It turns out that babies are so fastidious about drinking water? 90% of moms don't know!
It turns out that babies are so fastidious about drinking water? 90% of moms don't know!
It only takes a second to make the baby fall in love with drinking water.



when I went shopping with friends the other day, she told me that she was always yelling about her stomach some time ago. To the hospital, baby usually does not like to drink water, love to eat meat, the food in the stomach is dry and indigestible, and unexpectedly got gastrointestinal dysfunction.

fortunately, the family found it in time and the baby's condition was treated in time.

my friend said regretfully," my baby cries as soon as he is fed with water, and he can't be forced to drink water. Sometimes it's okay to think about drinking something sweet and sour, but it doesn't work. The baby is still sick! "

Egg Mom was surprised when she heard this. In my opinion, nine out of ten babies don't like water very much. But it is really not advisable to use drinks instead of water.

in fact, if you want to make your baby not resist drinking water and fall in love with water, it's all about strategy. Let's listen to what the egg mother has to say.


first of all, we need to figure out why babies don't like to drink water.

in fact, in the eyes of many mothers, it doesn't seem to matter whether the baby likes to drink water or not, so take the attitude of muddling along and toss about while feeding the baby.

in fact, only by figuring out the reason why the baby doesn't like drinking water, can we prescribe the right medicine, so that the baby can fall in love with drinking water.

" Water tastes bad ".

remember that some time ago, Egg stayed with his grandparents and was very resistant to drinking water.

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't handle this" little devil "until I took him home. It turned out that the balls hated the bitter water in Grandma's house and had an astringent taste.

A lot of moms probably didn't think of this? In fact, water quality has a great impact on the taste and safety of water.

if the neighborhood we live in is relatively old, the water tank is basically uncovered, and the pipes are aging and rusty, the baby naturally does not like the "rust water" with this flavor.

in addition, some parents also told me: the water in the faucet at home smells of disinfectant .

actually, this disinfectant taste is left over from the water factory disinfecting tap water with chlorination and ozone. Chlorinated water produces a variety of disinfection by-products, which affect the taste of the water.

this kind of water even we adults will "stay away", not to mention taste-sensitive babies? Some babies don't like drinking water. I really can't blame them!


then some mothers say: if the baby doesn't like the taste of water, give him fruit and vegetable juice directly, or add some sugar to the water, won't the baby be willing to drink it?

Egg Mom wants to tell you, please don't do this! We all know that eating too much sugar on the baby's body, not only spent a lot of money, but also can not make the baby fall in love with drinking water and grow up healthily.

Egg Mom has tried many methods and found that the most cost-effective way is to install a water purifier at home.

it is definitely a necessary line of defense, especially for families with babies. And this security line in the egg mother's house must have a name- Qinyuan Xiaoxin water purifier!

before that, egg mothers paid great attention to the safety of baby's drinking water. However, because there is no professional equipment and scientific guidance, it is impossible to find out what impurities and bacteria are in the water.

later I saw an experiment in which Qinyuan Joint curiosity Laboratory used scientific methods to make the residual chlorine and heavy metals in water show different colors.

"dangerous Color in Water" (residual chlorine yellow, heavy metal purple) launched by Qinyuan and Pantone allows impurities and dangerous substances in the water to pass through gorgeous colors and intuitively present ~

this sense of technology.The full and interesting way of popularizing science can't help but multiply people's feelings, so that I directly came up with the idea of trying its water purifier.

as soon as you know how hard it is. Xiaoxin water purifier has up to 99% removal rate of heavy metals and disinfection by-products , which can filter out all the bad elements in the water and make the "dangerous color" disappear from the water. helps us to restore the purity of the raw water, and the filtered water tastes very good. Sweet ~

usually the water in the tap pipe is filtered by the filter element in the water purifier, such as residual chlorine yellow, heavy metal purple and other harmful substances and impurities, all disappear in the invisible!

in addition to its powerful functions, its appearance is also online ~

I was looking at its simple but not gaudy appearance , clean milky white and iPhone's Radian corner , it looks very soft and high-end, like ins style, simple style egg mother, fell in love with at first sight!

and it is relatively small and does not take up space, so it will not feel cramped at all in the kitchen, so it is especially suitable for small families.

of course, as a product that won the 2019 Gold Design Award, its interior design is also quite considerate ~

especially the snap-on double-door and double-core design , which does not have so many" sanitary dead corners "and is not easy to accumulate dust, so it saves a lot of effort for mothers to remove the filter element by gently lifting it when changing the filter element.

when it comes to changing the filter element, it's all the more necessary for me to praise it. The two filter elements can be used for one year and two years respectively, that is to say, the filter element only needs to be changed three times in two years. is both durable and economical./strong> also takes good care of lazy cancer patients.

that's right! Qinyuan Xiaoxin water purifier also solved a big problem for me.

she could pick up a glass of water in more than ten seconds , so there was no need to be busy when waiting for guests.

what is more worth mentioning is that Qinyuan Xiaoxin Water Purifier also has a " cool techs "AI interaction -- you can learn about water quality, filter element usage and total water quantity at any time through Tmall wizard.

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in fact, the growth of babies is a" protracted war "for all families. Everything is extremely important. Even the seemingly ordinary drinking water problem should not be underestimated.

owning a small new water purifier in Qinyuan is to build a solid safety line for babies and families!

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