Ignoring this matter, you are the "accomplice" of children's myopia! (must be read by parents)
Ignoring this matter, you are the "accomplice" of children's myopia! (must be read by parents)
The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the problem of children's myopia should not be taken lightly.


Winter is really annoying! Especially for people like Egg Mom who wear glasses.

Daddy is soft-hearted and always sneaks around and" indulges "the baby when I'm not looking, which bothers me very much.

to be honest, this news is really heart-catching!

especially when I see balls, like the little girls in the news, like watching things and watching TV and playing games, the father loves his children and doesn't want to see him nearsighted.


Children are young and ignorant, parents indulge a little more, the baby's health will not be optimistic. Most myopic children must empathize with the following conditions--

you can see things clearly at noon in the morning, but you can't see clearly at night.
I can't see the blackboard clearly in class, and I'm so upset that I don't want to read any more books.
academic performance drops and people become less and less confident.

Children are afraid of being scolded by their parents until the degree of myopia deepens.

therefore, the egg mother feels it necessary to talk to everyone that the child's eyes are healthy. Parents must not take it lightly!

have you noticed the four major signs of myopia in children?

  • often squint at things

  • like to take a closer look

if you find that your baby always likes to move forward when reading and watching TV, then he is probably already nearsighted.

  • frequent blinking and rubbing

once the baby is myopic, his eyes are easy to get tired, so he will rub his eyes frequently, resulting in conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. If the eyes are uncomfortable, the child may habitually blink frequently.

  • inattention and performance decline

Egg Mom has seen a lot of children, for fear that wearing glasses after myopia will be ridiculed, do not talk to their parents about this matter, so procrastinate again and again, the blackboard can not see clearly, class will not listen, of course, grades will decline!

what should I do if the child is nearsighted?

parents must not procrastinate when they find their children are nearsighted! The first time the child went to the hospital for optometry to correct his vision.

Egg Mom checked the data and found that there are two main ways to correct vision at present, one is to wear frame glasses. one is to wear orthokeratology lenses at night, also known as OK lenses.

if the child loves beauty and doesn't like to wear frame glasses, you can try the OK mirror, oh

Egg mom friend's baby wears an OK mirror, which is worn at night and taken off during the day. The effect is still very good. Parents can try it. !


of course, the egg mother also needs to remind you: when the eyes are highly myopic, they are very prone to eye diseases.

remember the news before:

Children who yearn for military barracks since childhood were told by doctors that they had keratoconus and could not undergo laser surgery when they were ready to go to the hospital for laser surgery.

parents know little about keratoconus compared to cataracts that cause blindness. Once you go blind, you need a corneal transplant, which is a huge expense for many families.

Egg Mom recently discovered a safe life OK eye care program for 6-18 teenagers, which is very suitable for families with children!

after careful study, the egg mother also prepared a , I still know a lot about this scheme. Let me tell you about it.

Why do egg moms value it? The most important thing is because it is powerful! It integrates risk protection, disease screening, diagnosis and treatment benefits, and is an eye protection product of " products + services " .

because it is jointly created by Ping an Life and Ayre Ophthalmology, it is well-known and professional.

Ping an Life Eye OK Children's Eye Protection Program parents will be more calm! Let's get to know it together.


one of the highlights of this product is that children with myopia can also buy it, and the terms of compensation are relatively lenient: when checked by designated ophthalmology institutions, the growth rate is 1.50D (150degrees) or more, and the monocular compensation is 1000 yuan and the binocular compensation is 2000 yuan.

Egg Mom calculated the bill. If the baby accidentally increases the degree of myopia, he can use the money to change the child for a better pair of glasses, which can save a lot of money!

non-myopic people take precautions in the future

as mentioned in the above news case, when a child suddenly needs surgery, it is very difficult for ordinary families to come up with a large amount of money immediately. Even if they do, it is quite tight. With the escort of the safe Life Eye OK Eye Protection Program, you will be able to prevent problems in the bud!

Super affordable value-added services

most people think that insurance is losing money. In addition to being able to protect risks, this insurance also has ultra-affordable value-added services

if participates in the safe Life Eye OK Eye Protection Program, you can enjoy 15% discount discount! can be a few hundred yuan cheaper! Not only OK mirrors, but frame mirrors, RGP lenses and contact lenses all offer 15% discount ! for this point, Egg Mommy thinks it's a good deal!

what surprises me is that the annual premium is only 299 yuan. During the guarantee period, you can save 150-1200 yuan

what are you waiting for? Click on [ read the original ], let's protect our children's bright eyes!