Is the milk powder indigestible? 99% of mothers don't know the tips for choosing milk powder!
Is the milk powder indigestible? 99% of mothers don't know the tips for choosing milk powder!
Novice parents must have get skills, milk powder should be chosen this way!


Winter is coming. I wonder if all the moms are ready?

not only do you have to think about how not to keep your baby cold, but also worry about how to keep your baby from getting sick.

Margin-left: 8pxTraci: 8px;\ "> " my second child drinks milk powder, her belly is swollen all day, and her face is so red that she looks so distressed! "

"you are angry, and so am I. The foreign milk powder that Mr. Fei asked people to buy before became angry as soon as he drank it. "

"I am even more miserable. My baby has diarrhea with constipation. The last time I had diarrhea for a week, I was almost dehydrated. What on earth should I give my baby to drink?"

indeed, since the weaning of breast milk, milk powder has become the main force of baby food rations. Once the milk powder is not selected well, it is easy to have all kinds of minor problems.

from choosing formula to giving baby milk powder, to whether the baby absorbs it after drinking it, every step tests mothers' knowledge reserve.

it can be said that milk powder is not good, the baby must suffer. once upon a time, the egg mother also went through many detours. Today, I will make it clear to you all at once about the baby's rations!


when the egg first started drinking milk powder, the egg mother liked to follow the crowd and asked everyone: what kind of milk powder did your baby drink? Is there any recommendation for milk powder? Have you ever tasted xxx brand milk powder?

but the recommended milk powder is either not to the taste of eggs, he won't drink it at all, or he will have diarrhea after one drink.

I felt desperate for the first time when I looked at his face and the spare milk powder cans at home.

fortunately, she once complained to a doctor friend, and her sentence woke me up:

" when buying milk powder, you can't just look at the price and other people's recommendations, it's more important to suit your baby. Try to read the instructions on the milk powder can and then choose ~ "

I think, since the cost of trial and error is so high, I might as well study it myself.

just do it. I checked the paper, looked at the list of ingredients that day, and sorted out a lot of little tips selected by milk powder. Let's share it with you now!

look at the milk source

in the milk powder industry," good milk powder comes from good milk source "is an immutable truth. generally speaking, the quality of milk source is affected by many factors, such as the climatic environment of the site, culture model and so on.

of course, as a "front-line milker", cow breeds are also particularly important. Only cows with pure pedigree and proper feeding can produce nutritious fresh raw milk.\ "line-height: 1.75 font-size left: 8pxt Margaret right: 8px;\"> subsequent milking, transportation, processing, packaging

look at the source code

when she saw substandard milk powder or expired milk powder in the news, the egg mother was frightened for fear of giving her baby fake and shoddy products. Fortunately, there is traceability of milk powder to ensure the safety and quality of milk powder.

therefore, Egg Mom reminds you that when buying milk powder, it is best to choose one can of traceable milk powder Oh ~

look at the ingredients

Why doesn't the baby like the milk powder I bought? Why is the baby indigestible after drinking? How to judge the nutritional value of milk powder?

all of the above questions can not be separated from the recipe list! uppercase bold! Mothers must take a good look at the formula list when buying milk powder.

in addition to ensuring the growth and development of the baby, some formula will add other nutrients to help meet different needs.

milk powder, which is more friendly to the human body and less prone to diarrhea, is more intimate and less prone to diarrhea.


take the protein in milk powder, which is the nutrient in milk, roughly divided into two categories: whey protein and casein .

the A2-β casein in casein, which is very close to the natural protein in mothers, is easy to be digested by the baby's intestines and stomach, promotes the absorption of nutrients, and is more helpful to the healthy growth and development of the baby.

as the name implies, the name of A2-type milk powder comes from A2-β casein . All the fresh milk it produces comes from the selected A2 cow milk source, more friendly to the human body, and babies with gastrointestinal discomfort must try it!

speaking of this, many parents will ask: type A2 milk powder is good, but we sell less in the supermarket! Do we really have to entrust people to buy A2 milk powder from abroad, which is time-consuming and laborious?

Junlebao to ZhenA2 milk powder has been put on the market, filling in the blank of A2 milk powder in domestic milk powder.

come on! It's time to test the above learning achievements! ZhenA2 milk powder is right in front of you. Let's see if it is suitable for your baby.
I believe that many younger mothers drank Junlebao yogurt when they were young? Relatively old brand, now the launch of Zhizhen A2 milk powder, I still have a good impression.


Jun Le Bao has 11 large modern pastures , supporting accounts for only 30% of A2 dairy cows with pure pedigree .

of course, as we said before, the biggest advantage of Junlebao lies in the production mode of the whole industry chain.

innovative recipes
Egg Mommy found that Junlebao's Zhizhen A2 dairy milk powder is not in vain.

it innovates and adopts " OPO+CPP "formula , which is simply tailor-made for Chinese babies.

OPO We already know, be more intimate with the human body and help the baby absorb . While CPP can promote calcium, iron and zinc absorption and bone growth .

of course, it is also one can be traceable , so that every mother can rest assured.

to sum up, Egg Mommy thinks that this type A2 milk powder of Junlebao is comparable to that of Haitao in terms of price and quality.

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