People can't wake up, they can only wake up with pain.
People can't wake up, they can only wake up with pain.
No matter how difficult the road ahead, it will suddenly become clear.

Lin Jing

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the Russian novelist Krylov told a story.

there is a fox who likes to roll up his tail when he walks.

when the other foxes saw this, they advised him to put down his tail so that he could sweep away his footprints while walking and avoid being targeted by hunters.

the fox disagreed, feeling that because of his cleverness, he would never be discovered.

one day, he was swaggering along as usual when a hunter quietly followed and suddenly pounced on him with a gun.

he was scared out of his wits, ran desperately, and finally dragged a wounded leg to escape.

since then, it has put its tail down honestly without being told.

many people in life are like this fox, and no matter how good the truth is, they can't understand it.

people teach people, but they can't teach people; once is enough to teach people.

only by experiencing the warmth and warmth of human feelings and having tasted ups and downs can one understand life clearly and have an epiphany of life.

when you are in trouble, you know that it is not easy to be sincere.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"when you are in a high position, all you see are flashy dreams, and when you are humble, you have a chance to see the truth of the world."

when people are proud, they always feel that they are surrounded by good friends.

only when we are at a low ebb can we really see the hearts of the people.

Li Mengyang, a literati in the Ming Dynasty, was brilliant from an early age. At the age of 21, he was given the post of head of the household ministry after taking the examination of Zhongjinshi.

for a while, local officials and wealthy rural gentry came to make friends with him.

but the good times didn't last long. Because he was in the limelight, he was envied by his relative Zhang Yanling.

before long, Zhang Yanling framed him on charges, and the emperor was furious and ordered him to be sent to prison.

while in prison, Li Mengyang wrote to his former friends who talked about drinking one by one for help.

I didn't expect that after the letter was mailed, it all sank into the sea and there was no reply.

when he was most desperate, a man named Kang Hai, who had not met much before, stepped forward and interceded everywhere for him.

Kang Hai found Liu Jin and promised to be his aide in exchange for Li Mengyang's life.

when Li Mengyang learned of this, he could not help sighing: "I didn't expect that it was Guanshan (Kanghai's number) who finally saved me."

after he got out of prison, those friends enthusiastically came to the door again, but Li Mengyang refused to do so.

he turned down a lot of banquets and invitations, and then only went out with a few friends such as Kang Hai.

there is a good saying: "if nothing happens, we don't know who is near and who is far away; if a person is not good, I don't know who is strong and who is weak."

time is the best filter, and time is the truest discriminator.

those who come near when you are happy, and those who leave when you are down, do not have to invite him into life.

those who are still willing to stay by your side when you are in trouble and who are still willing to give you a hand when you are in trouble deserve your sincere treatment.

being bullied by life, I found that reading is useful


@ Cuomo

told the story of his distant niece.

before her niece finished junior high school, she told her family that she didn't want to waste her time reading.

she said that many college students earn only 3,000 or 4,000 yuan after graduation, and there is a lot of news that college graduates sell pork and work as security guards.

what's more, mathematics is too difficult to use the Pythagorean theorem in the future.

Cuomo advised her that the Pythagorean theorem is certainly not necessary to buy food, but you have learned that you can decide where to buy food in the future.

unexpectedly, my niece asked, "Uncle, you went to college, how much do you make a month now?"

Cuomo said, more than 10,000.

my niece has some disdain: "when I'm your age, I must earn more than you."

later, my niece dropped out of school and went to a big city to find a job in a factory.

from seven to nine in the morning, I was exhausted every day, and I went to bed as soon as I got off work.

my niece went back to her hometown and made a living by day-to-day work, which reminded her of Cuomo's advice and regretted not studying hard at that time.

think of a sentence: "Life will double back to you what you haven't suffered in school."

when the knowledge reserve is insufficient, entering the society is equivalent to going into battle shirtless, can only be repeatedly frustrated, and finally be tortured all over the body.

when we were young and ignorant, we all thought that reading was the hardest job in the world.

only after I bumped my head in reality did I realize that reading is the fairest and best way to go in the world.

people who do not read books can only make themselves trapped in a narrow world and find it difficult to walk.

only those who read books can see a brighter and brighter distance beyond their original life.

Books are the steps of life; knowledge is the key to reversing fate.

