Never hate a person easily.
Never hate a person easily.
If you have different ideas, you can respect them; if you have different directions, you can bless them.

see such a cartoon on the Internet.

A man looks at people through the door, but blames others for being flat.

in life, we often hate a person because of one thing, one word.

but in fact, it may not be someone else's fault, or it may be that what you see is not the whole picture.

put aside your prejudices, push open the door of prejudice, and you will see a more real world.

not hating a person easily is a sign that a person is becoming more and more mature.

people you don't like

there may be unimaginable sufferings behind

Van Gogh said, "there is a fire in everyone's heart, and passers-by only see smoke."

on the way of life, we are all "outsiders" in other people's worlds, and what you see may not be what each other really looks like.

under the calm appearance, perhaps the heart is experiencing suffering.

there is no one to share the burden of life, and there is no place to ease the block in the heart.

I am the only one who knows the taste of it.


@ Xiaowen

shared such a story.

there is a colleague in the company who always comes late for lunch. When she comes, most people have already finished eating and left.

she only beat 50 cents of rice at a time, instead of picking vegetables, she scooped a bowl of free vegetable soup and ate it one mouthful at a time.

after a long time, some people began to dislike it and talked about it in private. Some people said she was stingy, others said she was frugal.

there are even people who deliberately joke in front of her: "look, the free soup guy is here again."

every time she listened, she bowed her head and said nothing.

one day at noon, Xiaowen worked overtime temporarily, and there were only a few people when she entered the restaurant.

Xiaowen saw her sitting alone in the corner eating from a distance.

Xiaowen finished the meal, went up to her and sat down next to her and asked softly, "can you only eat soup?"

she paused for a moment and murmured, "I know someone is talking, but my husband is sick, he hasn't been to work, and the child is still in school. I can't help it."

in psychology, there is a phenomenon called "projection effect".

it is said that people often judge others by their own, take what they think and see as the standard, to analyze and judge the lives of others.

as everyone knows, the so-called truth you see is only the tip of the iceberg; people you don't like may have suffering behind them that you can't imagine.

in this world, not everyone is rich and carefree, not everyone is free and comfortable. There are always some people who try their best, but still have a hard time.

the assumption that you don't ask the truth is in fact a matter of skin and bone, and an unknown comment is tantamount to making things worse.

when the situation is different, it is better to speak cautiously; if the position is different, it is understood as superior.

in the face of people or things that do not know the whole picture, it is a kind of goodwill and understanding if you can't look into the fire and keep silent properly.

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never hate a person easily

there is a sentence in "to Kill a Mockingbird" that makes people feel deeply:

"unless you put on a person's shoes and walk around like him, you will never really know a person."

when dealing with people, if you always have a preconception, you will lose your ability to distinguish.

A blind eye to a problem will not only misunderstand others, but also make you regret it.

Yu Pingbo readily agreed and wrote a long article.

Zhang Zhongxing was very satisfied and the article was published soon.

after a period of time, Yu Pingbo wrote to inquire about the fee.

Zhang Zhongxing did not understand: such a famous writer should care so much about such a trivial matter as manuscript fees.

as a result, he had an opinion of Yu Pingbo and thought it was too tacky, so he no longer had contact with him.

it was not until Yu Pingbo's death that Zhang Zhongxing knew the reason behind it.

it turned out that when he asked Yu Pingbo for a manuscript, Yu Pingbo was most short of money, and his life was so difficult that he could only scrape by by pawning things from his wife.

after learning the truth, Zhang Zhongxing felt guilty. he regretted that he should not have made a wrong conclusion without understanding the plight of Yu Pingbo.

on the way of life, some people go well with the wind and water, while others struggle. Every man has his own situation, and every man has his own difficulties.

if we always look at things from our own point of view, we can only see our own difficulties and ignore the difficulties of others.

and prejudices and estrangement between people often arise because we do not think from each other's point of view.

so don't rush to judge other people's right or wrong, and don't hate a person easily.

in the adult world, there are always some pains and sorrows that are hard to say.

only by looking at things from a different perspective can you gain insight into the truth behind it and gain more strength from a relationship.

understand others,

is also self-fulfilling

people have their own aspirations and come from different places.

everyone has their own values, and it is hard to avoid being one-sided.

A person with an open pattern often knows how to put aside his prejudices and respect each other.

as Kant said: "I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I will try my best to understand."

No matter how vast the forest is, there are no two identical trees; no matter how vast the world is.And no two people are exactly the same.

in the face of people who deviate from their own views and choose people who do not agree with them, try to understand more and learn to be more tolerant, which may lead to a good relationship.

if you feel bitter, reject each other, or even hate others, it will inevitably be biased.

the most comfortable relationship between people is to understand and perfect each other.

if you think differently, you can respect them; if you have different directions, you can bless them.

if you show kindness to others, others will return the favor.

learn to understand others, and in the end, it is yourself who can accomplish it.

the road character is made up of "foot" and "each". "foot" means that the road comes out with your feet, and "each" means that each person has his own way.

walking in the world, you have your bitterness, he has his difficulties.

you may not know other people's difficulties, but you may not be able to understand other people's difficulties.

never hate a person easily, eliminate prejudices and bring good fortune.

respecting the differences of others is also paving the way for yourself.

be considerate of each other's difficulties, but also accumulate blessings for yourself;

when you understand the difficulties of others, you are fulfilling yourself.

having a tolerant heart, always with goodwill and warmth everywhere, is a person's greatest maturity.


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