Is it reliable to be alone? just look at these six details.
Is it reliable to be alone? just look at these six details.
People who are often not serious about small things will find it difficult to do great things.

I have heard such a sentence:

"in this world, there is no shortage of smart people, but reliable people."

I think so. Is a person reliable? we can see it from the details.

it is just some inadvertently small details that can tell whether a person's character is reliable or not, and it is a waste of his time and life to associate with unreliable people.

if you want to judge whether a person is reliable, look at these six details.

do not take advantage

in life, we often meet people who like to take advantage of small things.

buy things with extra change but don't say a word, take the money and leave immediately.

when you eat with others, you always find all kinds of excuses not to pay;

steal other people's things, only to feel that others are making a mountain out of a molehill after being found out;


do not realize that people who are greedy for too much will suffer great losses one day.

Dong Biwu once said: "if you want to succeed, you can eat both, endure hardships and suffer losses."

in fact, do not take advantage, is the great wisdom of life, but also a reliable bottom line.

it is a man's instinct to love to take advantage, but to restrain his desire to take advantage and grasp the yardstick of being a man is a person's upbringing.

people who are really reliable will never corrupt their character for the sake of small profits. They know that what they want depends on their own ability to fight for it.

if you say you will do it

as the ancients said, "A promise makes a man."

is also applicable today.

there are many people who clearly promise other people's things, but when it comes to the moment, they change their minds and say nice things, but they always fail to do what they promise, and they are often unreliable people.

A reliable person keeps his promise.

for those who are true to their words, promises are not light, so I live up to others.

before making a promise to others, you must consider whether you can do it, and what you promise to others will be fulfilled, and if you can't do it, you will politely refuse.

it's reassuring to socialize with people who mean what they say.

keep a low profile and don't brag

there is a saying in the Analects: "A gentleman wants to be slow in words and quick in deeds."

means that reliable people can do their own things without boasting.

people who like to brag will feel omnipotent at the beginning of contact, but only after several contacts will they find out how deadly the Haikou he boasted is when they encounter real problems.

people who are really capable tend to be low-key and modest.

instead of bragging about how good they are in front of people, they know how to control the overall situation in a calm manner, giving people a sense of reliability and reliance.

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reply when you receive

in today's society, everyone keeps their mobile phones 24 hours a day, and they will reply when they receive messages from others, which is a kind of self-cultivation.

We often encounter this situation:

you sent a message to the other party, but he didn't reply, you always thought he was busy and didn't see it, but during this period he updated his moments and liked other people's news, but did not reply to your message.

such people are unreliable people.

interacting with people and responding to messages in a timely manner is also a kind of sense of security.

A reliable person, you will contact him at the critical moment, and he will reply to your message.

it may seem to many people that it is a small matter to reply to a message in time, but what it represents is whether the other person respects you or not.

therefore, the person who has an account for everything, a reason for everything, and a response to everything is always a reliable person.

emotionally stable

people's desires are always endless. If a person has more desires, he will suffer more.

those who are emotionally stable are not saying that they have no desires, but because they know how to control their desires.

as John Milton said:

"A man is better than a king if he can control his emotions, desires and fears."

there are always all kinds of emotions in one's life.

emotional stability is the key to testing whether a person is reliable or not, and it is also a person's best self-cultivation.

pay attention to details

as the saying goes, "details determine success or failure."

most of the time, big things are made up of countless little things.

people who don't take small things seriously often find it difficult to do big things.

therefore, don't underestimate everything you do, even if it is very small, try your best to accomplish it.

if a person always feels that it is okay to make a mistake, it will not be a big problem anyway, it means that this person is unreliable.

only by taking every little thing and every detail of life seriously, without perfunctory and careless, can we achieve great things and be reliable.