No matter how good the relationship is, don't invite these five kinds of people into the house.
No matter how good the relationship is, don't invite these five kinds of people into the house.
Not everyone is worth making friends with and should be with each other.

writer Su Qin said: "you don't have to invite too many people into life."

after all, not everyone is worth making friends with and should be dealing with.

some people are treacherous, unscrupulous, and unscrupulous;

some people, with false affection, do one thing to their face and another behind their backs.

neighbors who are gossiping

as the saying goes, "be a good companion in conduct and a good neighbor in residence."

between neighbors, do not look up, do not bow to see, communication is very frequent.

good neighbors, like relatives, can care for and help each other.

but this is not the case with all neighbors. There are always some neighbors who like to gossip.

when you have nothing to do, you will pry into other people's lives and promote their family ugliness as a joke after dinner.

sometimes they fabricate things out of thin air, create right and wrong, and damage people's reputation, so as not to cause chaos in the world.

if you invite such people to your home, they will only chatter, ask you about your privacy and talk about right and wrong.

then, turn around and say all your gossip, and even confuse black and white, making no distinction between right and wrong.

tongue is a body chopper, so be sure to stay away from this kind of chewing neighbors, pay less attention and make less contact.

choose to make a deep acquaintance with a simple and warm-hearted neighbor so that you can get along freely, take care of each other, and live a happy life.

relatives who hate the poor and love the rich

there is an old Chinese saying: "Blood is thicker than water."

there are blood ties between relatives, which are often closely dependent on each other.

usually nothing, often visit, encounter big and small things, will help each other.

but relatives are sentimental, not for profit. Relatives who hate the poor and love the rich must stay away.

when you are down, they won't even look at you, let alone lend a hand.

when you are developed, they greet each other with a smile, pay attention to each other, and concentrate on seeking benefits.

because in their hearts, family affection is nothing, and interests always come first.

such relatives, it is better not to invite them into the house. If they can be alienated, they will be estranged, and there is no need to communicate.

students who do not confront each other

it is said that the friendship of the student days is the truest and purest.

but after graduation, life opportunities are different and relationships become estranged.

maybe during the holidays, I will come out from time to time to chat, catch up, and continue my relationship.

but when we talk about the drying up of the past, we find that what we used to say has become unopportunistic now.

within the system, the relationship between resources, treatment mechanism, a strong sense of superiority.

Foreign enterprises go to work, their words are mixed with English, and they talk about the business market.

talk about children's education. Those who get married and have children are in the staff school district room, while the unmarried are still struggling to find a partner.

in the end, there are only voting likes, WeChat ads and holiday wishes in the WeChat group.

reluctantly inviting you into the house is just a waste of time and energy, and you will torture yourself mentally.

therefore, there is no need to force, let alone to stay, to say goodbye with a smile is the most respectable way.

A colleague who is a gossip

colleagues are people who work together and cooperate with each other.

most of my colleagues are kind and friendly and worthy of deep contacts.

but human nature is complex, and some colleagues have bad intentions and always gossip.

one is a colleague who likes to gossip in front of the leader.

the workplace is like a battlefield, even if you work very hard, you don't slack off at all.

if they speak ill of you, it will be difficult for you to stay at work, and if it is serious, you will lose your job.

one is a colleague who likes to gossip in front of you.

as the saying goes, "those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong."

therefore, this kind of colleagues who like to uncover people's shortcomings and explore their privacy must stay away.

keep a proper distance and maintain superficial harmony in order to stay out of trouble and keep your job.

false friends

friend, beauty is the icing on the cake and charcoal in the snow.

sincere friends are the most precious wealth and must be cherished.

but those friends who are hypocritical or even put a stone in your hole, be sure to stay away as soon as possible.

they only come to you when they eat, drink and play, and avoid you when they ask for help.

you have money, connections, and status, so you are eager to curry favor with you.

if you have no money, no connections, no status, I will kick you out right away.

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such a friend, without true feelings, is hypocritical from the very beginning.

inviting them to visit will only be a waste of time and money. It is better to break off diplomatic relations slowly and reduce contacts.