Net power! (good text in depth)
Net power! (good text in depth)
One should keep a clear mind, moral purity and a clean body.

once read such a sentence: "cleanliness, in today's era, should be a high praise and precious."

I originally thought that in this age when everyone pays attention to it, cleanliness should be the basic quality.

but after careful consideration, I understand that it is not inevitable.

in fact, in such a rapidly developing society, the more people can't do it cleanly.

cleanliness is not only a requirement for appearance, but also a requirement for heart.

it is not easy to achieve consistent cleanliness inside and outside. Net power is powerful.

A clean appearance means respect for others

there is a saying: "We live in a face-to-face era, in fact, since ancient times, it has always been."

look at the face, in fact, it is not to see whether a person is good-looking, but to see whether the person as a whole is clean or sloppy.

people are only willing to be close to a clean person, because a clean appearance is the most basic respect for others.

Xiaoya, a colleague in the office, is always sad and absent-minded recently. I thought she was in trouble.

when I had a noon break that day, Xiaoya couldn't help complaining to me that she had only been married for a year and felt that she couldn't stand the sloppiness of her husband, Big Liu.

when Da Liu fell in love with Xiaoya, he cleaned up very neatly every time.

not only did he comb his hair uncluttered, but he also smelled of perfume.

originally, the conditions of the two people matched very well in all aspects, and seeing that Da Liu loved to clean up and dress up, Xiaoya was soon moved.

after spending more than half a year together, they got married naturally.

where do you know that Big Liu changed as soon as she got married, which makes Xiaoya so miserable now?

it turns out that when Da Liu gets home from work every day, as soon as he throws his shoes and socks, he sits on the sofa without changing his clothes, putting his smelly feet on the coffee table and playing with his mobile phone.

at first Xiaoya kindly reminded Da Liu.

put the shoes in the shoe cabinet, wash the socks and hang them out, change into household clothes and sit on the sofa, and don't put your feet on the coffee table.

but Da Liu turned a deaf ear and not only went his own way, but also omitted the daily bath procedure on the grounds that he was "tired today."

when he goes out every morning, Da Liu doesn't wear the clothes Xiaoya gave him at all. He grabs one and goes out the door, regardless of whether the clothes are clean or matched.

and because he doesn't like taking a bath, Da Liu always has some strange smell.

this makes Xiaoya no longer want Da Liu to be close, how can she have a baby?

people get along with each other. Keep yourself clean and refreshed, and others are naturally willing to give kind feedback.

to be clean inside is to respect yourself

French sociologist Montesquieu said:

"Beauty must be clean and innocent, especially in the heart."

those who have a clean heart, even without saying a word, exude a refreshing temperament.

you know, the biggest beneficiary of people who are clean and pure in heart is themselves, and that is the greatest respect for themselves.

think of Su Dongpo's conversation with his friends.

Su Dongpo asked his friends what he looked like. The good friend replied, "like a householder."

Su Dongpo was very happy and then asked his friend, "do you know what I think you look like?"

my friend shook his head and said he didn't know, so Su Dongpo laughed and said, "I think the master looks like dung!"

Su Dongpo, who thought he had the upper hand, was revealed by Su Xiaomei:

"you have dung in your heart, and he looks like dung. Did you win or lose? "

it is true that only those who have a clean heart can be relaxed and comfortable looking at others.

and those who are dirty at heart naturally don't like to look at others.

there was a man who, after seven years of marriage, began to get tired of his wife.

in fact, at that time, this man hooked up with a woman, tried to go back and forth on the edge of the affair, and then turned to look at his wife in all sorts of ways.

my heart is not clean, but I want to throw the pot to someone else.

in the final analysis, such people have no self-respect and may bite back on themselves, unable to bear the consequences.

We all know the truth that the human heart is separated by the belly.

No one knows whether a person's heart is clean, because he really can't see it.

but we cannot allow ourselves to do whatever we think, still less can we do what we want, and our actions must be restricted by the mind.

only those who keep their hearts clean can act in accordance with social order and customs and maintain a good image.

be a clean person, refreshing and comfortable

Wang Anshi, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote in the Book of Mr. Hu Yin:

"the long eaves are swept clean without moss, and the flowers and trees are planted by themselves."

from this poem, the artistic conception we see is:

the courtyard of thatched cottage is often called.Sweep, clean without a trace of moss, flowers and trees in rows into ridges, are planted by the master himself.

such a clean and tidy courtyard is inseparable from the care of the master.

by the same token, to be a clean person is inseparable from self-cultivation. Here are three points to share with you:

diligence is the clean bottom line

everyone should have heard the saying "there are no ugly women, only lazy women".

actually applies not only to women, but to everyone.

it only takes up to half an hour a day to keep your face clean and clothes tidy, as long as you are not lazy.

and reading and thinking hard is a good way to make yourself honest and kind-hearted.

as long as we are diligent, we can keep our appearance and heart clean and bright. Why not do it?

kindness is a clean blessing

because we know how to respect others and ourselves, we prefer to be a clean person on the outside and inside. This is a kind person.

know how to think of others, think more of others, you will be more motivated to keep yourself clean.

those who are willing to make others feel like a spring breeze by changing themselves must be willing to be kind to others, both on the outside and on the inside.

those who have always been kind-hearted will be welcomed by others wherever they go.

people live in certain social relations, as long as we adhere to good words and deeds, we can gain more harmonious interpersonal relationships.

those who keep clean can naturally live better and better.

pattern is clean promotion

the world is as big as it is.

people who keep their appearance and heart clean at all times are bound to have a greater pattern of life.

and precisely because we have seen the wider world, we prefer to be able to keep clean from the inside out throughout our lives.

Life is so long that in the process of self-cultivation, the pattern opens naturally.

the power of cleanliness is so powerful that it changes the course of our lives.

Let us have a brilliant life while improving our abilities in all aspects.

A philosopher once said:

"one should keep a clear mind, a pure morality and a clean body."

if we want to have physical and mental cleanliness, we must have a clear understanding.

when we understand that cleanliness is a virtue, we will be willing to work towards cleanliness.

from this moment on, first clean up your appearance, stand in front of the crowd with a refreshing posture, and make a good impression on others.

, then, work hard and live hard, constantly hone your working ability, improve the pattern of EQ, and life will naturally be better.

this book is published under authorization.

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