Is the baby constipated so distressing? Doing it right is the key!
Is the baby constipated so distressing? Doing it right is the key!
Baby constipation is related to the gastrointestinal condition of ta and the food he usually eats.


many of them are novice parents, so they are particularly anxious because they have no experience:

" Hello, Egg Mom! I am a novice father. After the baby is transferred, I am responsible for choosing milk powder to feed it, but somehow, either spit milk or don't drink . I was scolded to death by my wife. Can you give me a trick? "

"Baby hasn't pooped for three days , is this normal? Is there something wrong with your stomach? "

"my baby has been drinking × × milk powder for more than four months, and the xxxxmilk powder I drank before is not digested very well. , what milk powder should I change?"


actually, the egg mother can understand it very well. From the moment the baby is born, whether it is healthy or not is a big stone in our mind. observing the baby's eating and drinking every day has almost become a daily routine. Diarrhea, diarrhea and constipation will be encountered more or less.

on these issues, Egg Mommy has a lot to teach you.

Today, let's talk to you about the most common and headache problem for parents-baby constipation!


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neighbor Youma is a novice mother, and the baby is in a hurry to go to the hospital when she is a little abnormal, and there are a lot of jokes about it.

just two days ago, she said she had constipation and must have gastrointestinal problems. My husband had to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night when she didn't come home, or I drove her to the hospital.

only one day to go to the hospital? Please! Do mothers really know what constipation is?

what is constipation?

judging from the number of times and shape of stool:

defecate twice a week The stool is dry and hard , that's constipation!

actually the baby doesn't defecate for a few days, and it's not necessarily constipation, not to mention the excellent talent who doesn't defecate all day.

what is baby constipation?
find the right reason to get to the root of the problem!

remember that when the eggs were first transferred, they often got hot and constipated.

large packets of powder and maltodextrin in the formula are the "culprits" that lead to baby constipation!

  • bag fans

large bag powder is the raw material of milk powder made by spray drying many times, which undergoes repeated heating, secondary processing and transportation, which will not only cause nutrition loss, but also cause constipation and fire in infants!

  • maltodextrin

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then many parents will ask, what kind of milk powder do you want to choose?

to put it simply, when picking out milk powder for a baby, pay attention to whether it is Natural Milk Fat ! !

I went to the supermarket and spent the whole afternoon studying the list of common ingredients and found that the formula of Feihe milk powder contained natural milk fat.

there is Natural Milk Fat , which means it's milk powder made from fresh milk . That's a lot of benefits! Earlier, I saw medical science expert Jing Huzi proved this statement in the video of Feihe's "fresh parenting View" season 2

  • OPO structural lipids in Natural Milk

the milk powder made from fresh milk retains the rare natural milk fat nutrition in the milk powder, in which" OPO similar structural fat

  • OPO structural grease, fresh and easy to absorb

so, how on earth does OPO structural grease improve baby constipation? Come on! Go to the data!

the constipation problem that gives parents a headache has been easily solved-

therefore, the above facts can prove that milk powder like Feihe, which naturally contains OPO, is fresh and easy to absorb and can be effective help babies reduce calcium soap production, reduce crying at night, and improve belly comfort.

    Feihe milk powder, more suitable for Chinese baby physique.

parents who are worried about their baby's discomfort, remember to choose Feihe milk powder for their baby!

Egg Mom, it has always been very popular. After drinking Feihe milk powder to the egg for a period of time, there are very few constipation!

as , Feihe uses fresh raw milk production, naturally contains OPO , is more suitable for baby's delicate intestines and stomach. Feihe milk powder is more suitable for Chinese baby's physique.

Feihe unlocks the new marketing method of mother and child, detonates the network fresh parenting view with the avant-garde parenting point of view, and jointly uses the scientific theory to create the second season of Feihe's" fresh parenting concept ".

also invited Beetle, pediatrician Yu Xiaonan, Zhong Kai, Xu Yunyun, Zhou Zhou, Zhang Yiyun, Cool brain, Jinghuzi etc., join hands to raise a big shot, subvert your parenting cognition in all directions, and take you out of the parenting dilemma!

after all, many of us are first-time parents and may not be thoughtful enough about many things, and a lot of knowledge may not be the most correct and suitable for our baby.

just like Egg Mom, after watching the video of season 2, I listened to experts and bigwigs learning science parenting ideas , and also get a lot of useful knowledge!

therefore, Egg Mom feels that parenthood is a process of continuous learning and growth, in which there is Feihe Milk Powder and Feihe's" fresh parenting concept " with the second season, the baby's body and parents' knowledge reserve have been upgraded synchronously!

in front of the screen, if you are still struggling for your baby's health and worrying about your lack of experience, come with the egg mother and follow the parenting skills!


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