One and a half years after his divorce from Zhao Liying, the recent situation of 44-year-old Feng Shaofeng came to light.
One and a half years after his divorce from Zhao Liying, the recent situation of 44-year-old Feng Shaofeng came to light.
A little harder, maybe the next uncle will be at the top of the stream, it will be him!

have you seen Uncle Feng's new play? But I guess you probably haven't even heard of it.

long Ming of the Star River, a play that is so hot that it almost doesn't make the list.

Cloud data list on December 12

this is because his previous show was either miserable or scolded, and this is the last hope of the year.

"the male master is conspicuously old and lagging behind the female master...."

"Middle-aged and elderly men get out of the ancient doll world!"

netizens' wording is not strict

A little greasy, a little old, a little ugly, a little swollen. It's just a newspaper anyway.

some time ago, Zhao Liying had a hot search and a reputation for a bumper harvest, while Feng Shaofeng, her ex-husband, looked more or less miserable by comparison.

people die compared to people, and goods have to be thrown away.

here comes the question: why did Feng Shaofeng, who had a good image and good acting skills, suddenly become like this?

Let's first appreciate the performance of the new play.

the most intuitive and shocking thing is the oncoming ugliness.

the man played by Feng Shaofeng is supposed to be the iron-blooded god of war, so although he is 40 or 50 years old at the time of appearance, his appearance should not be much different from that of the heroine.

but the first encounter with the heroine, before turning around, people are still imagining whose handsome young man, be like

after turning around, you'd better turn around.

the director's close-up of the face at this time should be to emphasize the protagonist's appearance and create a sense of surprise, but the fat figure, the broad face, and the puffy face, each element is conveying discomfort to the audience.

not amazing, frightened.

coupled with pale filters and excessive dermabrasion, the actor has a smooth, delicate and fair skin while he is "old", and the whole picture suddenly feels unrealistic and paradoxical.

with the female master frame is more obvious, direct super generation, unlike couples like father and daughter.

against him, even Zhu Zhengting, the former king of mockery,

(the second actor in this play)

has become much more pleasing to the eye.

Why is Boss so greasy? Because the most important word "handsome" is missing from the word "Gao Fu Shuai".

No matter speaking lines or making facial expressions, only tiredness is revealed in the eyes.

therefore, the Waterloo of Feng Shaofeng's career has come naturally.

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of course, if you are willing to put up with nonsensical plots, logic that basically does not exist, and the acting skills of some people, you will find that Uncle Feng does occasionally shine a little bit.

he has the mastery and high spirits of performing emperors who are in charge of the world, as well as the unangry self-esteem that belongs only to those who are superior.

but because of this, it is all the more regrettable.

Feng Shaofeng is born with a sense of depth and luxury, and his talents and resources are also at the top, but in everyone

(such as ex-wife)

Why do you bother to treat yourself so badly?

Feng Shaofeng's career used to be brilliant.

more than a decade ago, he became famous overnight with his "Palace". Since then, he has risen from a good actor to the top, with a steady stream of resources.

before the "palace", he laid the foundation of the masses by piling up numbers.

"Palace", he relied on both flow and quality to gain a firm foothold in the entertainment circle.

in cooperation with Liu Yifei in the Legend of Hongmen Banquet, the white-faced Xiao Sheng plays a powerful and domineering feather with no sense of disobedience.

starred in Tsui Hark's "Dragon King, the God of Di Renjie", competing with Zhao Youting and Carina Lau, and is still loved.

starred in Han Han's debut film "Forever", which has a good reputation at the box office, laying a solid foundation for Han Han to enter the directing industry, starring Feng Shaofeng.

also worked with Tang Wei to star in Xu Anhua's Golden Age.

even won the star of Science Fiction IP "three-body"

(dystocia is later, and it's not his problem)


throughout the interpretation over the years, Feng Shaofeng has left a lot of classics. Although his acting skills are not enough to dominate the king, he has definitely passed through so many years of polishing.

and he has a special temperament, silent, decadent, but with a little unyielding arrogance.

this is his most attractive point, and it is also the basis for winning so many resources.

those years were the pinnacle of Feng Shaofeng, idol dramas, fantasy dramas, outstanding dramas, literary films, commercial films, and surprises.

however, no one expected that he could rise and fall so quickly from sunrise to obscurity. "do you know" became his last glory?

Feng Shaofeng has not been out of the circle since then, either playing a role in the main melody play or starring in the play without a sound.

sometimes he can't even get a starring role. This year, he only discussed the high degree of discussion about "Heart residence".She is a supporting role as a foil to the heroine.

outsiders can feel the extent of the degradation of resources, and those who are in it will only feel more frightened.

maybe this is also the reason that prompted him to return to the ancient idol and fight for word-of-mouth, or at least be the protagonist.

however, taking pictures of ancient puppets is not a problem, nor is it a problem to match others. The problem is, if you have lost your spirit, how can you pick it up?

as he grew older, the only indomitable feeling left in his temperament disappeared.

next year, there will be an ancient puppet that works with Jingtian, but the state of mind in Reuters does not look good, and it is the same fatigue as "Star River Changming".

unlike Xiao Zhao, Feng Shaofeng did not say what level of ambition he must achieve.

he once said that filming every day was annoying;

I don't want to be a role model, feeling that I can't carry such a heavy thing.

so when the opportunity comes, he catches it and tries his best to play it well. When the opportunity is gone, he doesn't struggle very much and conforms to the trend.

step by step, we end up in this awkward situation.

of course, this does not mean that his time is completely gone.

the main drama "Mountain, River and Moon" released this year is in cooperation with Gao Xixi, and he is also willing to lower his price for the main theme to be broadcast, "Inspection of the Wind" and Han Han's supervised version of "Flying Life."

it is true that resources are downgraded, but they are still much better than ordinary actors. He still has a chance.

whether it's just following the trend or going up against the current, it's all superficial, and the important thing is to find the essence, spirit, and spirit of the previous play.

. Now high-quality mass-produced idol dramas, post-90s and post-00s top or quasi-top students are all staring like wolves, and it is not Feng Shaofeng's turn to be 44 years old.

and low-quality ancient puppets, except for a little bit of word-of-mouth, is not helpful.

only by finding the right thing to do at this age can you have a chance to win the next tide.

Feng Shaofeng's previous interview was clearly sober

just like Liu Yijun, who has several popular styles in his hand, he is now at the top of his uncle's circle.

and Yang Zhigang, who has been complained about for a long time, is only one year older than Feng Shaofeng, and he has also made a comeback this year with the Chronicles of the Tang Dynasty.

you can't see old or ugly in him at all, only because of the extraordinary wisdom and charm emitted by the growth of age.

try a little harder, maybe he will be the next uncle at the top!