People with "bad intentions" often have three characteristics, so be careful when you encounter them.
People with "bad intentions" often have three characteristics, so be careful when you encounter them.
Those who say that people are right and wrong must be right and wrong.

psychologist Adler once said: "people's troubles come from interpersonal relationships."

because people are not isolated islands, they cannot exist alone, and they cannot avoid contact with others.

but people's hearts are complicated, and troubles come as a result.

High-quality relationships are the main source of a person's happiness; low-quality relationships will only consume you constantly.

in dealing with people, how do you know whether the other person is sincere or fake?

in fact, people with bad intentions often have these three characteristics. no matter how well they are hidden, there are always flaws, so be careful when they encounter them.

do not like others

Keigo Higano said a sentence:

"the greatest evil of human nature is that it is not good to see others. You never know how malicious people who seem to be close in life will be against you behind your back. "

out of jealousy, envy, etc., the better you live, the more people like to denigrate you behind your back.

some people say that the greatest evil of human nature is that it is not good for others.

before browsing to a video:

A road with poor lighting quality at night.

A car sped by and sparks spattered.

after a while, there were a number of cars, and there was a long string of sparks on this section of the road, making a sour sound.

there are bigger vans whose wheels are almost flying and bouncing away.

it turns out that there is a stubble on the road.

there is a steady stream of cars coming and going, so many people, even some cars will be parked not far away to check, and no one will remind others at the stubble break.

not even a simple warning.

the person who recorded this video was questioned by netizens as the owner of the car repair shop, or perhaps the one who destroyed the road.

later the man directly admitted that he was also a victim.

just want to see how many people are as unlucky as he is and will rub against the car here.

as soon as this remark came out, there were few unexpected curses, and many people clamored to ask the video owner to shoot more, and they felt much better after watching it.

some people suggest that video owners can change careers, and it is enough to stick to this stubble road.

you see, there are a lot of people who watch the hustle and bustle, and there are also many people who can't see the good of others.

in fact, such people are hidden around us.

you may be flattered on the surface, but I don't know how to denigrate you behind your back, waiting to see you go down.

A person who is always gloating over other people's disasters and embarrassments is undoubtedly uncompassionate, selfish and indifferent, and should be vigilant no matter how close he is to you.

there are too many people who hate because of jealousy and hate because of envy, which makes no sense.

all you can do is to be vigilant and stay away.

likes to gossip

as the saying goes: those who say that people are right and wrong must be right and wrong.

the worse the person is, the more he likes to gossip everywhere.

there are always people who habitually chew their tongues face to face or behind their backs under the banner of "I am straightforward and may be a little ugly, but the truth".

always stand on the moral high ground and judge others.

what is even more frightening is that no matter what is big or small, he likes to catch shadows and add fuel to it.

honest people are easily deceived by them, thus wronging good people.

even the "perfect man" Zeng Guofan has met such a person, and his way of doing things is worth using for reference.

when Zeng Guofan was in his forties, he formed the Hunan Army as an imperial minister.

because of his civil service background and lack of experience, there were a lot of people who rejected and distrusted him in the early days of taking office.

under Zeng Guofan, there was a man named Bao Yusheng, a copywriter with excellent literary talent, beautiful handwriting and a well-known calligrapher.

it's just that Zuo Zongtang had great talent and outstanding talent, which was deeply appreciated by Governor Zhang Liang, so other teachers were jealous and hated him.

Bao Yusheng is one of them.

when Zeng Guofan asked Bao Yusheng about Zuo Zongtang's current situation, Bao Yusheng embellished Zuo Zongtang and dismissed Zuo Zongtang as worthless, saying that he swaggered and ignored others, and reminded Zeng Guofan to beware of tricks behind Zuo Zongtang.

hearing this, Zeng Guofan politely declined and sent Bao Yusheng away.

when Guo Songtao, an aide, was puzzled by Zeng Guofan's move and asked the reason, he smiled and said, "I am not willing to use him because there is a contradiction between Bao Yusheng and Zuo Zongtang. He is a man who likes to gossip."

Bao Yusheng's mistake is to show off his tongue and gossip.

as the old saying goes: if you cultivate yourself without blaming others, you will avoid difficulties.

Check in, there are crazy and incredible offers for prom dresses for tall girls. Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

this sentence means to cultivate one's own character and not to blame others all the time, so that a lot of problems can be avoided.

people with good character pay more attention to self-cultivation and never say what is right or wrong.

always lies

lies are not terrible. The most terrible thing is that there are always people doing deceptive things under the banner of goodwill and positive energy.

earned enough tears on one side and enough money on the other.

netizens have come to Tan Qiaozi.Leave a message under the media account, hoping to take a look at the balloon for them.

they are afraid that the man who lived in the first half of his life will be deceived.

keep saying that it is public welfare, but it is full of business behind the back.

those poor people are just "props" under the traffic feast.

there is a saying like this: "I could have put up with the darkness if I had not seen the light."

it is for this reason that the vast number of compassionate and loving netizens are very worried that Brother Balloon will be deceived.

fear that he will become a prop and be abandoned without its use; that he can no longer stand the darkness because he has seen the light; that he will lose the only life he has.

White lies can be forgiven; malicious lies should be spurned by everyone, not sought after!

have seen a fable:

Truth and lie take a bath by the river together. The lie is washed first and wears the clothes of truth.

after the truth came ashore, I couldn't find my own pair, and I didn't want to wear lying clothes, so I could only walk home naked with tears of sadness.

since then, people only see neatly dressed lies, and can no longer accept the naked truth.

Why is this happening?

because most of the time, lies are more responsive to people's psychology and are often pleasant and comfortable.

but the truth is heart-wrenching and even revealing the darkness of the human heart, which is unacceptable.

when the soil of countless lies grows, the truth becomes more and more impossible to see.

if there is a person around you who habitually lies, or even bewitches you, and lies with you, please stay away from him.

the moral bottom line of a person who is always lying is much lower than you think. When he does whatever it takes to achieve an end, you may be the first to be sacrificed by him.

it is a wise choice to stay away from such people and save yourself.

A person will meet a lot of people in his life.

some people teach you to love and be loved, some people teach you to grow, some people teach you to say goodbye, some people teach you to choose, some people teach you to refuse.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found out,

the most beautiful scenery in life is the calmness and calmness of the heart.

We were so looking forward to outside recognition that we didn't know until the end.

the world is your own and has nothing to do with others. "



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