Parents must read: these words, for the sake of their children, please say them every day.
Parents must read: these words, for the sake of their children, please say them every day.
When a child makes a mistake, what the parents say first is important.

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in the process of growing up, children's character development is greatly influenced by their parents. Children can always perceive, recognize and imitate things in their lives.

parents are their children's first teachers and are often the most trusted people , which means that parents play a vital role in their children's education.

Stanford University has done such an experiment, the experiment is divided into three steps:

first of all, randomly divide the children into two groups and give praise such as" you are great "and" you are smart "to one group, while the other group gives them encouragement such as" you work hard "and" you have to come on ".

secondly, let the two groups of children choose different degrees of jigsaw puzzles.

found that most of the praised children chose the easier puzzle tasks, while most of the encouraged children chose the more difficult puzzles.

Experimental results it is clear that if the praised children want to be praised, they will choose the easier task to continue to praise, while the encouraged children will not seek the purpose, as long as they keep working hard.

so when faced with the same situation, children who are encouraged tend to be more creative and imaginative.

encouragement is one of the most direct and effective ways to promote children's progress.

as a famous educationist once said:

<\ 'color: rgb (127,127,127); font-family: Microsoft Yahei,\" Microsoft YaHei\ "> Children need to be encouraged to grow, just as plants need watering. Children cannot survive without encouragement.

encourages regardless of form, it can be a look, a hug, can also be an affirmation, a compliment, can make children feel extremely warm, thus have the motivation to move forward.

Today, egg moms teach mothers some parenting sentences to encourage their children. I hope all parents will remember that not only for the sake of their children, but also can make progress and grow with their children.


" only people who are confident can have confidence anywhere. "

you will encounter a lot of difficulties in the process of growing up. the only thing that can make children face difficulties is to make them confident.

optimistic and confident children are positive and confident about life. Only optimistic and confident children can gain a better foothold in society.

he has energy and unlimited creativity, which means that he will continue to improve, move forward, and succeed.

Kids, you are not stupid at all, you are better than last time.

kid, just try!

tell the child," you can do it, and it will be better next time. "

I believe you! You can do it!

Mom will try it with you ~

Mom appreciates your presence. The performance above.

Let's refuel!


A sharp sword needs sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the cold winter. "

success is always accompanied by all kinds of tribulations, parents can not always stand in front of their children to solve problems.

A successful person needs to be self-reliant, and those who don't know how to be self-reliant will accomplish nothing.

each of us comes to this world to learn to be independent and self-reliant. it is every parent's responsibility to let children bid farewell to dependence and learn to be self-reliant.

Let children learn to do their own things, things they can't learn to do, things that can't be done must be done well.

parents must have a clear understanding, cultivate their children's sense of independence, and then become adults!

you make your own decisions, and your parents support you!
you are a big boy and you have your own ideas.
the path is your own choice, so you have to be responsible for yourself.
can you dress yourself and eat by yourself?
it's all right for the first time. Mom used to be like this


six sentences to encourage children to learn

Learning is a prerequisite for one's success. If you want your child to learn better, you must first improve your child's interest in learning.

cultivate children's habit of loving reading. Parents can accompany their children to read more and try not to transfer negative energy to their children.

secondly, when children encounter learning difficulties, parents should also encourage their children to fully mobilize their enthusiasm for learning.

you can easily talk with your children about what happened at school, so that children can learn to share happy things with their parents and don't keep unhappy things in mind.

so that the child can continue to study the next day with a happy mood, naturally fall in love with learning, and over time, his grades will improve.

    parents can encourage their children to:

Baby, tell Mom something you think is very funny today!
as long as you work hard, you will certainly do well next time.
Mom is going to learn, how are you and Mom?
Child, tell your mother whether you enjoyed school today?
it doesn't matter if you don't do well in the exam this time, keep working hard next time!
you know so much, mom wants to learn from you!


people are not saints, who can make mistakes.

it's not scary for children to make mistakes, but parents indulge them again and again.

finding that the child has done something wrong, if the parents do not educate the child, he will make more and more mistakes in the future.

parents should lead by example, set an example and be a person who admits mistakes, so that when children make mistakes, they will also imitate their parents to admit mistakes.

but there are also some children who are afraid of being scolded by their parents and are more timid and ashamed to admit their mistakes. At this time, parents need to enlighten their children in time, let them boldly speak out their mistakes and guide them to correct them.

when a child makes a mistake, what parents say is important.

    parents can encourage their children to:

what happened? Can you talk to mom?

although you have done something wrong, but you have the courage to say it, you are still a good boy.

what will you do next time?

you are a very sensible child, mother loves you!

in fact, every child is unique and wants to grow up happily and healthily in love and sunshine.

parents should be good at discovering the strengths of their children, encouraging them, building self-confidence, and helping them find the direction of their own efforts, so as to develop their unlimited potential.

Children grow up under the imperceptible influence of their parents and guide them correctly. Mothers might as well start by saying these words every day.


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