Papi paste is pregnant, 280 million people talk about: how cool it is for a woman to live a "selfish" life!
Papi paste is pregnant, 280 million people talk about: how cool it is for a woman to live a "selfish" life!
With the right method, it can be easier to take care of children.


papi official announcement: she's pregnant!

is really a very official way of papi!

many onlookers said that papi sauce secrecy is so good! I never thought she would have a baby!

indeed, watching the video of Papi Jiang, several videos are complaining about family members promoting marriage and giving birth to children, which really makes people feel that Papi Jiang may not have children!

before" daughters in Love ", Papi Jiang also clearly expressed his views on getting married and having children.

in the program, several elders are completely unable to understand that Papi Sauce has been married for five years without having a child, and even directly criticize--

" Marriage is to have children and carry on the family line. Otherwise, why would you get married? "
"I'm afraid you won't be born if you don't have it now."

Papi paste said: "I don't think getting married is to have children, and I didn't say I won't have children in the future. This causal relationship shouldn't be like this. I think it's natural." It has been "besieged" by many people.

there was a hot search for Papi paste's life sequence before, and there was also a lot of controversy for her: xa0 herself> partner> Children> parents.

therefore, many people doubt whether Papi paste has been married for five years without having children.

she said " No wedding, no wedding, no honeymoon " and "after marriage, they always go back to their homes for the Spring Festival, and their parents have never met." this has triggered a lot of speculation about their relationship.

later she explained that children should not be a bond between husband and wife, in fact, "the purpose of having children is to build a loving family, not a family divorced without children."

actually makes sense. Papi paste has always been a free and easy, thorough person, she and Lao Hu have been trying to manage their own marriage, get along with the small details is really super sweet der!

they are college classmates. From falling in love to getting married for 10 years, the way to commemorate them is to say a wave of local love words every night before going to bed.

later Papi Jiang secretly recorded his words and made a video. According to her description, Lao Hu is also quite lovely and interesting.

for example, when Papi paste likes Tiffany's necklace, Lao Hu backhand gives a necklace to the Imperial Palace, which reaches the length of the belly button.

papi's birthday, he sent a birthday cake with" Happy New year "and" Fushoucai ", and was very proud: aren't you a rabbit? there's a rabbit on it. How cute!

although Papi Jiang's video is complaining, there is love between the lines. In life, the two are even more in love. They are simply


get up every day and give each other a warm hug

when you call each other, be sure to pick up and don't let the other person worry.

this way of getting along, it's no wonder people can keep fresh even if they have known each other for ten years.


in fact, how can marriage be plain sailing?

the valuable thing is that papi jam turns those dissatisfied places into jokes to complain, so the little contradictions become quite warm, funny and approachable.

in addition to Papi Sauce, Wang Siwen, the talk show girl in the recent complaint Conference, is also such a woman who has mastered the secrets of getting along.

remember what she said before:

accurate and venomous complaints about her husband make every married woman laugh and feel very real at the same time!

besides, she often makes jokes about her husband. Those trifles in the marriage with the husband are all resolved one by one.

she advises the broad masses of women:" if you treat your husband as a brother, you can get over everything. " For example,

when two people go out to pay for dinner, they are in a hurry to pay like a friend;

when you sleep, the double bed is changed to the upper and lower bunk, and your husband is your brother who sleeps on the upper bunk, and you can have a bedtime talk.

having a baby, a caesarean section is all about inserting a knife for a brother, that's all.

when she gets along with her husband, her humor cells are also full of vitality. Every time she feels that there is an argument between the two, she can skillfully avoid a quarrel with a word.

the conversation between the couple is often: "Why are you so stupid, you can't do this well, you can't do that well", "Yeah, yeah, I'm your stupid." Upon hearing this, who would be willing to get angry with her?

get along with her husband so sweetly that many girls admire her and many people learn from her.

before a female fan asked her," my husband always thinks he works hard at work, and it's easy for me to take care of the kids to do housework. How can I make him understand that it's not easy for a stay-at-home mother? "

Sven said: instead of directly mentioning demand, saying, "I work so hard every day, can't I lend a hand?"

instead of "breaking expectations" in humorous techniques: "I've been working for seven days in a row. As a stay-at-home mother, when can I take two days off?"

it's so interesting the way Siwen uses jokes and humor to get along with her husband!



Egg moms often hear mothers complain that their husbands are pig teammates, are not active in housework, always shirk taking care of the children, and finally have to do it on their own.

actually, you can treat your husband as a brother, just like Wang Siwen, just ask for something to make it easier for yourself.


of course, if you are worried about your teammates, you can also use some cool techs tips to make it easier to take care of your baby while you are less anxious.

take baby rations, for example, mothers are always very anxious, one is worried about the bad source of milk, the other is worried that the date on the milk powder is not fresh. Even went to a lot of trouble, asking everyone to buy foreign milk powder, worrying about it all the time!

in terms of baby's food safety, mothers' efforts are certainly commendable, but they are also very hard. What if I tell you, I have a better way? Do you feel relieved?

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