Leave your seat. Who are you?
Leave your seat. Who are you?
Life is not easy, walk and reflect.

Lin Jing

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Wang Yangming once said: a serious illness in life is only the word "proud".

in a short sentence, it tells the true meaning of life: how many people expand because they think highly of themselves, and how many people rise and fall because they can't see themselves clearly.

the world has its ups and downs, instructing rivers and mountains to be all-powerful sometimes, but when people are in front of the scenery, can they withstand the torture of the soul: who are you when you leave your seat?

mistaking the platform for skill

one writer said:

"you think that others are fawning on you, but it is only your power; when you are not in office, you can see the reality clearly."

during the warring States period, Zhao Guojong Chen Miao Xian inadvertently bought a priceless treasure and Shibi.

King Zhao Hui wanted this piece of Baoyu, but Miao Xian didn't want to give up. In a fit of anger, while Miao Xian went out, the king of Zhao sent someone to forcibly search out he Shibi and take him back to the palace.

at this time, Miao Xian was afraid and worried that the king of Zhao would kill himself, so he planned to flee to Yan.

Lin Xiangru is puzzled. Miao Xian said, "I used to go to the border with the king to meet with King Yan." King Yan held my hand privately to show that he wanted to be a good friend. He thinks highly of me. "

Lin Xiangru advised: "the State of Yan is weak and Zhao Guoqiang is big. At that time, you were the confidant of King Zhao, so he would naturally curry favor with you. But if you run away as a sinner, Yan will not take you in, but will dedicate you to the king of Zhao for fear of Zhao. "

some heart-to-heart words tore off the fig leaf of many popular figures.

the greatest sorrow in life is to mistake the platform for a skill.

most of the time, we are complacent about our success and think that we are capable, but we do not think that we are just standing on the shoulders of giants.

A thinker said, "the hardest thing in the world is to know yourself."

Life in the world, personal strength is important, but more often, it is the platform that accomplishes itself.

and in the workplace, how many people naively think that they have planted the flowers along the way.

as a person, never overestimate yourself. for many ordinary people, it is difficult to realize their ambitions without a platform.

always cherish what you do. When you encounter a good platform, transform the resources and advantages of the platform into its own value.

in this way, keep a clear head, even if you leave the platform, you can still stand in the way, The Smiling、Proud Wanderer.

take the wrong seat for ability

Yang Jiang once said: "when you are in a high position, all you see is a flashy dream; when you are humble, you have a chance to see the truth of the world."

in the opera "five Girls Happy Birthday", when Yang Jikang, the waiter of the household department, celebrated his 60th birthday, all five daughters came to pay their respects.

the third daughter's family was relatively poor. They only prepared shoes made by themselves, but they were driven out of the door with disgust by Mrs. Yang.

later, Yang Jikang was framed and demoted to the people. Old Yang and his wife have no choice but to turn to their daughter's house.

in the family of the eldest daughter, the son-in-law does not agree to take in her parents; the fourth daughter and the fifth daughter are willing to take in, but the father does not agree; the second daughter is the best. she thinks that when her father has no capital, he will hurt herself and her husband and directly throw her face and drive them out.

in the end, only the third daughter found her parents in the blizzard and took them home to serve.

things were unpredictable, and Yang Jikang was reinstated. The second daughter pretended to be filial to her father again, but was humiliated by her mother.

the world is so cold that without the position of waiter, Father Yang has even lost the role of "father".

in reality, the higher you stand, the farther you can see, but there is also a risk of "falling worse". In the workplace, the most taboo is that if you have a little achievement, you don't know what's going on.

read a short story.

there is a donkey who is responsible for pulverizing the arable land. To this end, the owner arranged a separate donkey shed, rich food.

so the donkey began to think highly of himself and shouted five and six all day. Over time, he swelled to the point of disobeying orders and went on strike from time to time.

the owner simply bought another strong scalper, while the donkey was sent to the pharmacy to boil Ejiao.

this story sounds like a joke at first, but under the fine taste, it is full of bitter reality.

A philosopher said:

"Human knowledge is like a circle, known on the inside and unknown on the outside. The more you know, the bigger the circle, and the more you don't know. "

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when a person is in a certain position, he or she will match the corresponding treatment. And once you leave, it's often a big difference.

you might as well ask yourself: without my current seat, does anyone still know me? Can I still make such an achievement?

the soldiers of the iron battalion plate. What really determines whether you can walk steadily and far is not your position, but your ability to match it.

mistook circles for contacts

there is a question on Zhihu: why are some people like a fish in water in the circle, while others can only be forgotten by the circle?

the highly praised answer is: is whether you are good enough!

if it is enough, it will form a stable circle; conversely, no matter how many circles will mean nothing to you.

circle, the treatment and status of the same circle have changed again.

many people think that the circle represents strength! In fact, this is a hoax at all.

you think that when you get to know the awesome people, you blend into the circle and have connections. As everyone knows, if you can not have equal value with each other, then, in the eyes of the other party, you are just a drag.

circles are different, so there is no need for forced integration. Just because the circle is not equal to the network.

what is networking? Its essence is the exchange of interests.

when you can create value for others, contacts can bring you more opportunities and higher life value. On the contrary, the so-called connections that are meaningless can only consume you mercilessly.

the rest of my life is long, so instead of wasting time in circles, learn to keep a low profile. When you work hard enough and are good enough, you can get real connections.

the ancients said, "if a man is not a saint, who can make mistakes?"

when you are born a human being, mistakes are inevitable. However, there are some mistakes that need to be carefully guarded and guarded against.

if you mistakenly treat the platform as a skill, it is easy to lose your center of gravity and lose balance in the world. If you mistake your position for ability, you are likely to be pretentious and precarious.

if you mistake the circle for a network, you will often get nothing, leaving resentment and regret.

Life is not easy, walk and reflect: who am I when I leave my seat?

only by taking every small step can we take a big step forward; only by seeing each section of the road clearly can we be stable and far away, sharing ~