In 2023, please manage yourself.
In 2023, please manage yourself.
Don't give yourself a buffer. Take action and be the master of your own actions.

in the past, no matter happy or sad, get or regret, has become a thing of the past.

adjust your mindset and work hard to meet the new transformation.

be in no hurry, nor be mediocre

Bi Shumin once said:

"everything that is natural is slow, and the sun rises and sets little by little.

the flowers bloom one by one and fall one by one.

Rice ripens very slowly. "

most of the time, we are eager for an answer.

I want a promotion and a raise, I want to be knowledgeable, I want to be high-spirited, and I want to walk sparkly in front of the person I like.

but reality always tells us that if you act in haste, you will lose.

therefore, we should learn to slow down and calm down.

calm, implicit and introverted, for contemporary people with a fast pace of life and full work, it is often the best way to calm their inner anxiety.

Spring does not need to be early, Dongshuang will not be late, this year, the past will always pass, what should come is on the way, everything will be the best arrangement.

give time, let the past pass, and let the beginning begin.

the years are silent, and we are in no hurry.

in the earthly fireworks, I don't want all the days to be bright. I hope there will be a small harvest every day.

live a good life and love yourself

I like "an ordinary Day", which Mao can't sing very much:

"I wake up naturally at 07:30 every morning, the wind chimes ring for another day, the clouds are very light, the smell of the sun-dried clothes is very reassuring, and everything is soft and quiet.

the flowers are blooming in the sun at every intersection, and there is a beautiful love song in front of the shop.

it doesn't take long to get to the destination, and people come and go with goodwill. This is the most ordinary day. "

We are always on the run for too many things that are out of reach, but forget that the most important thing in life is the warmth of dim lights and the fullness of fuel and salt.

every seemingly ordinary day, as long as you are willing to pour your love, it will eventually become a poetic field.

the beauty of life is everywhere.

for example, when eating breakfast, the sun shines on the food;

pour a glass of milk, fry an egg and have a good time with the children;

take pictures of moving moments in life with a camera.

like this sentence very much:

"Please stop for life if you can.

set aside some time to exercise, bask in the sun, be more patient, and take care of a drop of soup. "

May we all work hard and have leisure in our hearts.

even if something bad happens, don't forget to love yourself. Time will always give you the answer, but it won't tell you everything right away.

eat well and sleep well, most of the problems in life will be easily solved.

be brave, not perfect

Don't try to be perfect, accept everything you have.

most of the time, what we need is not perfection, but courage.

We are always afraid of hesitation and unwilling to be ordinary at the same time.

I refused to try because I was afraid of failure. I was submissive and stopped, but forgot that the biggest regret was that I never started.

our inner fear is actually just the "spotlight effect". Be bold, there is not so much audience.

if you can pick up the courage to "know you can't do it", you will be the winner.

because for better or worse, you have redefined your life.

it doesn't matter, be brave, we all have our own brilliant tomorrow.

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saving money is the highest self-discipline of adults

if you have food in your hand, don't panic in your heart.

saving money is a kind of strength, is your ability to resist risks, saving money can keep you from panic and embarrassment for the rest of your life.

my friend child is a typical "moonlight clan". People around her advise her to save more money while she is young, but she doesn't think so.

it was not until her mother was ill in hospital that she woke up from a dream, and the high medical expenses caught her by surprise.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"No money means no ability to fight diseases and accidents, and no right to entertainment and investment.

your choice will be greatly limited and can only be pushed. "

long-term happiness in life comes from self-management and self-discipline.

make a good allocation of funds so as not to be extravagant and wasteful.

only when you know how to delay gratification can you reap steady happiness.

Don't wait, giant of action

looking back on the past year, did you often set goals and forgive yourself for not achieving them?

someone on the Internet asked: "how does a person get rid of it?"

there is a highly liked answer:

fake efforts, continuous fantasies and dreams.

A giant in words, a dwarf in action, gives himself chicken blood before going to bed, and wakes up just the same.

I always feel that I am still young and have a lot of time. I find all kinds of reasons to procrastinate every day. Let's do it later, tomorrow, next month, next year.

I look busy every day, but I seldom analyze whether the work I do is worth it or not, and seldom do career planning.

every word hits the hearts of the people.

YesKnow that those seemingly careless success, in fact, are premeditated for a long time, those you think are familiar with, in fact, are well prepared.

Don't give yourself a buffer. Take action and be the master of your own actions.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

everyone has a very difficult time.

the pressure of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study.

Love is in a state of trepidation all day long, life will suddenly open up when you get through it, and time will teach you how to shake hands with them and make peace with them, so don't be afraid.

We can waste our time on things we like, but we can't be stuck in a life we hate.

May we all have wind under our feet and light in our eyes; where our hearts go, where we go; the past is a preface, and the future is hope.


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