Pregnancy in June on the Spring Festival Gala, Yan pressure Xi Mengyao, refused to marry 3 billion rich: she is the winner of life!
Pregnancy in June on the Spring Festival Gala, Yan pressure Xi Mengyao, refused to marry 3 billion rich: she is the winner of life!
Let's feel more beauty and wisdom of life from Zhang Zilin.


for me personally, more than half of the excitement of the Spring Festival Gala is given by the "fairies".

this year's Spring Festival Gala is the same as in previous years, different women show different beauty on the stage.

does anyone remember her?

Zhang Zilin in the 21 Spring Festival Gala "Landscape Neon clothes".

she is 6 months pregnant

still depends on temperament to suppress the clothes, worthy of being the first Chinese to win the Miss World championship.

even if she takes off her gorgeous clothes, she can still become the focus of the audience among a group of beautiful women.

some people say that she is really "Yanba" C.

with her on the stage, I want to see her more.

182 and her dignified and elegant temperament make her the focus of everyone's attention no matter what the occasion.

taking photos with male stars can also run over one end in the aura.

but Zhang Zilin's beauty has never been an aggressive beauty.

the more you look at her, the more you can feel the beauty of natural serenity in her:

it is clear that there is "gorgeous pressure" in the entertainment industry, but it never relies on beauty to commit murder or domineering.

starting out as a Miss World champion, she has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years without negative news.

whether it is to show beauty, show affection, or "bask in luxury houses and cute children", it will not arouse people's disgust.

Zhang Zilin's life is more beautiful than her appearance.

born in a military family, Zhang Zilin has been practicing track and field since sixth grade because of her natural long legs. Childhood photos look like tomboys.

his best events are triple jump and 100-meter hurdles. He also won the hurdle championship in Beijing and trained with Liu Xiang during the competition.

chose his own college entrance examination and entered the Department of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Science and Technology.

I was also very excellent at school, and I won a lot of honorary titles and scholarships.

in 2003,

Zhang Zilin had nothing to do and signed up for the New Silk Road Model Competition.

entered the top 10 of the National Finals, unexpectedly starting her own modeling career.

the road to modeling was not Zhang Zilin's initial pursuit.

but sometimes God offers a meal, and lucky people can't refuse it at all.

after graduation, she participated in the Miss World pageant, from the overall champion of China, the representative of the Asia-Pacific region, to the global finals.

finally beat Qunfang in the final, winning the crown on behalf of China, becoming the first Chinese beauty to win a world-class beauty pageant.

this is the first time that a Chinese model has won the Miss World championship, and it was a sensation at that time.

23-year-old Zhang Zilin became famous and even became known as "the most beautiful woman in China".

the purpose of the Miss World beauty pageant is to "promote world peace, set an outstanding example for women and help hungry and disabled children".

so, unlike ordinary models, Miss World's main task after becoming a champion is not to walk the catwalk, but to participate in and promote a series of charitable activities by virtue of her personal influence.

You will look even more stunning in our long homecoming dresses. Spend time and consider this selection.

this is also Zhang Zilin's main work after she became the champion of the world sister.

during her one-year term of office after winning the championship, Zhang Zilin raised more than 32 million US dollars, setting a new record for World Sister.

she takes actions to show people that she is not only a beauty, but also a new woman with kindness and social responsibility.

however, if the peak of her life had stopped at Miss World, maybe Zhang Zilin, like many people who became famous overnight and fell quickly, would have long been forgotten by the public.

but Zhang Zilin is obviously not such a person.

her previous experience as an athlete has given her a low-key, serious and down-to-earth personality.

and such a personality has also made her who she is now:

in the face of sudden honor, he was placed in the center of attention, applause, fame and wealth, but with a sober and down-to-earth, he became the only existence in the entertainment industry.

just looking at the name and appearance, Zhang Zilin undoubtedly has the capital of "beauty over Qunfang".

but contrary to her goddess, her life is very approachable.

because of the favor of advertisers, she can always receive gifts such as invitations for events, fancy clothes and jewelry.

but in her Weibo, there are never big-name bags or luxury car jewelry, but some ordinary pieces of life.

such as a hot pot in winter and breakfast with children on weekends.

or celebrate a 15-year-old dog's birthday with your family:

she likes nature, sports, small animals and flowers.

to be able to read a favorite book in your spare time is a small achievement.

her home, which is also "like a person", is full of natural vitality.

it is not a luxury house or luxurious decoration, but it is very fresh and elegant and full of vitality.

all kinds of trinkets and decorations are allIt was carefully selected by Zhang Zilin.

A flower, a grass, every small chair, every small pillow, can see her enthusiasm and yearning for life.

look down on all the things outside the body, stay in the Vanity Fair without being tainted with flashy things, and carefully cherish the people and things that are really worthy of love in life.

Zhang Zilin's life is more enviable than her appearance.

with Zhang Zilin's charm, she can marry into a wealthy family like many Miss Hong Kong champions and live a rich life if she wants to.

as a matter of fact, there are countless children of rich families who pursue her, including many rich boys worth billions.

but Zhang Zilin did not choose any of them in the end, but was with an "ordinary" person like her:

this person is her present husband, Nie Lei.

Nie Lei may not be able to compare with the rich boys who pursue Zhang Zilin in wealth, but he used to be an athlete.

193 is high achiever when he is a student, and he is a "president" who is progressive and overbearing after work, which fits well with Zhang Zilin.

after three years of acquaintance, acquaintance and love, Zhang Zilin decided that he was the person she wanted.

in 2013, before the gossip reporter even made up Zhang Zilin's affair, she got married quietly.

just looking at the photos, you can feel the perfect match and love between the two, which is really "married to love".

time has proved that Zhang Zilin's choice is right.

Love cannot be hidden, such as Zhang Zilin, who can't help but bask on her husband on the Internet after marriage.

in Zhang Zilin's trumpet, she recorded many details of her life from the perspective of pet Yoyo.

but the way she shows her love is never to share all kinds of luxurious gifts given to her by her husband, but to record every ordinary and beautiful moment they spend together.

is when two people travel together with a dog they have kept for more than ten years.

after having a baby, the husband takes good care of his daughter at home:

it is when two people lie on the side of their daughter's bed together, touching the little hands and feet of their sleeping daughter, and are so moved by the surging love that they can't help themselves.

is to accompany my baby daughter to grow up little by little, holding her little hand to see the sea.

is a couple who accompany their children every birthday attentively.

under Zhang Zilin's management and treasure, those ordinary and shining moments are particularly moving because of her sincerity and treasure.

Yang Lan once commented on her and said:

"Zhang Zilin makes people have an amazing taste, reserved men will be excited to see her, usually very confident people will be ashamed of themselves in the face of her, her beauty, people can not find flaws.


now 15 years have passed since she became the champion of Miss World, Zhang Zilin is still growing up.

because of her sincerity to life, there must be many more beautiful scenery waiting for her in her life.

, let's feel more beauty and wisdom of life from Zhang Zilin.