Never say the three words with the lowest EQ.
Never say the three words with the lowest EQ.
In interpersonal communication, remember to be careful in your words and deeds.



the more people you come into contact with, the more you find that language is a double-edged sword. If you speak well, you will benefit others and yourself. If you speak badly, you will hurt others and yourself.

since ancient times, wise men think carefully and sages speak carefully.

speaking is an instinct for many people, but being able to speak is an ability.

if a person wants to live in society, he must know how to speak. No matter when there are three words, never say them, it will show that your EQ is very low.

speak directly

it is common for most people to like face-saving and soft words.

to communicate with others, if you speak too bluntly and do not take into account the recipient's face, you are likely to be disgusted by the other person.

A young lawyer, who graduated from a prestigious university, took on a very important case and became a defense of one of them.

remarks, the judge was speaking as a representative, and before he had finished speaking, the young lawyer interrupted him, directly pointed out the mistakes in the judge's words, and took the opportunity to show his courage and knowledge.

I thought he would be appreciated by the judge, but as a result, the judge became more cold and serious every time he saw his face.

generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with the behavior of young lawyers, but they speak too bluntly and do not have a good sense of propriety.

on such an important occasion, there is no leeway to point out the judge's mistake, which humiliates the other party and does not come down to Taiwan. After that, how can the judge give him a good face?

outspoken, hurting others without knowing it is the worst thing.

some people may be straightforward, but this cannot be used as an excuse for being outspoken.


Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, was so good at giving speeches that many people came to him for advice.

one day, a young man came to ask for advice. when he introduced himself, in order to express himself, he talked eloquently and talked in front of Socrates, emphasizing the importance of the speech.

after he had finished, Socrates asked him for twice the tuition.

when the young man asked why he was confused, Socrates replied:

"because in addition to teaching you to speak, I also have to teach you how to shut up."

blindly talk, all kinds of self-exaggeration, think that this can make you look superior, but do not realize, too much boast of yourself, not only can not get the attention of others, but also appear shallow and ignorant, hypocritical.

as the saying goes, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise".

people are better than those who are self-aware, and those who are really good often do not lose their edge, are calm and humble, and would rather do things in a down-to-earth manner than spend time bragging about themselves.

when you are born in the world, it is better to be cautious and slow to speak, to keep a low profile, and not to exaggerate yourself.


for a long time, I have seen many news reports that men and women in their prime have committed suicide because of public opinion. Behind this farce, it is mostly the gossip of a group of people who have nothing to do with their own affairs.

words have no blade, but they can be invisible.

you know, every word of your gossip is a mental torture for others.

everything is only hearsay, the habit of talking about attacking others behind their backs is not only a sign of immorality, but also a failure of being a human being.

as said in Lisao, "those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong."

that is, a person is always keen to talk about right and wrong, which shows that there is something wrong with himself.

language is an echo. What you say, what kind of feedback you will receive.

if you say a word of gossip, you will lose your character.

if you say a big word, you will lose a share of the heart.

if you speak bluntly, the pattern will be lower.

so, in interpersonal communication, remember to be careful in your words and deeds, and never say what you should not say. You only have to learn to control

their own mouth, can more effectively control their own life.

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