animal survival in forests, grasslands, deserts, oceans and other natural environments, and carry out treasure grabs and adventures.

so the mysterious man Rakuten, bald head Qiang and Xiong formed a competitive team, hoping to win the 1 million prize of this year's "Wild Sports".

of course, this 1 million prize is not easy to get. The people in the park are all rubbing their hands, turning into magical animals and using the powers of nature, and intend to compete with each other.

Lions, tigers, lizards, Panthers. There are all kinds of animals on the five continents of the world, giving the children a lively and happy science lesson.

Wild Continent is just such a place-- it can use high technology to make you pure and simple happiness. As Tom, the designer of the park, said: we have been struggling to pursue happiness, but sometimes happiness is actually very simple.

as long as we wear "Super Transfiguration", we can become omnipotent, hide from the sky and get carried away for a moment. But apart from sensory stimulation, what can we get?

when Egg Mom sees that people who turn into mixed monsters lose their minds and are left with only animal instincts, they can't help but wonder.

especially when hearing AI Hope of Paradise say, "my core mission is to bring happiness to people", viewers have to consider such an end:

when technology is only used to satisfy people's happiness, the happiness threshold is also.In improvement, once a piece of sugar can make us happy for a long time, now the strong sensory stimulation can not make us happy.

Happy, is it really easy? This is exactly what "Bear haunts the Wild Continent" brings you thinking questions.


when an animated film can inspire people to think, it shows that it is not only a work of "coaxing children" in childhood, but also an excellent work for all age groups to watch .

in addition to joyous themes and imaginative images, Bear haunts the Wild Continent with exquisite story structure and thinking inspired settings, let us see the hope of domestic animated films.

what is more surprising is that it not only brings joy to children and inspiration to adults, but also uses sincere and touching father-daughter feelings to make children and parents reach emotional resonance .

(many friends are super moved by der~)

did not expect that the seemingly cold, inhumane people Lotte, originally also have such a gentle look. Seeing him like this, we can't help but speculate:

what is the life experience of Mystery people? Why on earth did he win the super transformation? Who is the ultimate big boss behind it?

( poke the video, watch the wonderful pre-video notice ↑↑↑ )

Egg Mom won't spoil it for you, everything, this weekend ( National advance release , don't miss the chance to uncover the mystery!

can also be found in Lunar New year's Day ( January 25 ), take the baby to the cinema to find your own answers, and you will find your own surprise!

in Egg Mom's opinion, such a conscientious domestic animation must be worth clocking in!

as the first movie to start watching during the Spring Festival, Bear haunts the Wild mainland the story itself can stand the test.

both adults and babies can find resonance in it and find their own happiness.

Egg Mommy, as a loyal fan of the bear haunt series, also hopes that more people can see and support this excellent domestic parent-child animation film .

after all, from "Bear infested Chinese New year" in 2013 to today's Bear haunts the Wild mainland , unwittingly, it has been with us for 7 years , and has never let us down.

A big bear movie every year is more like a Spring Festival ritual , so that we can escape the usual trivialities and clutter, accompany our children to a world full of dreams and happiness, and find a world of children's fun.

not only that, but after the official release of the Spring Festival, there are also dialects in Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect and Cantonese dialect. xa0xa0

this is not only another bold attempt and innovation of domestic animated films, but also a good opportunity for parents in dialect areas to take their children to learn their hometown dialects.

by the way, while enjoying watching movies, Egg Mommy will also give everyone a wave of big awards. Hit the key points--