People who live thoroughly know how to "leave a blank" for life.
People who live thoroughly know how to "leave a blank" for life.
Life, not only need to do addition, but also need to learn to do subtraction.


it is said in the Book of morality: "what you have is good, and what you don't have is useful."

in life, many people only see the role of "you", but often ignore the role of "nothing".

in the end, he was exhausted, but with little success.

in the second half of life, only by appreciating the role of nothing and learning to leave blank for yourself, can we live a free life.

learn to leave blank, leave room for speech

as the old saying goes, "you can only say three points to everyone, but you can't throw your heart away."

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people who are outspoken always like to dig their hearts out to others. He thinks he is straightforward, but it is actually a sign that his EQ is not high enough.

talking endlessly in front of people who are not close enough will not only embarrass each other, but also give others a handle for exposing themselves too much.

the so-called disaster comes out of the mouth, control their own mouth, is a sign of maturity.

Smart people tend to see through it without telling it.

because they know that keeping silent and giving others a step down is not only a consideration for others, but also avoid unnecessary conflicts for themselves.

people who think they are smart, once they see through, they will make it public everywhere for fear that others will not know how smart they are.

as a result, it tends to hurt others unwittingly.

there is an idiom, "look like a fool."

people who really have great wisdom know how to hide their edge.

they keep silent when they should not speak, and they will hesitate to speak like gold when they should.

therefore, they can avoid all kinds of traps on the road of life.

learn to leave blank, leave room for doing things

Sun Tzu's Art of War says, "encircling a division will be que."

if a person does things without leaving any leeway for others, it will often arouse more fierce resistance from others, which is not conducive to achieving their goals.

knowing how to give others a little leeway is not only a gesture of kindness, but also reduces unnecessary obstacles for yourself.

it is said in the Book of changes: "in the land of Kun, a gentleman carries things with virtue."

what can really support a person to go further is the profound virtue. If virtue is shallow, even if you are in a high position, you will harm others and harm yourself because of your own iniquity.

A person with profound virtue will leave a step with the pedestrian where the path is narrow; when the taste is strong, it will be reduced by three points for others to taste.

this self-restraint and concern for others will often be sincerely admired and appreciated by everyone.

when they are down and out, there will naturally be a large number of people coming to help them in the snow.

people with shallow virtues will not lose three points to others when they have a strong taste, but will laugh at and ridicule others because they can't taste them.

if you do so, you are wasting your own blessing.

when they are in trouble, they will naturally encounter the result of throwing stones into the well.

"those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

to leave room for others is to leave room for yourself.

learn to leave blank and not be too busy

some people say, "the quickest way to get rid of a person is to keep him busy."

I think so.

if idleness is a kind of depravity, then using busyness to cover up one's laziness is another form of depravity.

Why are some people so busy that they end up achieving nothing?

it is true that one needs to work hard, but efforts need not only find the right direction, but also a combination of work and rest.

if you only know how to run forward and don't know how to rest, then you will only make your efficiency lower and lower.

Laozi said, "if an enterprise does not stand, a straddler cannot."

only when one knows how to stop at the right time and replenish himself with energy, can one go further.

in fact, the human brain also needs to be left blank.

only in the state of leaving blank, good ideas and good inspiration can burst out.

Plato said: "many great insights are often acquired at leisure."

to be idle is not to be lazy, but to make it easier to break through the shackles and meet a better self.

if there are too many things in the phone, it is easy to stutter. Life is the same, if you do not know how to leave blank, will also make it difficult for yourself.

Life, we not only need to add, but also need to learn to subtract.

only by learning to subtract can you unload yourself from unnecessary burdens and usher in a new tomorrow.

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