Life poisonous words, every sentence to the bone (classic)
Life poisonous words, every sentence to the bone (classic)
May you be able to read the truth of life and live the ideal appearance better.


I have heard a sentence:

"Destiny is a wheel of impermanence, and you never know where it will put you in the next round."

walking around the world, there is no one who doesn't want everything to go well and everything goes well.

however, it is impossible for a person to have good luck all his life. He always encounters trouble and suffers from frustrations.

only by reflecting on words, deeds and choices in time, and constantly summing up wisdom and experience, can we live a good life.

Today, my uncle has sorted out nine sober and profound life sayings for you. After reading them, you will suddenly be enlightened and benefit a lot.


when people reach a certain age, they will understand that whether life is good or not mainly depends on their own code of conduct

behavior determines habits, and habits affect fate.

Don't be impetuous when things happen, keep your mood stable, grind out a good temper, and keep more good luck.

do anything arbitrarily, always indulge yourself, get used to a bad habit, and make people bored everywhere.

while doing nothing all day and having a lot of thoughts in mind, you can't help but mix right and wrong.

not only expends energy, but also adds trouble.

the best way to destroy a person is to have nothing to do and nothing to do.

crazy is wrong, idle is waste, will let you step by step into the quagmire.

hone a good temper, refuse bad habits, and talk less about right and wrong, so that you can live a full and comfortable life.


people, want to make some Taoyuan brothers, but always encounter demons

in your long life, you will meet a lot of people and have many friends.

because hearts are not exchanged equally, not everyone is worthy of deep acquaintance.

there are people who appear to be at peace with you, but secretly try to set you up.

he boos to you on weekdays, but betrays you at the critical moment without hesitation.

this world, the most afraid of deep feelings in exchange for unkind feelings, sincerely trampled on.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen:

"there are still thorns under the flowers and leaves, how can the heart be protected from poison.


being side by side with bad friends is like walking a tightrope, and you may fall into an irreparable abyss at any time.

when you meet someone, don't get to know them too quickly or talk too deeply, lest you don't know them clearly and suffer ten thousand arrows to pierce your heart.


We often feel unhappy because what we pursue is not "happiness", but "happier than others"

read a post posted by a netizen:

she graduated from a key university, had a stable job in the system, and found a high-quality boyfriend who was a good match.

she originally felt very happy and satisfied with the state of life.

but she was particularly upset when she learned that her best friend had a rich second-generation boyfriend, driving a luxury car and living in a luxury house.

most of the pain in life comes from comparison with others.

in the long run, you will fall into an endless game and lose your happiness in blind comparison.

Happiness is an ability, but it is a desire to be happier than others.

the most lasting source of happiness is spiritual fullness, inner contentment, and not being manipulated by desire.


everyone is a mud Bodhisattva who can't take care of himself. Don't expect anyone to help you cross the river of reality

loneliness is the norm of life.

your family can't hold an umbrella for you all your life, friends can't stay side by side with you until the end, and dignitaries may never meet.

the pain in your heart and the pain in your body can only be borne by you and digested silently.

writer Yu Hua said:

"No road in the world is repeated, and no life can be replaced.

everyone is experiencing a life of their own. "

when carrying suffering through the world, everyone longs for a mountain to rely on and someone to rely on.

but put aside the bright appearance, everyone has their own difficulties, you can not help me, I can not help you.

instead of waiting hopelessly for others to redeem, try to live as a team.

invincible, move forward bravely, step by step out of their own good fengshui.


the reason why you are tired is that you have something extra in your heart, which is the same as having enough to eat.

I often hear people complain that life is too tiring and blame reality for being too difficult.

in fact, 99% of the troubles in one's life are self-inflicted.

can't let go of trifles, can't give up the troubles of interpersonal relationships, and can't forget the obsession that I ask for.

you keep everything in your heart and can only be miserable under heavy pressure.

"annoyance starts from persistence, from ignorance, from obscurity, from being too selfish."

in the long journey of life, the more things you carry, the slower the pace at your feet.

