Recognize yourself, rely on yourself, and love yourself.
Recognize yourself, rely on yourself, and love yourself.
Our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find who we really are.


A person's life is really hard and complicated.

however, when a person has such a life experience, it is often time for him to learn to let it go.

put it down, look down, and then begin to learn to recognize yourself, understand how to rely on yourself, and finally know that you must learn to love yourself.

I like the paragraph written by Jiang Xun in "Lonely six lectures" very much:

"the first object of love in life should be yourself, write poems to yourself, and talk to yourself;

calm down in a space and listen to your heartbeat and breathing.

I believe that when this life goes out, it will not panic. "

in this way, we can look at ourselves, understand ourselves, let go of ourselves, and love ourselves.

before you love yourself, you can have the ability to love others. Only when you have the ability to make yourself happy can you have the possibility of making others happy.

try to recognize yourself

in the Records of the philosopher's words and deeds, someone asked Thales, "what is the most embarrassing thing?"

he simply answered in five words: "know yourself."

people in this life, painful, happy, happy, sad, all kinds of feelings and experiences, are ultimately by their own to taste, to feel.

it's not that others can't share their worries, but it's impossible for others to bear them for you all the time.

just as everyone is like a river, at a certain fork, even if we do not give up, we must go from integration to diversion, and finally to different distances;

over and over again, again and again, and then integrated into the new branch, and then separated, and finally disappeared.

in this process, we are both lonely and helpless, and we can only move forward.

therefore, the reason why life has an end is that we have no choice but to accept the beginning from the beginning.

because of this, each of us is unique, only unique in the ordinary, and ultimately unique in generalization.

under such a destination, we can only learn to cherish and recognize ourselves, so that we can become our own masters, or at least spend our lives with less regret.

in life, only when you know yourself correctly can you see the sun.

slowly understand yourself, recognize yourself, in order to find the direction of your life, and then become a better self in the world.

Italian painter Modigliani has a strange habit of drawing only one eye of a character.

someone asked him curiously why.

he explained:

"the greatest disadvantage of people is that both eyes are used to stare at others, so we should look at the world with one eye and examine ourselves with the other."

among the crowd, you will always find that there are some people who often observe and evaluate others with a magnifying glass, but seldom explore themselves inward.

so, I put all my energy and time on others, but I don't really care about myself or know myself.

in fact, everyone has their own unique characteristics, and a very important thing in life is to recognize their own value capital.

the more detailed you know yourself and the more you know yourself, the more you will be able to tap your potential and strength.

"Glass King" Cao Dewang once said:

"every minute of every day of life is every brick in which you build a history building."

A certain section of brick is worn out and has done something bad. when you build it very high, the height is cold and the pressure is great. That place cannot stand scrutiny, and the building is destroyed in this way. "

therefore, only when a person knows himself well enough and knows himself clearly, can he know where his interest is, where his limit is, and how high he can go.

it is not easy to bury yourself because of the impermanence of life.

rely on yourself

Yu Qiuyu wrote in "borrow me for a lifetime"

"the road of life, you have to take it step by step by yourself. What can really protect you is your own choice of life."

as the saying goes, "Children without backers should be their own backers; children without backgrounds should be their own scenery."

people should be proud of relying on themselves and relying on their own independence, because the life embellished by themselves is the most real, the most brilliant, and more worthy of pursuit.

there is a problem in "Ferry Man":

"if fate is a lonely river, who will be the ferry of your soul?"

the answer is: yourself.

Life, in the end, what you live is a state of mind, and the state of mind is the truth that is worth reflecting.

so, if you do not hone a strong mentality, do not hone a strong self;

the mirror of life will reflect the fragile, decadent and incompetent you.

Life is in a hurry, most of life is not satisfactory, it is better to face it bravely, boldly create the future, and live a wonderful life for yourself.

in the difficult years, you have to be yourself when you clench your teeth, and you have to rely on yourself no matter how hard you are. Only in this way can you really bear the burden.

there is a good saying:

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"in the seemingly unbreakable net of fate, there are always fish who are unwilling to be mediocre."

Life is convenientWell, if you want to swim in the boundless sea, you must try your best to break free from the shackles of the small pond.

first let your small body become strong, but also let your field of vision become wide enough;

finally, by virtue of personal talent and strength, the sky allows birds to fly, the sea leaps with fish.

learn to love yourself

obviously, the first goal of a person's continuous self-improvement should be to have the ability to love himself.

if a person does not know how to love himself, no matter how much money he earns, how can he get a greater status?

is still not happy.

people's greatest happiness is the ability to give themselves happiness anytime, anywhere.

only when you have the ability to make yourself happy can you give happiness and happiness to the people around you.

in this way, you can really know yourself and find your true self.

on the title page of Silent confession, the following sentence is written:

"our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find who we really are."

once there was an unhappy and unhappy problem girl who wrote a letter to Sanmao to complain about her desolation and unbearability.

Sanmao wrote in her reply:

"unhappy girl, your heart is not free, is it right?

if I were you, the first thing I would do is to increase my expectations and self-esteem, sweep away the string of inferiority complex words from my life and never despise myself.

you have a legitimate job, you can afford to rent a room, your appearance is not bad, and you know how to further explore the meaning of life after commuting to and from work. These are all very beautiful things. Why do you feel humble? "

Life should not be so complicated, life is not complicated, what is complicated is the human heart.

learn to be bullish, try to let go, learn to love yourself, learn to love others.

you will find that if you think about it that way and do it that way, even if something bad happens in your life, you are no longer as irritable, anxious and painful as you used to be.

and you will also find that you seem to have greater faith and confidence to face it, and have a stronger mindset about the future.

as Camus mentioned in his book:

"I don't expect life to go smoothly all the time, but I hope I can be its opponent when I encounter difficulties in life."

so, problems and difficulties are not terrible, as long as you love yourself enough, know yourself well, and believe in yourself enough, all good things are happening quietly.