Michelle Reis's son is a hot search for ugliness: how did she become a mother when she bathed and kissed in the pool with her son?
Michelle Reis's son is a hot search for ugliness: how did she become a mother when she bathed and kissed in the pool with her son?
I hope every child can exert his inner charm and walk faster and faster on the road of self-improvement.




recently, Jayden, the son of "rich and powerful" Michelle Reis, suddenly went on a hot search.

the last time it attracted public attention, it was because Michelle Reis posted photos of sharing a bath with her son and kissing in the swimming pool. All of a sudden, people talked about the boundary of parenting.

this time, the grown-up Jayden came into public view because of netizens' criticism of his appearance.

with the mother's "divine face" in front, as her son, it is indeed easy to be attacked because of her plain appearance.

some people even said bluntly that he had inherited all his parents' shortcomings.

these people only look at the superficial surface, but they have no idea how well Michelle Reis has raised her son over the years.

she and her husband Xu Jinheng have invested heavily in the education of their children.

Jayden has been learning foreign languages since he was three years old and is now proficient in six languages.

Xu Jinheng is also happy to cultivate his son's interests and hobbies. Jayden is proficient in everything from piano, chess, calligraphy and painting to handicrafts.

of course, apart from literature and art, sports have never been left behind.

Jayden has all been involved in golf, skiing and ice hockey. By the time he was five and a half years old, he had already participated in golf competitions.

of course, for a child of this age, no matter how many interests he has, games still have great appeal to him.

but Jayden plays games, not just for fun.

he also opened a special account to share his game experience and skills.

and he sells his own brand of clothing through these websites.

some people may suspect that at a young age, like those traffic stars, he earns money by "personal brand" to cut leeks.

however, this child, the clothes he sells, are all affordable for about a hundred yuan.

and the money he earns from these channels is used for charity, not on himself.

you see, this is the "ugly son of Michelle Reis" who has been complained by netizens that "42 billion" cannot be saved.

perhaps, Jayden's appearance is not outstanding, but his starting line, his education, he is destined to run ahead of many people.

for "Star II", how important is it that they look good as long as they don't eat the entertainment industry?

including Yao Aina, who has always been complained by netizens that she is "corny and ugly".

recently, don't we rely on our own strength to achieve a reversal of word-of-mouth?

the TV series "go to the windy place" has attracted the attention of many viewers.

Yao Aina, who was once controversial, attracted a lot of people because of a supporting role in this show.

before, she was mentioned as a controversial comment such as "rustic appearance".

even, there are many extreme fans of male stars who want her to stay away from her "brother".

in particular, there is a sister to make a comparison, since her debut, she has not had a few kind words.

this time, it is very different.

Yao Aina didn't fight for the limelight with the two stars in the play.

and her performance, lines and expressions are very natural, obviously made painstaking efforts to study the role, not to play a supporting role and show her face.

even netizens who used to be strict with her admit that she is good at acting.

you know, at the beginning of her debut, she uploaded a video of herself dancing.

comments are all attacks on her appearance:

"gorilla boxing"

"like casting a spell".

she did not resist the bad comments fiercely, but she was not affected by them either.

she chose to work hard silently to accumulate energy in unknown places.

then, wash the shame before.

before going to a Windy place, she won the Palme d'Or at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in 2022 for her short film A Cliff by the Sea.

No matter Jayden or Yao Ana.

when outsiders attack their looks, they all shine in unknown places.

there is a passage in Wuthering Heights:

"there is really no sudden change in this world, there is nothing sudden, there is only what we can not see, infiltrating painstaking and sweat low-key and efforts."

she was able to achieve a reversal of word-of-mouth, not because she grew up overnight, but because she was prepared for countless days and nights.

if there is no superb acting skills, even if you give her the leading role, the audience will not buy it either.

and the most terrible thing is the "second generation" you despise. They are better than you and work harder than you.

it's not easy to be a star's child.

Wang Fei and Li Yapeng's daughter Li Yan suffered many malicious appearance attacks because they were born with rabbit lips.

not long ago, she posted several photos of herself wearing a bikini on social media.

was reviled by netizens as "shameless".

Tian Xin, daughter of Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu.

since participating in Reality Show recording, many netizens have complained about being black and ugly.

even the ugliness of that yearAfter smelling it, some onlookers deliberately came to the children and were cynical.

since his appearance, Huang Duoduo has shown maturity beyond that of his peers.

in "where is Dad going?" she assumes the responsibility of a big sister, often helping to take care of several brothers and sisters in the absence of adults.

however, it was precisely because of this precocious puberty that she suffered unprovoked malice.

she dyed her hair and pierced her ears, and netizens said she looked like a "wild model".

however, everyone has a love of beauty.

some children have ear holes, even in the company of their parents.

Why does Huang Duoduo become artificial when it comes to Huang Duoduo?

most of the time, the malice of these people is just a kind of venting.

Look perfectly ravishing in let's brand prom dresses. Our collections are a perfect demonstration of a high taste.

they are born with their own "flow halo" and will be noticed wherever they go.

moreover, they are too young to fight back even if they are attacked.

therefore, those keyboard warriors regard these "star children" as the best outlet to trample on the lives of abusive others.

maybe they enjoyed the halo brought by their parents as soon as they were born.

but there is no denying that sometimes these children bear more malice than their parents.

what is even more ridiculous is that keyboards are always superficial to grade children by their appearance. In fact, they have already surpassed ordinary people in places that people can't see.

is long at the starting line and is nothing to be proud of. But know how to practice the inner, all-round development, perhaps this is the real "star power."

, may every child exert his inner charm and walk faster and faster on the road of self-cultivation, until he can't hear the gossip and wind in his ear.

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