Don't covet comfort when you should work hard, and don't wait to be bullied by life to find that reading is really useful.

when you have a serious illness, you realize that health is the most expensive

What else can you possible need: a great price, fantastic customer service and timely shipping, in addition to a perfect cheap flower girl dresses. The collection is in different beautiful materials.

I saw a discussion on the Internet: "what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?"

below there is a heart-piercing answer: "the most expensive thing to buy is health. No matter which one is broken, it is enough to make people feel good."Lose everything. "

think of the story of Yuan Xiaojuan, former editor of Fashion magazine.

Yuan Xiaojuan is a workaholic. She has read a manuscript of 1.05 million words and 50 photos 20 times.

several overseas visits a year, domestic business trips are as frequent as taking a taxi, sleeping only four or five hours a day.

this quickly promoted her to department head, and her income doubled year after year.

but the long-term overdraft made her body get worse and worse before she knew it.

in July 2006, Yuan Xiaojuan felt stomach discomfort and went to the hospital for gastroscopy and was told that she had advanced gastric cancer.

after being hospitalized, she wept silently in the ward every day, and she wrote helplessly on her blog:

"I think my son is only 8 years old. I have to live for at least another 10 years until he is an adult. I can't imagine what he would be like without his mother."

in order to treat her, the family tried the most advanced technology at that time, sold the house and spent most of their savings.

this illness made all her previous efforts come to naught.

We don't care at all when we are advised to take care of our health when we are in good health.

only when you have an illness and stay in a hospital can you realize that there is nothing in the world that is worth your life.

there is a good line in the movie "piss off, Mr. tumor":

"Why did God make us sick?"

"that's because it reminds us that we only live once."

being busy for decades, getting ahead or making a lot of money is just a thing of the past.

if you keep the moon on the five lakes, don't worry about nowhere to get off the golden hook.

Health is the premise of everything. If you take good care of your body, you will not worry about getting happiness and happiness.

Don't overdraw yourself. If you are free from disease, you are truly rich.

only by losing once can you learn to cherish

someone once asked Takeshi Kitano, a famous Japanese director, what is your biggest regret in your life?

Takeshi Kitano said: "I spent my whole life fighting with my mother and finally lost the whole game."

Mother's tutoring is strict, but Takeshi Kitano yearns for freedom, and mother and son have been in conflict since childhood.

in his sophomore year, he had a quarrel with his mother. Takeshi Kitano ran away from home angrily and began to live alone.

for a period of time, he did not have any income, not only could not afford to eat, but also owed his rent for half a year.

in order to avoid debt collection, he turned over the window every time he went in and out.

Takeshi Kitano fell to his knees and begged.

but I didn't expect the landlord to say to him:

"when you moved in, your mother followed me and said to me, 'this kid is stupid and will definitely owe the rent. if he doesn't pay for a month, come and get it from me.'"

although his mother gave him a hand in difficult times, he still refused to bow his head and go home.

only after becoming famous, I transfer money to my mother on time every month.

this went on for many years until his mother died and his sister handed him a bag and a letter.

Takeshi Kitano opened it and found a savings passbook opened in his name.

it turned out that his mother had not spent a penny of the money he had given to his mother all these years and had saved it all.

in the letter, my mother said, "if you become a director, you may lose your job one day. You won't save money. I'll keep it for you."

he held the letter, remorseful, and finally couldn't help crying.

but whether it is an apology that has been in arrears for a long time, or a word of admiration, the mother can no longer hear it.

in the Reader, Yuan Quan once read a letter affectionately, in which there was a sentence:

"every passer-by you meet on the road is someone other people dream of seeing."

Milk will be spilled, wallets will be lost, lovers will be separated, friendships will fade, and parents will grow old.

when you ignore the people around you who love you most because of temporary dislike and resentment, what is actually wasted is the best thing in your life.

Life is not long, please cherish the people who are still around now, cherish every moment, love well and live hard.

writer Teng Ping said: "I have always believed that only pain in this world can really make people learn a lesson."

it is never reason that can convince a person, but the south wall; what can wake a person is never preaching, but tribulation.

the more piercing pain, the more you will be enlightened and mature.

as the saying goes, "if you don't go through one thing, you won't gain wisdom."

when you understand human nature, you can learn to get together and break up; when you understand life, you will know how to cherish what you have.

, may you go through the vicissitudes of life, survive the pain, and still maintain a brave and gentle, calm and determined.