People who like to do these three things at dinner should never make a deep acquaintance.
People who like to do these three things at dinner should never make a deep acquaintance.
Through the details of the meal, you can see the true appearance of a person.

Confucian style



I believe everyone has experienced a lot of dinners during the Spring Festival holiday.

socializing every day is even more tiring than going to work.

since it is a meal, there must be rules.

people come and go over dinner, and people who like to do these three things should never get to know each other deeply.

people who like to persuade people to drink too much

as long as it's dinner, you can't do without drinking.

No matter how difficult it is to talk about business, the more estranged relationship, the more awkward atmosphere.

as long as the wine is over 30 years old, people can warm up with each other.

at dinner, there has always been the custom of persuading people to drink. The more guests drink, the happier the host will be.

drinking too much shows that the guests think highly of themselves. If the guests do not drink, the host will feel ashamed.

but drinking is, in the final analysis, your own business.

just control how much a person can drink and how much he wants to drink.

those who are particularly fond of persuading people to drink can easily be boring.

if you don't drink, you will lose face. If you drink it, you will feel bad.

drinking too much can easily lead to accidents.

abstinence is a virtue, excessive enthusiasm, make others uncomfortable, but also embarrass yourself.

to persuade people to drink in moderation, do everything according to your ability.

an outspoken person

drinkers often say: wine.

the better the wine, the less like to talk.

even if you drink too much, you won't talk nonsense or nonsense.

but some people start to talk nonsense as soon as they drink too much.

some people like to spread gossip and reveal all the gossip and privacy they know.

it's awkward for people who know each other at dinner. If you don't invite him to dinner later, you won't invite him.

some people like to brag and boast that no matter whose business it is, they will do it all the time.

after sober up, all promises are empty promises. You regret it and make others look sideways.

illness comes in from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth.

the way to seek happiness and avoid misfortune is to say less if you can say less, and not to say if you can not.

people who eat ugly

the ancients used to say: you can see the appearance when you eat.

A person's moral character and self-cultivation can be seen by his eating appearance.

after Zeng Guofan became governor of Liangjiang, some of his countrymen came to him.

out of compatriot friendship, Zeng Guofan had dinner with him.

on the dinner table, a pair of chopsticks of this man picked and picked and turned over and over with no rules at all.

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after dinner, Zeng Guofan entangled him and let him go back to his hometown.

eating appearance is one's upbringing.

No matter how good your upbringing is, no matter how capable you are, you will not be liked.

there are also many people who like to eat alone.

whenever there are dishes you like on the table, be sure to sweep them into your own bowl.

never leave anything to others.

such people are generally selfish and should never get to know each other deeply.

the etiquette of eating is often mentioned in the family motto of the ancients, of which the most important thing is not to mess up the food, not to chirp, and not to eat alone.

eating depends on your character.

through the details of eating, you can see the true appearance of a person.

if a person eats ugly, try not to have a deep acquaintance.

Confucian style Jun,