People who are really good: soft words, hard things, and stable people.
People who are really good: soft words, hard things, and stable people.
Fix your heart and take every step of your life.




Confucius said:

"listen to his words and watch his deeds."

you will know what a person's quality is, listen to what he says and see what he does.

people who are really strong tend to speak softly and leave some leeway for others.

also tend to be able to do things vigorously and without timidity.

as the saying goes, "Life is made by yourself."

A person's fate is often closely related to his own words and deeds.

speak softly

Why are some people always "unrewarded with good intentions" when they are obviously for the good of each other?

in the face of each other's shortcomings, they do not know how to "admonish" each other in an euphemistic and gentle way.

but choose to criticize each other's shortcomings in a "straight" way.

in doing so, it will often lead to the other party's inability to come down to Taiwan, or even resentment.

everyone likes to hear "sweet" words.

since it is "admonishing" the other party, I hope the other person will listen to him.

in that case, it is necessary to comply with human nature and make "disobedient advice" more "pleasing to the ear".

"if a man is not a sage, he can make mistakes; if a mistake can be changed, there is no greater good."

in the face of other people's inadvertent mistakes, if the words are "excellent", it is likely to cause the other person to "intensify".

only by taking into account each other's feelings can we make it easier for the other person to reflect on himself and correct his or her own mistakes.

harsh words can never show the strength of a person.

gentle words can reflect a person's calmness and wisdom.

do things hard

some people say:

"one's greatest talent is to be able to carry things."

I think so.

the so-called "being able to handle things" actually has two aspects.

one aspect is ability, the other is sense of responsibility.

if a person does not have the ability, then, even if he has the desire to "carry things", it is of no use.

only by practicing internal skills and making yourself strong can we gain the trust of others.

some people have the ability, but it is difficult to gain the trust of others. Why?

when they face problems, they do not want to solve them, but are used to evading and shirking their responsibilities.

in this way, no one dares to pin their hopes on them, no matter how capable they are.

hard-working people are often able to achieve "Mount Tai collapses in front and remains the same, Milu deer thrives on the left but does not blink."

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they have a very strong psychological quality, and they can deal with unexpected things rationally with peace of mind at any time.

only such people can give people "sense of security".

some people say:

"those who can do it are better than those who can say it."

this is not the case.

A man is a good talker and can only confuse others for a while.

only by doing things in a down-to-earth manner can we achieve practical results, and only in this way can we achieve stability and go far.

be a stable person

there are good times and bad times in life.

it is said in Daojing:

"if you are rich and conceited, you will take the blame."

in good times, people are easy to "go with the wind".

as soon as it is "gone with the wind", it is easy to "capsize in the sewer".

only by stabilizing yourself in good times and dealing with others with a humble heart can we avoid the end of "overflow when water is full".

when a person is in adversity, he is most likely to be intimidated by the immediate "obstacles", resulting in pessimism and disappointment, and even choosing to give up.

some people say:

"if you can stand it, you will stand out; if you can't, you will be out."

when we are in the most difficult time, we are often the closest to the dawn.

if you "can't stand it" and choose to give up, then you will let yourself stay in the dark all the time.

only keep a steady state of mind, constantly cheer yourself up, so that you have the courage to continue to fight.

can survive the temporary "darkness" and usher in the dawn of victory.

many people define being good at getting along with others as high EQ.

in fact, the really high EQ is to be good at getting along with yourself.

stabilize yourself in good times and not be arrogant.

to stabilize yourself in the face of adversity and not despair is a person's top EQ.

Life is a spiritual practice.

if you speak softly, you can better influence others with words.

only if you do things hard, can you bear your own responsibility and not be afraid of wind and rain.

be stable in order not to be defeated by your own emotions, neither arrogant nor impetuous.

I wish you and I can fix our hearts and take every step of life.

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