People who really have a big pattern: don't blame anything and be considerate about everything.
People who really have a big pattern: don't blame anything and be considerate about everything.
In the second half of life, don't blame anything, be considerate, comfort others and warm yourself.



Yi Shu once said:

"A mature person often finds that there are fewer and fewer people to blame, and everyone has his own difficulties."

in life, many people will only use their eyes, stare at the faults of others, without in-depth understanding, casually evaluate others, in this way, will only reveal their own shallowness and narrowness.

if a person makes a mistake, he will only find the reason from the outside world, and he will not be able to grow up in this life.

the more you experience in society, the more you understand the really good people, and they all know that they don't know what to say.

words do not rebuke, the years can also be leisurely, life is a journey of continuous practice and maturity.

the truth you see may just be an illusion

I wonder if you have ever seen such a person?

before knowing the truth, seeing the wind is rain, spreading the thought of "truth" everywhere as a foil.

but in fact, slander, reverse black and white, and finally let things develop in the direction of the abyss.

saw a video on the Internet:

there is a little boy, wearing a school uniform, selling flowers in a busy street.

suddenly, a drunken man in a suit walked straight forward and slapped the flowers off the boy's hand.

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable cocktail dresses for weddings. Here are the absolute perfect choice to make you dazzle!

still scolding: who told you to sell flowers here.

this scene was photographed by passers-by and posted online.

in an instant, there was an uproar and one-sided accusation of the man in the comment area.

the next day, the man returned to the company and was called into the boss's office.

as soon as he saw the man, the boss yelled, "your behavior has cost the company a lot. You don't have to come to work tomorrow."

after hearing this, the man did not give an explanation, but went back to his desk and packed his things.

at this time, the man picked up a picture frame with a picture of him and the flower boy.

it turns out that the boy's name is Pengpeng, and he adopted him from the welfare home.

in order to give boys a better education, men work hard to earn money during the day and help with their homework at night.

all this is seen by the boy.

in order to share the pressure on men, he often secretly runs out of school to sell flowers.

but when the man was drinking and socializing, he received a call from the teacher saying that Pengpeng had been skipping classes recently.

after hearing this, the man ran out to find Pengpeng. Finally, the scene in the video happened.

in life, many people only see part of the story and tell the truth.

as a result, it becomes a sharp weapon, destroying a person effortlessly.

as there is a saying in the Tuner: "people only believe what they see, but they don't dig behind it."

never blame anyone easily

remember a saying: "blame yourself with the heart of others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself."

in the TV series "Pi", there is such a story:

Shengnan and his husband stood in line to check out at the supermarket. The cashier was a young man with no quick hands and feet. Half a day later, there were still no fewer people in the queue.

Shengnan waited impatiently, so he kicked up his feet and shouted in the direction of the cashier: "Young man, cheer up. Do you not have enough to eat, or do you not sleep well?"

when it was Shengnan's turn to check out, the young man became more nervous. When he picked up the goods, he was in a panic and could not find the bar code.

Shengnan saw this and said more angrily:

"did you take up the job without training?

look at your neighbors. They have already settled ten accounts.

you can't leave at all. Isn't such a big supermarket, like you, smashing the signs of the supermarket? "

Shengnan sarcastically asked the female cashier, "how dare you rookies come to work here?"

the female cashier replied softly, "there's something wrong with his family."

Shengnan still muttered, "you can't go to work with emotion even if something happens."

the female cashier had no choice but to tell the truth: "his mother committed suicide. He was the only one in Jiangzhou. He doesn't know what to do now."

the originally arrogant and rude Shengnan stood in the same place on the spot, with unconcealed regret and frustration on his face.

people live in the world, each has its own difficulties and joys, and each has its own gloom and clarity.

Don't criticize easily, don't make troubles casually, this is one's self-cultivation.

there is a saying: "people's eyes can easily see other people's mistakes, but they do not understand the difficulties behind them."

always think that words are better than others, but in fact, they are consuming themselves.

when people reach a certain age, they have experienced what they have experienced, accept and tolerate the shortcomings of others, and make peace with themselves.

to be considerate to others is to fulfill yourself

Classical philosopher Kant said:

"I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can understand as much as possible."

A person's true maturity lies not in his age or ability, but in his inner upbringing and understanding of others.

the other party is a young girl who speaks eloquently and brings the fabric style, which also meets the requirements of the company, which makes people feel serious about doing things. Naturally, they have a little more trust in her.

after the girl introduced herself, she began to talk about her past achievements:

has provided many fabrics for a well-known company, while another company has placed a lot of orders with her.

because these two companies are our competitors, we also have some understanding of the actual situation.

in recent years, the general environment is not good, and the purchase volume of the two companies has been decreasing sharply, so what the girl said is also false.

I was about to open my mouth to expose her when my colleague touched me with his shoes under the table and signaled me to be quiet.

as for himself, he not only smiled and watched the girl "perform", but also picked up a few words from time to time.

when the girl left, I asked him, "how can you get used to such posturing people who only know how to run trains with their mouths full?"

the colleague said, "you see, she has been bowing all the time, just to make a living." Just let her go, the adult world, it's not easy. "

in life, we are all warriors who cut through difficulties.

but who is willing to uncover their own embarrassment and show it to others.

most of the time, what you think of as expressing your opinions is actually a killer who destroys other people's livelihood.

in this world, behind some rumors of talking and laughing, there is invisible confusion;

behind some of the splendor, there is also an unknown secret.

No one can be spared from the sufferings of adults. To be more considerate and understanding when getting along with others is to fulfill themselves.

have read a sentence:

"the sign of maturity is not to speak the big truth, but to begin to understand the little things around you and to be considerate of what you have to do."

Chai Jing once said, "people who come from the dust can understand the sorrow behind laughter."

Life is a journey through difficulties, and behind everyone, there are different experiences and stories.

although others can only see a wisp of smoke behind them, don't light a fire on it.

even if we can't understand, at least don't embarrass others.

in the second half of life, don't blame anything, be considerate, comfort others, and warm yourself.

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