Living a good life is more important than anything else.
Living a good life is more important than anything else.
You can't have everything you want, but your heart can be content.

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A long life, gain and loss, pain and joy, love and hate, meeting and parting, back and forth, alternating.

sometimes, it is hard for people to see and wonder: what is the most important and what makes people most happy?

is it nectar after a long drought? Or do you know someone from another place?

is it a wedding night? Or the title of the gold medal?

maybe neither, because life is not like fireworks blooming in the night sky, only pursuing the brilliance of the moment.

Life is more about the mediocrity and contentment of three meals and four seasons.

in fact, for most people, living a good life is more important than anything else.

this reminds people of the limerick written by the poet Dazeng. Every word is not separated from the trivial things of life, but it is insipid and interesting.

whether you love or hate, live with your heart

get up early with a cage to walk the birds, plant flowers and grass later.

be happy to have three meals, but if you worry about it, you will run away.

-- Da Zeng

I wonder if you have ever felt the same way:

sometimes I feel that life is not easy. There are always some troubles that trap me.

some troubles are too small for others to mention, but for themselves, they are overwhelmed.

I feel powerless when I want to break free, so I don't even think about it.

however, it is useless to allow yourself to sink into this mood.

it is better to cheer up and do some other small things to get yourself out of the strange circle of bad mood, and then find a way to solve it.

even if you just calm down and have a good sleep, when you wake up, your worries will naturally be relieved.

or go for a walk, see the flowers, listen to the birds, steal half a day's leisure and forget the coolness of the world in the little delight of birds and flowers.

even if the problem is still there, it will not disappear automatically, but the mentality is already different. If you have a big heart, the problem will be smaller.

Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, did not have the decadence and lamentation of ordinary people when he encountered difficulties, but still lived with his heart and felt a different life.

everyone thinks that autumn is sad, but Liu Yuxi thinks that autumn is better. "A crane in a clear sky will draw poetry to the blue sky."

being in a shack, he still treats a grain of food, a ladle of water, a flower and a grass attentively.

focus more on things that are reassuring, and you won't always be obsessed with one or two troubles, and your troubles won't run away.

Don't live in other people's eyes

draw a ladle according to the gourd, no one appreciates it.

it doesn't matter whether you succeed or not, happiness is the first rule.

-- Da Zeng

Life has always been like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

everyone has his own way of living, happiness does not need to be compared, and there is no need for others to draw conclusions about whether it is good or not.

do not live in the eyes of others, do not live in the eyes of the world, their own inner wealth and happiness is the most important.

once there was a painter who wanted to draw a picture that everyone praised, so he hung one of his paintings and a pen on the side of the street with a line of text:

"if you think there is a bad pen, please do not hesitate to comment."

the next day, he came to pick up the painting, and what he saw was a picture that had been circled in a circle, and there was hardly a stroke without criticism.

the painter was suddenly discouraged and went home dejected.

when turning into an alley, the painter saw an old man painting in the corner, which attracted a crowd of onlookers.

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seeing that the old man's face was happy, the painter came forward and asked the old man for advice on how to draw.

after hearing the painter's experience, the old man smiled and said:

"I don't have any skills, but every time I finish a painting, I feel so happy that I don't need a word of praise."

the painter suddenly realized that he is the protagonist of life, has nothing to do with others, and does not always have to live in the eyes of others.

standing in the world, if you cook something fresh, it is difficult to adjust the mouth.

you are kind, and some people will say that this is hypocrisy;

you are excellent, some people will say it's just luck;

you are grateful, some people will say that this is groveling.

if you live in the eyes of others, it is easy to be distracted by others and put yourself in chaos.

if you want to live a good life, don't base your happiness on the eyes of others.

Life is not long, even if no one appreciates it, you should know how to have fun and live your own life.

Life is light, but contentment is good

the mind is calm every day, but there is nothing wrong with the body.

if you live a happy life, you can't blame your life.

-- Da Zeng

is there anything more precious in this world than peace of mind and good health?

with thousands of buildings and rich money, they are not as healthy and worry-free as they are.

Xi Bao says:

"what I want most is love, a lot of love. If there is no love, money is good." If I don't have money, at least I'm still healthy. "

living healthily is already the greatest possession. When you think about it, you feel much more secure and happy.

Life always forces us to pursue all kinds of things, and sometimes we don't want to stop even though we already have a lot.

all the way, all the way lost, until one day suddenly look back, only to find that the most preciousI used to hold things in my own hands.

through hardships, peace is precious; through evil, magnanimity is rare.

after all the quarrels, it is good to know that you are accompanied; only when you go through prosperity, you know that contentment is precious.

the most tiring thing in life is to find happiness by standing in happiness and not knowing it in happiness.

turn a blind eye to the happiness you have, look up at the seemingly dazzling happiness of others, and then lament your bad fate.

in the end, I found myself like a little monkey in a fable, picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelons.

people can't have everything they want, but their hearts can be content.

Socrates, the philosopher, at first lived in a room of seven or eight square meters with several friends, but he was still happy because he had like-minded friends who could communicate and chat at any time.

later, his friends moved out one by one, leaving him alone, and he was also happy, because there were many books to accompany him.

later, he moved into a seven-story building and lived on the lowest floor. the environment was wet and noisy, but he found it convenient to move things and get in and out.

A year later, he gave up his house to an old man with a disability and lived on the highest floor.

he thinks that climbing up and down can exercise, the light is good, and everything is fine.

things change.

if you own a river, rejoice at the long flow of the river, and don't be unhappy because you can't get the splendor of the sea.

if you have green leaves, you will be happy for the vitality of green leaves. Don't be unhappy because you can't get the charm of flowers.

it is not because of good luck that life goes well, but because you know how to be contented, you can always feel contented.




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