Seven signs of a person's good health
Seven signs of a person's good health
Learn to be kind to yourself and let yourself have a healthy body.


have read a sentence:

"Health is like the number 1. Career, family, status, and money are all 0. With 1, the more zeros behind, the richer." On the other hand, there is nothing at all. "

Life, in the final analysis, is about physical health.

without health, everything is empty talk.

physical health means not only that there is no disease in the body, but also a healthy mind and spirit.

here are 7 signs of good health. How many do you have?

sleep well

in this era of anxiety, each of us is under all kinds of pressure.

"stay up late at night and apply the most expensive mask" has become the norm in our lives.

A good sleep has become a luxury.

there is an Irish proverb: health begins with sleep.

A healthy body is naturally accompanied by a good sleep.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.

whether you sleep well or not largely determines what the other 2/3 of your life looks like.

Do you want to buy the funky long sleeve lace wedding dress and show off your body? These collections perfectly match all occasions.

people who do not sleep well for a long time will become very bad both physically and mentally, and their lives will become very bad as a result.

go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, and ensure enough sleep time is not only the key to maintaining good health, but also the cornerstone of a better life.

if you know how to sleep well, you win.

have a reasonable diet

as the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people.

Food can not only solve our hunger problem, but also an important source of nutrition for our body.

however, some people, in order to lose weight, choose to go on a diet, resulting in malnutrition and damage to body function.

there are also people who do not know how to control and overeat, resulting in overnutrition and all kinds of problems.

there are also people who do not match properly and eat too much, resulting in a lack of nutrition, which greatly reduces their health.

these bad eating habits directly affect our health and life.

if you want to eat delicious and healthy, you must drink reasonably and eat scientifically.

for example:

meat and vegetarian collocation should be reasonable;

three meals a day should be on time;

eat only seven or eight percent full;

stay away from junk food.

taking every meal seriously is responsible for our health as well as our lives.

likes sports

as the saying goes, life lies in movement.

A life of exercise is really different from that of a life without exercise.

on the one hand, exercise can strengthen the body's metabolism, enhance resistance, and make our body more energetic.

on the other hand, exercise can make us feel the beauty of life better.

after exercise, with the evaporation of sweat, every cell in our body seems to be singing, and the unhappiness in our hearts will slowly dissipate.

all the difficulties seem to be disintegrated in the movement.

as someone said: exercise is the cure for everything.

I believe that behind everyone who loves sports, there is a healthy body.

at the same time, there must be a wonderful life.

because the more people love sports, the more they deserve to be loved by life.

keep learning

when does a person start to get old?

some people say:

" does not begin with wrinkles or never loving beauty, but with no more willingness to accept new things and no curiosity to learn.


in fact, age is always just a series of meaningless numbers.

as long as our hearts are not old, we can live young forever.

some studies have shown that a young mentality can help the middle-aged and elderly to alleviate the negative effects of stress.

people who feel younger than their peers have greater happiness, better cognitive abilities, and a lower risk of the disease.

and keep on learning is the secret of keeping your mind young forever.

through learning, we can not only acquire more knowledge, but also enrich our spiritual world, and our hearts will become stronger with it.

the stronger we are, the more hopeful we are about life.

so, no matter how old we are, we should always keep learning.

truly "never too old to learn, never too old to be healthy"!


Napoleon Hill, the master of success studies, once said:

"A positive attitude is mental health and nutrition." Such a mind can attract wealth, success, happiness and physical health. "

an open-minded, optimistic and cheerful person must be more likely to live a long and healthy life than a person who is depressed and depressed for a long time.

there are nine times out of ten unpleasant things in life. If we cling to them, we can easily become unhappy.

therefore, what we need to do is to watch "one or two" often and think about the bright side of everything.

learn to make peace with your unhappy self, believing that you will become healthier and happier.

emotionally stable

on the way of life, we will inevitably encounter some bad people or bad things.

it's perfectly normal to be a little emotional.

but if you don't know how to control and let your emotions magnify infinitely, you will become slaves to your emotions.

if you are in a good mood, everything is good; if you are in a bad mood, everything is messed up.

for example, when we are in a state of anger and anger, our immune system is the first to be attacked.

whatever emotion you are, you are your life.

emotions are like a double-edged sword, stable emotions, like a trickle, nourish our bodies;

unstable emotions, like surging waves, can wash away our bodies.

so, no matter what happens, let's not have a hard time with our bodies.

keeping a stable mood is not only the cure for everything, but also the best way to maintain good health.

smile often

as the saying goes: it takes less than ten years to smile; when you are sad, your head is white.

in life, smiling often can not only create a relaxed and pleasant environment for others, but also good for our health.

smiling can help our face speed up blood circulation, eliminate our nervous tension, relax our muscles, and reduce all kinds of mental stress.

the charm of a smile is infinite and can not be replaced by other smiles.

it is not as excited as wild laughter, nor as indulgent as laughter, it is like a gurgling stream that keeps us in a peaceful and beautiful state.

irrigated by such a good mood, our bodies will naturally be healthier.

it is said that people who love to laugh will not have too bad luck.

get up every morning, smile in front of the mirror and keep yourself in a good mood all day.

believe that every smile we have will lead to more smiles and a better life.

philosopher Schopenhauer once said:


the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for things outside the body.


there is nothing in the world worth betting on our health.

so, whatever you do, don't overdraw your health.

learn to be kind to yourself and let yourself have a healthy body.

in this way, we can really have the last laugh.

in the second half of life, I hope each of us can protect our health and our lives.