"it's almost Chinese New year. Does your mother have a perm?" Ha
"it's almost Chinese New year. Does your mother have a perm?" Ha
The basic principle of family happiness is that the mother is spoiled.

year after year

the pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer

all of you here

are all ready for

is this the biggest moment of the year?

although the flavor of the year has faded a lot

but the ritual sense of "ancestral" can not be left behind at all

for example: perm

if you don't have a perm during the Spring Festival, you can call it New year

and what puzzles me most this year is

my mom actually said she would take me with her

Let's go!


smile from Mr. Qian

such a ceremonial event

hasn't it always been my mom's exclusive?

perm sisterhood

Mom: how about a perm with Mom?

me: not going

Mom: this is the new tony teacher. Oh, the skill is amazing!

me: not going

Mom: let's go and give you 200 yuan

me: where is it?

you see

even after the baptism of life

the volume is worrying

but in front of the true love between mother and son

principles or something

it doesn't matter

that's it

my mother and I embarked on a journey to visit Mr. tony

all the way

I keep trying to figure out what's so good about this tony teacher

makes my mother praise

is that so?

Big Brother, I respect you as a man

or this?

is this a perm or a life-killing?

or is it this?

"post-90s" grandfather scalded his head with hot forceps

ah ~


I just want to perm my head quietly

Mimi has a headache

I picked up my phone

want to open Weibo to relieve anxiety

but found the "hot (blood) head (tears) history" of many sand sculpture netizens

what is this hot thing?


Don't install it

I know you want to cry

who am I? Where am I?


at least ten years older

Sorry, we are professionally trained and will never laugh unless.

@ I am the first compared to me

this girl

Cos step by step

there is no sense of disobedience

@ I am the first compared to me

see here

I have only one idea

"Sorry, I don't want 200 yuan. Let me slip away."

but when I show my mother exactly what I think

but I find

I have stood in front of tony's store


you can't escape, can you?

can avoid the first year of junior high school, but not Tony!

need a perm

can I hold my own heating pipe


after entering the store

the perm machine immediately blinded my dog's eyes

take it, will it cross? @ registered mei

teacher tony

just give my mom the whole hairstyle

I have dense phobias

Sao Wao Rui ~

I'll pay

Thank you!

"lose both husband and soldier"

look at the contented expression of my mother with a perm

I have begun to anticipate

what will happen when you get home

@ Dalian Lao Shi Wang Bowen

Mom: can you see that I have a perm?

my dad: I can see that

Mom: is this a good color? Is the hook natural?

my dad: it's very hot

Mom: is it better for our second sister or for me?

my dad: Gee, you burn better than you, and you burn better than anyone else


that's it

I'm in Mr. tony's shop

sat all afternoon


my mother touched a small roll that had just been ironed


"Oh, a perm is the Spring Festival!"

in a pleasant atmosphere

We squeezed on the bus home

but when I just found a seat and sat down

raise your head

all the mothers in the city are uniform

"Hey, where's my mom?"

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant emerald green bridesmaid dresses and stand out in a crowd. Our large collections of collections are second to none.

of course

the Chinese New year belongs to my mother's sense of ritual

is much more than just a perm

the first thing to bear the brunt is under the mother's "coercion and inducement"

clean the windows!

wipe with your heart

@ durian milk tablets

sparkling windows

to enjoy the warmest sunshine in winter ~

by the way, it is also necessary to put on new clothes for furniture

I heard that during the Spring Festival, wool and toilet are super matched.

@ do you bounce the ball

the trash can should also wear a small skirt

@ Zhao Fatty

small. Little yellow hat?

@ P Tounan

Mom said

change into pink big peony quilt

is the least respect for major festivals

the bright red lantern incarnates the glittering ball

Mom, would you like me to give you a piece of "Wolf Disco"?

all say "one world, one mother"

I would like to ask you a question:

write at the end

in the past year, mothers have been so busy that they don't have much time to take care of themselves.

and during the Spring Festival, a perm became a tacit ceremony for them to understand each other.

some people say that it is not the head that the mother burns during the Spring Festival, but a kind of respect for life.

I think that's it.

with a beautiful hairstyle, you can give yourself a good mood for the whole Spring Festival, why not?

if you happen to find your mother's hair dyed a new color or a new look, please don't be stingy with your compliments.

after all, the basic rule of family happiness is that mothers are spoiled.

after all, the basic rule of family happiness is that mothers are spoiled.