Li Ziqi: broke up
Li Ziqi: broke up
The kind of power that allows people to calm down is a luxury and a necessity for many people.

New Year's Eve, the appearance of Li Ziqi caused a lot of doubts among netizens that day.

some people question her plastic surgery, others question that it is not Li Ziqi but AI in the video.

shortly after this appearance, Li Ziqi posted new news again.

on February 1, the industrial and commercial change took place in Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Weinian withdrew from the ranks of shareholders, and there was no more relationship between the two sides.

for a while, all kinds of reports, guesses and statements about Li Ziqi also became lively.

Li Ziqi, who has disappeared for more than 500 days, can arouse everyone's attention and discussion every time he appears, which itself shows a lot.

some people say that the life expectancy of online celebrities is 6 months.

but Li Ziqi has been popular on the Internet for six years.

on July 14, 2021, Li Ziqi said in the video of firewood, rice, oil, sauce, vinegar and tea:

"as the head of Baiwei, salt, a small crystal, bears witness to Chinese history and is never absent."

but in the 539 days since then, her video has been absent.

someone is anxious to make changes;

someone simply greets you;

there are also people who express their thoughts with true feelings.

it is hard to imagine that a person who makes a video will still be remembered by many netizens more than 500 days after he "disappeared".

even foreign netizens are insisting on calling her to update:

"it's been a year since your last update, and I'm still waiting for you."

"I wish you all the best. I hope you can get what you strive for."

"you have helped me a lot, your video is beautiful and cured a lot of people. Thank you again."

"I miss you very much, I am very sad, we all miss you very much."

so what on earth did Li Ziqi, a "cyber celebrity" who is regarded as the export of Chinese culture, a weirdo who stepped on the Internet but "backed up" on the track?

what magic does she have to be so loved by "forgetful" and "affectionate" netizens in such a competitive and fast-paced Internet?

her vision of the past is worth learning

Li Ziqi's hometown is in the countryside of Mianyang, Sichuan.

when it comes to the countryside, the picture that comes to mind of many people is not beautiful.

but the countryside that Li Zi Qi shows, both her memories and her videos, make people yearn for something.

when Li Ziqi was still in the fifth grade of primary school, her grandfather died.

Grandpa was very concerned about Li Ziqi before he left, and repeatedly told Grandma Li:

"be sure to give up her book."

but Li Ziqi's grandmother is powerless about providing for her children to study.

Grandpa and grandson depend on each other for life is very difficult, life is tight, where do you have the money to study?

the lack of money not only brought little plum Qi great distress, but also brought her long years of inferiority complex.

maybe it is convenient for Li Ziqi to follow the Women's Federation to find kind-hearted people to subsidize tuition fees. Her grandmother said to everyone at that time:

"this child's life is too hard."

unhappy families have their own misfortunes, but the initiative in how to view a thing is always in their own hands.

even after such an embarrassing childhood, Li Ziqi is tolerant and warm in recalling the past, using words and expressing feelings.

one Spring Festival, an aunt of the Women's Federation took Li Ziqi to her home.

when Plum Qi saw the eggs on the table, she asked her aunt carefully:

"can I eat this egg?"

Auntie said, "of course you can eat."

the reaction of plum seven is very poignant:

"but eggs are in our house and need to be sold for money."

the experience that ordinary food has become a luxury or even a source of income can easily lead to the idea that fate is unfair to you.

but for those things in childhood, Li Ziqi summed it up like this:

"someone in my world gave me a beam of light. I remember this beam of light, and I know how warm it can bring to others. I think these children will also shine this light into the hearts of more people when they have the ability. "

Li Ziqi's video is just like her own way of looking at life, making a very simple ingredient into a very simple appearance, using a bowl of very common noodles to hold the beauty and warmth of the world.

in today's food area, video field, and self-media, what is done with your heart will be seen sooner or later.

and Li Ziqi's intention is precisely because she puts her eyes in a place that many people can't see.

she insists on her self-appearance, which is fascinating

there are too many spectators and different opinions about the dispute between Li Zi Qi and Wei Nian.

but Li Ziqi's personal attitude has been clearly expressed in different ways more than once.

for example, she once revealed in an interview:

Fantasy rockabilly wedding dress at fantastic price! These collections perfectly match all occasions.

"I don't want to be too commercial. I just want to protect the name Li Ziqi. Now I have too many things to deal with, and I need to preventBe cheated by others. After all, you only have one brain.

viewers can feel your heart through your video, so I don't think I can treat my work in this state, so stop and deal with things first. "

I believe anyone who has seen her video should know that Li Ziqi's remarks are definitely not just words.

for example, she has a video about wood movable type from Dongyuan.

but the completion of this content is more difficult than many people can imagine.

because now, in the real sense, there are only two people who can operate that non-legacy craft.

for the difficulties encountered in creation, Li Ziqi feels like this:

"many non-heritage cultures are very much like an old man in the twilight, standing in the long river of history, constantly looking back, is that kind of powerlessness. So it needs to be seen by a lot of people, and it needs to be noticed by a lot of people. "

in order to pursue profit and flow, Li Ziqi has a lot of content to do.

at least, she doesn't have to do such a thankless thing.

but in order to pass it on, and to let audiences at home and even around the world see the existence of real value, Li Ziqi chose a path that was very difficult and no one took.

do content adhere to their own principles, do accounts do not bow to the market and capital.

in the face of great interests, few people can remember their original intentions, let alone stick to themselves all the time.

so in Li Ziqi's video, in Li Ziqi, people see not only scarce and high-quality content, but also rare and rare existence.

this is probably why, after six years of appearance and nearly two years of suspension, the number of Li Ziqi's fans on the whole website has increased rather than decreased.

the real content can stand the washing of the industry, just as the real people can stand the test of time.

in the more than 500 days after plums disappeared, many creators of the same type appeared on different platforms.

Wan Wan can be found everywhere.

but why has no one been able to replace Li Ziqi?

Cui Chao, a short video practitioner, once said in an interview with time Weekly:

"the pastoral short video emphasizes the true beauty and the quiet feeling of being born in the natural years while preserving the real life in the countryside."

it is precisely this "truth" that cannot be restored by many people who grew up in urban steel and cement.

in addition to knowing the rural local flavor like the back of her hand and doing it herself, Li Ziqi's unique oriental aesthetic is also one of her unique trump cards.

she can turn the natural picture with the smell of lampblack hay and dung into a realistic version of "yearning for Life."

abstract painter Mark Roscoe describes the dilemma faced by modern people in this way:

this is a cumbersome, stupid, consumer era, many people can not help living this kind of life, we urgently need a quiet space to take root and grow.

in the ups and downs of the city, we gradually lose the rhythm, and even lose ourselves, we love not only the picturesque frame, but also the truth and power transmitted through the video.

the power that calms people down is a luxury and a necessity for many people.