Never underestimate a person who insists on sports.
Never underestimate a person who insists on sports.
Take advantage of the time and the body is not old, go to exercise!



watching the County Party Committee Courtyard some time ago, I was deeply impressed by Mei Xiaoge played by Hu GE.

since middle school, Mei Xiaoge has been running in the morning for more than ten years, rain or shine.

the habit of exercise not only keeps Mei Xiaoge in good health, but also makes him always energetic and in high spirits.

maybe as New York University neuroscientist Wendy said:

"exercise can bring you a better mood, more energy, and more concentration.


A person's immunity is really too important.

the disease is so menacing that you can't even say hello when you fall down.

at this time, it is particularly important to build a high wall of immunity in advance.

compared with those who are usually too lazy to move, the bodies of sports enthusiasts are ready on weekdays.

the neighbor's aunt, who is in her fifties, is a good athlete.

when chatting with us, she talked about her living habits:

go for a walk in the park every night and often play with fitness equipment such as pull-ups, horizontal and parallel bars.

Auntie said that before she retired, she did not like sports and was often lethargic, and her legs were weak after walking around the community.

but in the past few years after retirement, she persisted in exercising, not only never feeling risky, but also not feeling cold when she wore a sweater when she went out in winter.

think of what Zhou Guoping said:

"my highest material hope is to have a healthy body and live a well-off life."

strong physique is the basis of a good life, let us calmly deal with the difficulties of the world, bear the blow of illness.

exercise more, every kilocalorie you burn increases your ability to resist risk.

every minute of your time can be converted into savings in your health account.

form the habit of exercise, you can better prepare in advance, with plenty of energy, face the wind and rain of life.

Chow Yun-fat once said, "if you exercise earlier, you can have a 40-year-old body at the age of 80."

when people reach middle age, the corners of their eyes begin to wrinkle with years, and their temples are gradually stained with wind and frost.

but exercise can activate your body and make you young again.

netizens of Zhihu

@ I am Aunt Lu

, once shared his experience on the Internet.

Aunt Lu began to try various sports 13 years ago, including aerobics, Pilates, yoga, belly dancing, boxing and so on.

she usually gets up at 06:30, exercises until 07:30, then takes a bath, eats breakfast and goes out to work.

Aunt Lu said:

"exercise can prevent the body from getting out of shape to the maximum extent.


the state of a person who is hungry and thin is completely different from that of a thin person.

moderate posture, energetic people, even if there are facial features and physical injuries, but on the whole, it looks really good, clean and energetic.

Yes, exercise may not work as quickly as liposuction.

but it can clear the skin and bring you more lasting and healthier changes.

how much can a person's difference be before and after exercise?

take a look at several groups of comparative photos shared by netizens:

did you find that without exercise, you have no idea how beautiful a person can be?

as someone said: keep exercising and you can't help falling in love with yourself when you look in the mirror.

there is no more cost-effective way to have a better figure and beauty than exercise.

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keep exercising for a month, the fat around the waist will be reduced;

keep exercising for a year, the skin on your face will be more elastic and moist;

keep exercising for ten years, the body will be younger.

long-term exercise, the body can convey the spiritual aesthetics you want.

when you stick to exercise as a habit, you will find that you have unwittingly developed a more beautiful appearance than your peers.

have you ever had this experience?

when you are depressed, go out for a walk and run a few laps, instantly feeling refreshed and in a good mood.

"exercise transforms the brain" once said:

"exercise can make replacement parts for the brain and induce neurogenesis.


if you have more exercise when you have time, you can easily achieve a happy state of mind.

Pan Shiyi, a business mogul, often posts photos of running on social platforms.

from the Temple of Heaven and Houhai in Beijing to Paris and New York abroad, he never stops running.

in Paris, he finished his first marathon.


the feeling of delight is beyond words.

Pan Shiyi said:

"the most obvious change that running brings to me is mood.

Adults are under great pressure at work, and sometimes they will inevitably be depressed and unhappy, but they will be in a good mood immediately after running. "

Yes, in life, there are inevitably moments when you are troubled by trifles and anxious about stress.

then go outside to move and run, and all your troubles will be fine.To evaporate into the clouds with the sweat.

there is a good saying:

"running produces dopamine, second only to falling in love. Three kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of discomfort, five kilometers specializing in all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers running, the heart is full of magnanimity and kindness."

Life is inevitably boring, but it will be windy when you run.

days are bound to be bumpy, but when you move, you have energy.

practice in the practice room until you are dripping with sweat, come back from the green field, drink a bottle of water, and Meimei takes a hot bath.

nothing to do more exercise, time will certainly give you a happy reward.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences once published a report:

compared with sedentary peers, those who exercise regularly have a 2% increase in hippocampal volume.

as an important organ responsible for memory storage in the brain, the growth of the hippocampus means an increase in the number of neurons and an improvement in memory.

exercise can not only activate the vitality of the body, but also awaken the vitality of the brain.

some time ago, Shi Yigong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was elected as the image ambassador of the Hangzhou Marathon.

the 55-year-old is still in the habit of exercising, running at least 30 kilometers a week.

in Shi Yigong's view, sports and work complement each other.

long-term exercise, not only will not increase physical fatigue, but also double the efficiency of work and study.

he also sent a message to the broad masses of middle school students: "Love sports, love science, love exercise, love learning."

people who exercise for a long time will also benefit from their mental state.

I have received some messages from netizens backstage.

some people say that if they go back to reading after exercise, their thinking will be clearer;

some people say that their brains become particularly good after running in the morning.

those who love sports are quietly rewarded by the world.

as Rousseau said, "my body must keep moving in order to get my mind moving."

Don't think that exercise is a waste of time.

do not feel tired from exercise. If you are paralyzed and play with your cell phone, your body may be more tired.

in a fast-paced society, if you are willing to spend time exercising, you can maximize your brain and make your mind more active.

like what Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said:

"the best doctors of mankind are air, sunshine and exercise."

the importance of exercise, like nature's oxygen and sunshine, nourishes the body and mind all the time.

it can not only build an immune defense line for the body, but also make the skin better and better.

it can not only free up space for bad emotions, but also open up perspective and activate thinking for the brain.

exercise, let us rejuvenate, but also let us over every hurdle in life, can have a more leisurely attitude to deal with.

be willing to take the time to invest in your body, and it will certainly give you the most generous reward.

so, while the time is right and the body is not old, go to exercise!

believe me, if you are not tired or lazy, you will shine brighter from the inside out.

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