No matter how angry the mother is, she must not say three words, and the child will be useless once.
No matter how angry the mother is, she must not say three words, and the child will be useless once.
The child is a blank piece of paper, and the parent is the original painter of this piece of paper.
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people always say hurtful things when they are angry, and parents are no exception.

but it will become a sharp weapon, deep into the hearts of young children, breaking them to pieces.

Samuel said," the world is like a mirror: frowning at it, it frowns at you; smiling at it, it looks at you too. "

if you regret

" you shouldn't have been born! "
"if it hadn't been for you, I would have."
" what a drag bottle you are! "

with words unintentionally, parents may just want to emphasize the tone, but to their children, they may fall into self-doubt.

they will think," Mom, don't you love me? " "am I a liability?" "maybe I shouldn't exist?" Gradually, lost his confidence in himself, his family and his future.

just like the relationship between daughter Su Mingyu and mother Zhao Meilan in TV series "everything is fine".

Zhao Meilan regretted having given birth to Su Mingyu and changed her life, and Mingyu cried out hopelessly, "then why did you give birth to me?" After questioning, I made a clean break with my family and never contacted my mother again.

all children start with a blank sheet of paper, and the parent is the original painter of this piece of paper.

if you are angry

" go if you can! "
"if you go back to this house, I will despise you!"
"if you go, don't recognize me as a mother!"

14-year-old teenagers who jumped off a bridge, candidates who attempted to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills, female students who left a suicide note and died.

Nobody wants tragedies to happen again and again, so please stop challenging children's bottom line with such words, knowing that there are only two kinds of people in the world who are not afraid of death, that is, the elderly and children.

Old people have lost, there is no nostalgia for the world, while children do not know what death means, do not know how painful parting is, so they are not afraid.

one day this child, who is not afraid because of ignorance, will give you a painful slap in the face.

in the South Korean TV series "Sky City," a mother who wants her son Jackie Chan forces her child to study all year round in order to get her child into Seoul University.

and often use radical words to make the child's mood break down," learn or die! " "Don't eat until you get the first place in the exam!" It brought a lot of psychological pressure to the child, and finally retribution came, and the mother repented.

if you treat your child as a sapling in a stone crack, persevering in adversity, he must have a hard time and is in danger of dying young.

but if you treat your child as a sunflower that needs sun nutrients, carefully irrigate and gently take care of him, then he will be born toward the sun and will be born smoothly all his life.

"are you a pig brain!"
"Why can someone else, but you can't?"

in order to make their children learn a lesson, the easiest thing for many parents is to work hard on words, as if they don't crush their children's last bit of self-esteem and never give up.

Contemporary artist Xie Yong animated these words one after another to make people feel the harm caused by language more intuitively, each of which made people shudder.

"waste" becomes a powerful crossbow, and every sharp sword hits the child.Hearts.

"pig brain" is combined into a loaded pistol, which breaks the child's heart every time you pull the trigger.

" Shame "is a huge axe that can tear a child to pieces with each move.

they are like an invisible cage that keeps the child in hell forever, never getting out of the haze of inferiority.

" Lucky people are cured by childhood all their lives, and unfortunate people heal childhood all their lives. "

I hope every parent can control their temper and don't let their impulses ruin their children's future.

when the child is mischievous, please take a deep breath and recite ten times before calmly communicating with the child . After all, once fear surrounds the child, the child will never learn anything but obedience.

May every child be cured by childhood, cared for by parents, grow up in a happy and warm family, with words of encouragement and caring parents .


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