Marry these three families and ruin a woman's life. Be careful!
Marry these three families and ruin a woman's life. Be careful!
Life is short, happiness is difficult.
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Egg Mommy gives a brief summary.A mother-in-law probably has these four requirements for her future daughter-in-law:

    my son's salary is not as high as yours, so you should be

    our family is not as rich as yours, so we should pay more filial piety to us than your parents

I want to ask, why?

I don't know where the boy's mother came from, confident that the girl was willing to be so aggrieved to marry like this.Donovan's family.

unexpectedly, the girl finally grabbed the door and resolutely broke up with her boyfriend.

applaud the little girl. If she is soft and doesn't make up her mind to marry into such a family, the future marriage may only end in a fiasco.

what I fear most before marriage is not knowing people clearly, but even more afraid of not knowing each other's family.

A strong mother-in-law with a confused husband, a "blood-sucking" family, it is often too difficult for sheep to escape after entering the tiger's mouth.


the family that has been boasting about his son

" my son went to junior high school, and all the girls who liked him chased me to call me aunt! "

when you go to the man's house and the other parents don't care about your feelings and keep praising their son, you have to be careful, because the other person's subtext is likely to be like this.

"you can match my son, too?"
"you have gained virtue in your previous life if you can marry into our family!"
"my son is so good that he can't pick more?"

not to embarrass others is a necessary accomplishment of a good family.

most of the "mama's boy" we often talk about also come from such families.

the man who takes the lead before marriage is likely to become unscrupulous after marriage because of the connivance of his mother-in-law.

Please stay away from such a family as soon as possible, otherwise you may not be able to do anything good after marriage, because in their eyes, you are simply "superior" and deserve it!


families with no etiquette

" China is also a country of etiquette. "

politeness and etiquette is the basic condition for choosing a partner's family , for a family that can't even achieve basic respect, it is conceivable that an educated child, no matter how well pretending, will eventually reveal his prototype.

actually, what Egg Mum wants to say here is that some families don't know etiquette, but think you're not important, or want to impress you!

in the show "my Kid", actor Yu Xiaotong's mother shouted, "I won't let my son get married before the age of 35!" At that time, Yu Xiaotong's girlfriend was already 30 years old, and I was afraid that the cauliflower would be cold after five years.

many people said that Yu Xiaotong's mother was not satisfied with Chen Xiaochan and forced them to break up on the show.

she doesn't know if she wants the two to break up, but this is undoubtedly a blow to Chen Xiaochue in public!

means that the wife will give her the dirtiest and most tiring work in the house in the first three days of her new wife's entry to see if she can handle it. Only when she can bear it can she be officially recognized by her mother-in-law.

but now 9102 years old, this old idea should have been abandoned a long time ago.

not to mention equality between men and women, why should we put up with such a thing when women earn as much money to support their families and earn no less than men?

husband and wife help each other, understand each other, do housework together, and take care of the children together so that the marriage can go longer and further.

A reminder to your mother-in-law here, it's your daughter-in-law, not your nanny!

Don't always try to crush your wife and embarrass her. It will only put your son in a dilemma. It's wise to respect each other.


families with dirty hygiene

the family's upbringing environment is the place where the problem can be best seen.

A person who comes home with a well-groomed appearance is likely to be untidy, which has something to do with the family.

A messy family environment, which at best is casual and informal, but actually reflects the negative nature of the family having no requirements for life and "getting along".

in such a family, people value survival more than life, and live in their teeth even if the conditions are not bad.

Girls pursuing happiness and ritual, Egg Mommy advises to stay away from such families.

once married, your standard of living may fall rather than rise, and buying 3 jin of crayfish will be described as a "luxury" consumption.

not only that, the family where the woman does not even clean her door reveals her contempt and disrespect everywhere.

I read a story before that the boy's family was poor and his parents had not studied much, but he was admitted to a good school by his own efforts and became a white-collar worker with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan.

taking my girlfriend home for the Spring Festival, the parents found out, out of respect, they cleaned the house spotlessly and prepared the best things they could to entertain them, so as not to wronge the girls and not to let their children be looked down upon.

only such a family raises excellent children. Some people say it's saving face, but the egg mother thinks the family knows the most basic respect for others.

A family that knows how to respect, live, and have a sense of ceremony, women will not be excluded and aggrieved when they get married.

Qian Zhongshu said:" Marriage is a besieged city, people inside want to get out, people outside want to rush in. "

how the married life of two people can be seen before marriage, but some people choose to turn a blind eye to it.

people copy the way they are loved. "

Women are always easy to soften, but marriage is a game with no regrets, and only by polishing your eyes can you find the man who is really worth trusting for life.

Life is short, happiness is difficult, just wish you live in the sun, life without worry, happiness and peace.


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