School season = sick season? 90% of parents ignore 3 resistance truths!
School season = sick season? 90% of parents ignore 3 resistance truths!
Let's cheer for the baby's health.


the weather is getting warmer and is a good time for reading , but with the postponement of the start of school, many children stay at home all day, which makes many parents a little anxious.

especially when parents worry about their hapless children as they are about to get back to work. As a result, there are more and more messages in the background:

Egg Mom, my baby will not study without my supervision, and she will always doze off to worry about my baby's state after I return to work!

Oh, my God, I'm going to be tortured to death by a bear child! I hope he starts school soon and someone will take care of him for me!

Egg Mom, the baby is very picky at home picky , we can't do anything about it. In the past, it was all right at school, and the teacher listened as soon as he said it. I really hoped that school would start early!


many parents are worried that their baby will be left behind for too long at home, so they especially hope that the baby will go to school as soon as possible.

can't let up all at once !

experience tells me that bringing a child is an upgrade to fight monsters. After the winter vacation, the legendary" sick season "comes every time the school starts!

I think many mothers have experienced that when their babies start school season, either has a fever or a cold , and sometimes they catch it.

tell you that your family is not alone.

I remember reading a survey before: nearly 90% of children will have various symptoms of maladjustment at the beginning of school, and more than half of them will get sick after school. This is the legendary "school opening syndrome" !

so how do we break the spell of "opening season" = "sick season"?

it's easy to say, like it.The parents who left those messages above are so worried about this and that, so they might as well do the following little things with the baby.

it can not only consume the baby's energy, but also give the baby's resistance" recharge " before the start of school, building a " health defense line "for the baby .

make sure you exercise amount

to meet the amount of exercise for babies aged 1-6 years old, mothers can do this:

  • early childhood: 1: 3 years old

according to the physical activity guidelines of the American Association of Sports and physical Education (NASPE), infants aged 1 to 3 should have not less than 30 minutes of structured physical activity every day and at least 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity .

structured physical activities refer to adult-led activities , such as parents playing music, letting their babies clap their hands while walking, dancing and so on. For unstructured activities, babies can also complete by themselves, such as building blocks, puzzles, etc.

  • Preschool age: strong>

3-year-old children's activity is similar to that of 1-year-old children. For children over 5 years old, they should have more than 60 minutes of moderate and high-intensity physical activities , such as brisk walking, rope skipping, etc., every day.

bouncing the ball, chasing , etc., which can not only exercise, but also ensure the amount of exercise.

Sleep is connected to the school schedule in advance

adequate sleep is an important factor in improving resistance. Therefore, if you want your baby to have a good start to school, you must connect to the school schedule in advance and live a regular life.

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except for the nap time during the day, it is the time when the baby sleeps at night.

generally speaking, most babies fall into deep sleep only half an hour after going to bed. So the egg mother suggests that for a baby of our age, it's best to keep him in bed at 08:30 at night and get up after 7 o'clock the next day .

if you can't sleep, you can tell him stories, listen to some lullabies, etc., and try to avoid playing with your phone and watching TV before going to bed.

of course, it's a bit difficult to change holiday schedules at once. We can access school schedules step by step. on the scale of half an hour, we can go to bed and get up early every day , and we can adjust it in a week.

pay attention to nutritional balance

thickness, meat and vegetable matching , so that the baby's food intake can not only maintain life activities and daily exercise, but also meet the needs of growth and development.

so we should follow the principle of rich variety and reasonable matching to arrange three meals a day for the baby. For example, the following "healthy eating pyramid" is a good reference.

the bottom of the diet pyramid is staple food, including whole grains ; the third layer is all kinds of melons, fruits and vegetables, and dark vegetables should account for at least 1max. The second layer is fish, poultry, eggs, meat and milk, beans; the first layer is a small amount of oil, salt and sugar.

minerals and trace elements , and they are more likely to lack calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin A, so they should pay attention to food intake and supplement.

according to "reference intake of nutrients for Chinese residents" , egg mother summarizes the intake standards and recommended foods of several kinds of nutrients that children are easy to lack at different ages. Let's take a look.

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DHA , which is also essential for the growth and development of the baby.

what's so magical about it? In addition to the generally accepted ability to promote brain and vision development, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that it also has strong benefits such as improving sleep quality, resisting inflammation, anti-allergy, improving resistance, and improving intellectual development .

100mg every day.

it is commonly found in fish foods such as yellow croaker, black bass, Spanish mackerel, silver cod, sardines, catfish, etc. In addition, breastfeeding or infant formula can also provide babies with rich DHA.


like some babies are more picky about food and don't like fish, so mothers can supplement DHA with milk food and choose some DHA-rich formula for their babies .

in this respect, I recommend Maxson Platinum. First of all, the DHA content in it is completely up to the international recommended level mentioned above, and this content is really rich.

"Protective Corps" in its formula, which can be said to understand the worries of mothers in the first school season.

particularly worth mentioning is the yeast β-glucan .

I was recommended this ingredient for the first time because there was a classmate nicknamed" sapling "in Egg class. At first, he was not in good health and often asked for leave to go home-- the wind blew.

later, somehow, the physique caught up, winning balls in a sports competition and making the child depressed.

yeast β-glucan .

more importantly, with Meadson Platinum, a "protective regiment" of DHA+ probiotics + yeast β-glucan , it really helps to reduce the frequency of your baby's illness.

this is not what all brands can do.

so, if you want to start the school season, mothers should quickly build a" Protective Corps "for their baby .

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how about it? After listening to this wave of sharing, don't you feel a little more at ease?


of course, moms are welcome to share your parenting tips with me, if there are any ways to enhance baby protection, feel free to leave a message! Let's cheer for the baby's health.