Not overdrawing oneself is a person's greatest self-discipline.
Not overdrawing oneself is a person's greatest self-discipline.
The misfortune and misfortune in life are not for nothing, but their own cause and effect.



there is a saying in Lu's Spring and Autumn period:

"if you try your best to fish, won't you get it?" And there will be no fish next year. "

means that you can catch fish by draining the pond, but there will be no fish in the next year.

if you try your best to fish, there will be no fish, and so will people. Those who overdraw themselves are doomed not to go far.

everything has a limit, too much, blindly overdraft, is a disaster.

at any time, to be able to grasp the yardstick and not to overdraw yourself is a person's greatest self-discipline.

Health without overdraft

the philosopher Schopenhauer said:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

because health is the greatest capital for us to gain a foothold in the world.

Life is only a hundred years old, fame, wealth and wealth are all fleeting in the blink of an eye, not to mention that no matter how much money you earn, you have to spend your life.

there were people who worked hard and stayed up late frequently in order to pursue their so-called success and dreams.

but when he was seriously ill and learned that he might have only 100 days left in his life, he had an epiphany that the most expensive thing in life was health.

if you overdraw your health, you can be remedied and cured when you find your body turns on a red light.

even if you can afford to hire the most famous doctor, take the most expensive medicine and live in the most advanced ward, there is no chance of redemption.

if you don't have time to rest, you must have time to get sick and pay a heavy price for your overdrawn health.

there is a good saying: "A person's life is a small matter except life and death."

No matter how busy you are at work, don't forget to eat three meals a day; no matter how hard life is, don't delay a good sleep.

from now on, if you can keep healthy, don't hurt yourself, eat well, go to bed early and get up early, keep exercising, don't overdraw and be healthy, you'll win most of your life.

money not overdrawn

when young, although they know the benefits of money, few people can understand the difficulties of not having money.

so spending is out of control, and it is easy to be held hostage by material desires and seduced by all kinds of consumption.

the vanity brought about by overdraft money is all false prosperity, which will only make it difficult for you in the days to come.

because people are not far-sighted, there must be immediate worries, the future is full of variables, you must have the ability to resist risks and accidents, and money is your greatest strength.

after all, with money, you won't wait until your parents and relatives are sick and be humble to others to borrow money.

therefore, in the future, do not overdraw money, learn to save money, hold sense of security in your hand, is more important than anything else.

as Lin Qingxuan said:

"the real quality of life is to go back to yourself, clearly measure your abilities and conditions, and pursue the best things and life under these limited conditions."

the happiest days are not extravagant spending and overdraft, but living delicately and seriously within your own ability.

bottom line of non-overdraft

Mencius said, "people can do what they don't do, and then they can do something."

A person can only make a difference if he or she has something to do, and the bottom line is our lifeline.

how many people overdraw the bottom line and have a bad reputation; how many people violate morality, and how many people go astray? there is no hope in this life.

being able to resist temptation and keep the bottom line is not only the principle of life, but also the magic weapon of success.

just like Andy Lau once gave a concert in Japan, he was asked to say hello and sing songs in Japanese.

he resolutely refused, saying: "Art knows no national boundaries, but artists have national boundaries", and finally sang a song "Chinese people".

to be a man, only if you do not overdraw the bottom line, be worthy of your heart, and be not afraid to walk, will the road under your feet become wider and wider.

writer Feng Jicai also said: "only by keeping the bottom line can one achieve a successful self and a successful life."

not overdrawing the bottom line, doing well, sitting upright, living in peace of mind, and being respected is the greatest success in your life.

non-overdraft relationship

Liang Shiqiu, a writer, said: "Friendship cannot be overdrawn. It must always be retained."

the relationship between people, like trees, can thrive only by keeping a certain distance and space.

No matter how good a relationship is, you must pay attention to discretion and intimacy in order to make a long flow.

after all, no one is stupid. Once you start to overdraw others wantonly and don't know where to stop, the other person will be completely cold and give up on you.

when Sanmao studied abroad, he actively and enthusiastically helped his roommates make beds, fold clothes, and took care of the hygiene of the whole dormitory.

but not only did they not get their heart, but they even took an inch, pushing all the dirty work to Sanmao, such as collecting clothes and running errands.

in the end, Sanmao couldn't stand it. After a severe attack, the friendship of the classmates finally came to an end.

it is natural for friends to help each other, but no matter how good the relationship is, they can't help overdrawing at will.

Sanmao also said: "No matter how close a friend is, one cannot lose his discretion."

No matter how deep your feelings are, you should have a sense of proportion and should not overdraw each other's friendship at will.

after all, people get along with othersNo one owes anyone, only when you know how to cherish and be grateful and live up to those who are good to you, the relationship will be long and the relationship will be deep.

non-overdraft credit

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "if you have no faith, you don't know what you can do."

people cannot live without credit, otherwise they will lose the foundation of life.

if you make a promise to others, you must keep your promise, do not overdraw your own credit, and live up to the trust of others.

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because between people, credit takes years to build, and destruction and disintegration is enough overnight.

people who are really reliable put credit first, which is not only reassuring, but also worthy of deep acquaintance.

Master Paradigm and Zhang Xun of the Eastern Han Dynasty were classmates and friends in the Imperial College.

when the two returned home after their studies, Paradigm promised to visit Zhang Kui's house two years later.

when the date of the appointment was approaching, Zhang told her mother about it and asked her to help arrange food and wine to entertain her.

after hearing this, my mother smiled and asked, "you have been apart for two years and are thousands of miles apart. How do you know he will come to the appointment?"

Zhang replied, "the paradigm is trustworthy, and it will certainly come."

there is a saying in Historical Records: "his words must be true, his deeds must be fruitful, and his promises will be sincere."

the smartest way to be a man is to keep your word and keep your promise.

Credit, is a person's best social business card, do not overdraw their own credit, will make the road wider and wider, more and more smooth.

Zuo Zhuan says: "there is no way for misfortune and happiness, and he is called by others."

the misfortunes and blessings in life are not for nothing, but their own cause and effect.

now, if you overdraw one point more, tomorrow, your luck will be less.

think about it. How many overdrafts can you withstand in your life?

on the contrary, the more self-discipline you are, the more blessed you will be if you do not overdraw or consume yourself.

, from now on, may you and I all adhere to self-discipline, have a moderate trade-off, have a surplus of income and expenditure, and never live an overdraft life.