It is not lack of money or illness that drags down a person, but these three kinds of weak thinking.
It is not lack of money or illness that drags down a person, but these three kinds of weak thinking.
As long as you keep growing inside, one day, you will break out of the ground!


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some people say:

"what really widens the distance between people is not education or background, but a person's way of thinking."

way of thinking not only determines a person's behavior, but also determines a person's fate.

A person with a strong mind can turn things around even if he is at a dead end.

and people with a weak mind will miss out even if the opportunity comes.

in many cases, lack of money and illness are not the most terrible things, but the most terrible thing is to be trapped in the minds of the weak and stand still.

if you want to be the best in your life, start by getting rid of these three weak minds.

Ostrich thinking

when an ostrich is in danger, it buries its head in the sand, thinking that it can't see it, so the danger doesn't exist.

perhaps, in our opinion, the ostrich's behavior is silly and ridiculous.

but in fact, many people in life, like ostriches, instinctively choose to escape when they encounter difficulties.

for example, when you are in trouble at work, you will think about job-hopping, thinking that this will change the status quo. As a result, after you change your job, the trouble will still accompany you.

when life is frustrated, I think that everything will go smoothly in a different environment, but around the corner, setbacks will still appear at the next intersection.

you know, all the problems in life will never be changed by our will.

if we do not solve the problem, the problem will exist forever, and we can escape for a while and never for a lifetime.

netizens of Zhihu

@ A pool

shared such an experience.

for a time, because of lack of inspiration, her design failed to meet expectations, was always rejected by customers, and her performance plummeted.

she was so shocked that she wondered if she was not suitable for the job and whether she had made the right choice in the end.

looking at the design scrap on the screen, her whole head is empty. She has worked so hard, but she still can't.

as a result, she began to run away and her work condition was getting worse and worse.

until one day, an old-timer said to her:

"running away is not the way.

can you make sure that you change your job and encounter things that are out of control, and then you won't run away? "

after listening to this, she gradually realized that running away would not solve the problem, nor would it make her better.

if you want things to be solved, the only way is to face reality.

have read such a sentence:

"even if one day you really escape to somewhere, life will punish you even though it is far away!"

Life is like an adventure. If you don't take the initiative to meet the challenge of wind and rain, you have to passively accept the shock of wind and rain.

instead of running away from the problem passively, it is better to face the problem in a dead way.

concretize the problem, block the troops, cover up the water, move forward in the midst of difficulties, and strive to grow in pain.

there are countless possibilities in life. As long as you keep moving forward, you will become what you want to be.

herd thinking

there is a scene in the movie Forrest Gump:

after Forrest Gump was lovelorn, in order to relieve his melancholy, he decided to run, and as a result, many people ran with him.

later, Forrest Gump ran tired, stopped to go home, everyone felt at a loss, and some even blurted out: "then what should we do?"

from beginning to end, they didn't know why they were running.

this is the typical "herd thinking".

the flock itself is a scattered organization, and once any sheep has obvious changes, other sheep will rush forward, regardless of whether there may be wolves in front or better grass not far away.

"herd thinking" is based on a herd mentality, which simply means to follow the crowd and follow what others do.

perhaps, if you follow others, you can take fewer detours, but life will lose more possibilities as a result.

if you want to be the first person to eat crabs, you must jump out of the "flock" and dare to take a path that no one else has ever done before.

Wang Honghuai, known as the "king of junk", once, like other trash pickers, worked hard all day, earning only enough money to feed his family.

once, he found several cans and thought he could sell them for a good price. as a result, he asked for only a few cents each.

he was a little unreconciled, and when he got home, he melted an empty can into a piece of silver gray metal the size of a fingernail.

after testing, we know that this metal is a kind of valuable magnesium aluminum alloy, and the market price is between 14000 yuan and 18000 yuan per ton.

the Moon and sixpence says:

"there are sixpence all over the floorBut he looked up and saw the moon. "

there is no shortage of hard-working people in this world, but fate tends to favor those who do not go the usual way.

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because they can always stay awake in the group, have their own judgment, and have their own thoughts.

try to be unique, so that life has a chance to stand out.

Frog thinking

the story of "sitting on a well and watching the sky" is no stranger to us.

A frog who has lived at the bottom of a well since he was a child can only see the sky as big as the wellhead. No matter what the people around him tell it, he firmly believes that the outside world is only as big as the wellhead.

in fact, each of us is a frog in a well.

the difference is that some people's wellhead is larger, some people's wellhead is smaller;

some people know that they are "frogs in a well", so they have been working hard all their lives, constantly jumping from a well to a well with a larger diameter.

but some people do not know that they are "frogs in a well" and think that what they see is the whole world.

Uncle Ha, a professional talent, once shared such a story.

one of his readers went to work in Shanghai with the villagers after graduating from junior high school, working on construction sites for several years.

in fact, this reader's academic performance is very good. He has been admitted to a key high school in the city in the high school entrance examination. If he continues to study, it is entirely possible to be admitted to a good university.

so his father said to him:

"your family won't pay for you to go to high school or college. Just read some words. If you go out early to earn money, you can have a good life earlier. Anyway, college students still have to look for a job after graduation!"

indeed, whether you go to school or not, you have to look for a job in the end.

however, his father did not realize that the job he was looking for after graduating from college was different from that after graduating from junior high school, and that the opportunities for development were not the same, let alone the upper limit.

some people have divided people's cognitive level into four levels, namely, point, line, surface and body.

for individuals, we are a "point";

the business we are engaged in is a "line";

the field we belong to is a "noodle";

and above this "face" is the "body", that is, the whole social environment in which we live.

relative to the "body", the "point" is only a very small element.

people who live at the bottom of the well, if they can't jump out of the wellhead, they can only see that "point" or that "line".

only by jumping out of the wellhead, getting rid of "frog thinking", admitting one's ignorance, constantly expanding one's knowledge and horizons, and breaking one's own limitations, can we have a chance to go to a bigger world.

I have read such a paragraph:

the key to unlocking many difficult situations in life lies in thinking.

A change of thinking is like knocking down the first domino, and the subsequent behavior will change, resulting in a dramatic result.

it can be said that once the way of thinking changes, qualitative changes may take place in life.

therefore, if you want to be strong in life, you must strive to break the shackles of thinking and constantly sublimate yourself.

I believe that as long as you keep growing inside, one day, you will break out of the ground!


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