Life is like a big tree. Only by pruning off its thick branches and rotten leaves in time can it become more luxuriant and full of vitality.

the miscellaneous thoughts are cleared, the past is turned over, and the beauty of the world is worth savoring carefully.


send charcoal in the snow should also be given by others, otherwise not only will not be appreciated, but also will be blamed for the poor quality of charcoal

Growing up, we are often taught to be kind to others.

when you see someone who has fallen, you should come forward and give a hand; if you encounter someone in trouble, you have to lend a helping hand.

however, the saddest truth in life is that good intentions may not be rewarded.

in the eyes of ungrateful people, your kindness is stupid, and your tolerance is easy to bully.

the more generous you are, the more justifiably the other person will ask for it from you;

the more you compromise and give in, the more the other person will push forward.

there is a saying that is apt to describe:

"instead of sympathizing with an ungrateful person, it is better to feed a dog that cannot speak."

there is nothing wrong with kindness, but it should be used on the right person.

you need not only a pair of eyes to distinguish between good and evil, but also a heart to stick to the bottom line.

help when it's time to help, turn your face when it's time to fall out, be kind to others and take care of yourself in the unkind world.


Don't always feel belittled, ask yourself if you have any weight

have you ever had this experience?

try your best to make friends with big names in the industry, but the other person ignores you.

try to squeeze into a certain circle, but it is always ignored by others.

you may think that others are snobbish, but in fact you lack strength.

other people's attitude towards you mainly depends on the position you are in and the value you can provide.

as Carnegie said in the weakness of Human Nature:

"the communication between people is based on the principle of reciprocity.

the essence of interpersonal communication is value utilization and resource exchange.


the stronger the strength, the higher you stand, you will be respected and sought after.

plant the plane tree and attract the Phoenix.

when you add value to yourself, improve your realm, and reach the top step by step, you will be surrounded by good people and smiling faces.


Straw is the last thing that kills you

in the novel my Uncle Yu Le, the Philip family received a letter from their younger brother Yu Le.

Wanna look gorgeous in these long royal purple dress and shake things up a bit to bring oomph to your figure? In every style, you can now choose your style.

letter said that he had made a fortune abroad and planned to support Philip's life when he returned home.

Philip was so overjoyed that he no longer calculated and worked hard, and regarded his brother as his only hope of changing his fate.

when you are alive, don't rely too much on external things, let alone entrust your fate to others.

when you pour all your hopes into others, what you leave to yourself is endless disappointment.

other people's promises and illusory fantasies are just a small straw that can't bear your weight at all.

after falling into the water, if you try your best to grab that straw, it will only sink faster.

only by flapping and swimming hard can you escape the predicament.


the road of life is like an electrocardiogram, without twists and turns is not a good thing

Life is a sea of ups and downs, and everyone rises and falls between unknown joys and sorrows.

maybe one second you're enjoying the calm, and the next you'll be hit head-on.

as the saying goes: how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without a chill?

everyone goes through painful times, but after that there is a new life.

sweating and suffering will forge your rock-strong will and transform you into a butterfly.

Film artist Xia Yan once said:

"the seed does not fall on the fertile soil but on the rubble. The seed with vitality will never be pessimistic or sigh, because only when there is resistance can it be honed."

adversity is not only suffering, but also opportunity. If you can stand all kinds of tests, you will become really strong.

even if the road ahead is full of thorns, don't run away or back down.

dare to fight head-on with setbacks and trample suffering underfoot in order to live with the most high-spirited posture.

there is a sentence in Robinson Crusoe:

"there are many reasons in the world, and as long as one day we can fully realize it, it will not be too late."

the truth is not for listening, but for use.

if you understand it with your heart and prove it with your actions, the theory on paper will be transformed into wisdom in life.

"knowing is easier said than done. Deeds speak louder than words."

, may you

if you understand the truth of life, you will be better able to live the ideal appearance.

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