Seven games of life (after reading)
Seven games of life (after reading)
You always have only one opponent, and that is life.






there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "Human feelings are like sheets of paper, and the world is like a new chess game."

Human feelings are as thin as paper, one tear will break; the world is as new as chess, one mistake will lose.

you always have only one opponent, and that is life.

understand these seven games of chess and be your own "game breaker".

the situation of gain and loss is bearish

there is such a story in the Book of later Han Dynasty.

A man named Meng Min went to the market to sell it with earthen pots on his back.

accidentally, the jar was smashed to pieces.

Meng Min walked straight forward without looking back.

someone was puzzled and chased him and asked, "Why don't you look back?"

Meng Min said, "what do I think is the use? There are more important things to do. "

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "gain but not like, loss but not worry."

all gains and losses in the world have cause and effect.

keep a calm mind in the face of impermanence.

many things, now that they have happened, let nature take its course.

the end of bitterness and joys and sorrows, open up

when Shi Tiesheng was young, he was not only brilliant in literature, but also a great athlete.

Nai Nai envied talents and injured his spinal cord when he jumped the queue, resulting in paralysis of his legs.

the doctor said he wouldn't live to be 40, but Shi Tiesheng made it to 60.

live in the torment of illness all his life, but without any complaint about the world.

people live, is a mood, a state of mind.

most of the time, it is not the thing itself that crushes people, but a heart that binds itself.

pain is always inevitable. Always open a window for yourself so that the sun can shine in.

look down on the situation of right and wrong

host Ma Dong, the mother is 76 years old.

the old man is thrifty. As long as there is no one in the house, she turns off the light.

Ma Dong told his mother that it wouldn't cost much electricity to stay on all the time.

Mother said yes, but it wasn't long before she turned off the light.

Ma Dong did not argue with his mother about right or wrong, and he was happy with his mother whether or not to turn off the lights.

there is no difference between right and wrong in many things, but the personal concept of life is different.

Home is a place to talk about love, not a place to reason, let alone a place to flatter.

when you fight for right or wrong with your relatives, you often win the truth and lose the feelings.

the game of life and death, see through

Cai Lan traveled by air and encountered turbulence.

A foreigner sitting next to him clung to the armrest of his seat and turned pale with fear.

Cai Lan was holding a glass and slowly tasting the red wine.

the foreigner asked in surprise, "Hey, man, have you ever died?"

Cai Lan smiled and replied, "No, I have lived."

Life is a kind of reincarnation, where there is a beginning, there is an end.

people live a lifetime, plants and trees in an autumn, no one can make an exception.

if one has experienced life and death, he will understand it thoroughly.

accept what has happened, look up and move on, and don't embarrass yourself.

see through the situation of success or failure

when she was a child, Deng Yaping was returned by the Henan table tennis team.

the reason is that he is short in stature, short in arms and has no future.

the stubborn Deng Yaping did not fail because of this. On the contrary, she practiced even harder.

under his own efforts, he has won many championships.

Zhou Guoping said:

"greatness and success are nothing.

Life is complete if you can let go of all this and live an ordinary life well. "

with a deck of cards at the beginning, life is played by yourself.

temporary gains and losses do not represent the success or failure of the whole life.

the situation of rich and poor, see through

during the Spring Festival this year, Wang Baoqiang returned to his hometown in Hebei for the Spring Festival.

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triggered a crowd of villagers, many of whom wanted to take a group photo.

the staff put on a big show to keep the crowd out of the way.

Wang Baoqiang came here wearing slippers and waved his hand modestly: nothing.

he said: I am the son of a farmer.

as long as there are villagers who want to take a group photo, they are open to coming.

as the saying goes: flowers do not have a hundred days of red, people do not have a thousand days of good.

as a man, don't take yourself too seriously.

some people forget their last name as soon as they earn some money, and they will show their true colors sooner or later.

be it poor or rich, we should be modest and keep a low profile.

the situation of enmity, look at the breadth

Pan Shiyi, a real estate tycoon, was bullied because his family was bad when he was a child.

he made a list of people who had bullied himself.

one of the distant uncles. Let Pan Shiyi hold a grudge for 34 years.

hatred blinded his brain, and he never found happiness.

We must forgive some people for our own sake.

what you care about, you will be troubled by; what you hate, you will be troubled by.Tie it up.

only by taking a broad view of grievances can we let the heart return to peace.