People who are really good are all morning personalities.
People who are really good are all morning personalities.
From now on, let's be a real morning person together.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: why is it that people who insist on getting up early are terrible?

there is a highly praised comment that goes like this:

"getting up early may seem like a small thing, but it can change people's physical and mental outlook, produce the butterfly effect, and gradually change your life."

some people in life always like to be night owls, do not sleep at night, do not get up in the morning, listless all day;

on the other hand, some people are used to going to bed early and getting up early, using the golden two hours in the morning to arrange their lives in good order.

some researchers in Japan once called the second kind of people "morning type people", and summed up the various benefits of "morning type personality":

more energy, more time, more focused, more efficient, more accurate.

indeed, fast-paced work and dazzling short videos make us captive at night before we know it.

stay up the last night, but also overdraw the happiness and energy of tomorrow. The more you don't want to sleep, the more empty and anxious you are.

taking getting up early as a habit is often the beginning of a person's sense of control in life.

getting up early is the best way to "think clearly"

do you have this feeling:

if you are used to staying up late and sleeping late, you will always feel confused, uninterested in anything, inefficient and easy to procrastinate during the day.

and occasionally get up early one day, but feel in a particularly good state, not only clear-headed, but also a lot more efficient.

it is mentioned in the book slow thinking:

"the most important way to realize the brain's maximum potential is to be completely offline, that is, to set aside a fixed amount of undisturbed time to complete focused work."

in the early morning, the brain and body have just recovered from "formatting" and are at their fullest state.

at this time, we tend to be 100% focused, think more clearly, and help to solve complex problems.

therefore, since ancient times, many celebrities have the habit of getting up early.

Zeng Guofan wrote in his family letter: "if you want to get rid of the word 'lazy', get up early is the most important thing."

the first thing he does when he wakes up every morning is to read 10 pages of history books and keep a diary in block letters without interruption.

his regular schedule for a long time makes him quick, calm and calm, and his judgment and decision-making ability can always be kept at his best even if his affairs are busy.

Wang Yung-ching, founder of Formosa Plastics Group, is also a typical "morning personality."

he gets up at 4:00 every day. First he exercises for a while, then he begins to write at his desk:

sometimes it is to sort out the thoughts on social economy, culture, education and so on.

sometimes it is to think and construct some strategic issues of the company.

he once said that the habit of getting up early allows his brain to be fully activated and exercised.

many of his good ideas about business came out at this time.

the gap between the vast majority of people does not rise to the level of IQ and thinking, but lies in their small daily habits.

many successful people are not gifted, but when you are still sound asleep, they are already chasing their dreams.

people who seem calm and leisurely are not more free than you are, but because they know how to manage and use their time.

as Iger said:

"getting up early is not to work an extra hour, but to start the 17 hours of wakefulness at your best."

although sleeping in can bring short-term satisfaction, getting up early brings spiritual prosperity.

the improvement of metabolic rate, the improvement of memory, the germination of creativity.

all of these will make you more energetic and mentally active.

getting up early is the best way to make you "steady"

maybe everyone has the experience of wanting to get up early but can't do anything about themselves:

the alarm clock rang countless times in the morning and turned off again and again, making me upset.

get up and go out in a hurry, be pushed by things, and worry all day;

I always feel that time flies, but I can't see the clue and progress of things.

the biggest impact of lying in is not just to steal your time and lower your productivity.

will disrupt the rhythm of your life, and then affect the whole state of life.


@ time machine

I was deeply inspired by the personal experience I shared.

during her 3 years of working in the media, she did not stop every day, but still felt powerless:

I always feel that many things are not implemented immediately, and it is impossible to have time to finish them all day.

in the end, things accumulate more and more, and the pressure becomes more and more.

she began to blame herself for her anxiety, was full of doubts about life, became nervous, and developed sub-health.

after learning from the bitter experience, she decided to adjust her work style by going to bed early and getting up early.

get up at 5 o'clock every day, make a list of plans, leisurely jump exercises, and then sort out the materials and start the day's work.

A month later, her life has changed dramatically:

I lost weight, I looked refreshed, and I was good at my job.

more importantly, she deeply felt the fullness and certainty of her heart.Some things that I dare not expect are getting closer to her step by step.

the world hasn't fully awakened in the morning, so you can enjoy your own quiet time and devote yourself to love.

this makes giving more productive and fulfilling.

getting up early sets a positive tone for the day.

not only make you have plenty of time and do things methodically, but also make you more wonderful for nearly half a day, making your rhythm more relaxed and your mood more enjoyable.

the adult world is always pushed away by endless work and unfinished worries.

when anxiety and stress hit, negative emotions follow you, so try to change your schedule and go to bed early and get up early.

when a person is emotionally stable and calm, everything will tend to be harmonious and get twice the result with half the effort.

get up early, you can also do it

painter Jiang Xun once mentioned that his prime working hours are from 6: 00 a.m. to 9: 00 a.m.

now that he is in his twenties, he laments:

every morning, looking at flowers from the glimmer of dawn and sunrise is like realizing the future of life.

getting up early is not only a habit, a way, but also a wisdom and a cure.

if you want to regain your sense of control over life, you might as well try to change it in these ways:

manage motivation to make getting up early more motivated

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read a sentence: "it is not the alarm clock or dream that wakes me up every day, but motive."

plan is driven by goals.

find a reason to get up happily, such as improving your self-confidence, making yourself more energetic, and making your body and mind healthier.

or simply an undisturbed free time, a big breakfast, a beautiful morning.

step by step, make it easy to get up early

anything, haste makes waste.

if you get up early, it may lead to confusion of the biological clock.

then go with the trend and change gradually.

get up 20 minutes earlier on the first day, and 20 minutes earlier a few days later, until the desired target time is reached.

go to bed on time and make early risers full of energy

ship king Bao Yugang gets up at 5:00 every morning, keeps swimming and skipping rope, and goes home to have a rest at 22:00, no matter how important it is.

he feels that only by having a good rest can the quality of work be guaranteed the next day.

get enough sleep to have enough strength to get up early.

if you're going to take a 10:00 break, push your brain's subconscious mind away from electronics and enter the buffer zone half an hour ahead of time.

make a plan to get up early to build strength for you

getting up early is not how early you get up, but what you do after getting up.

you can think, read and plan quietly, or you can watch the sunrise, exercise and have breakfast.

if you get up one hour earlier every day, you will have 365 hours of efficient time a year, and you can get 48 hours of results a day.

and all the growth and changes are due to the accumulation of these bits.

be a morning type, counterattack the second half of life

think of a sentence from "Fan Xiong rescuing soldiers":

"I want to get up early, not because I can't sleep all night. But I really want to, I want to live every day. "

getting up early is not against human nature, but an attitude towards life.

live up to the sunshine of every day, do not miss every growth.

and those seemingly mundane day after day, will eventually let you see the meaning of persistence at some point.

, from now on, be a real morning person together.

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