If you have grace in your heart, you will be blessed in your life.
If you have grace in your heart, you will be blessed in your life.
Life has a long way to go, be grateful for all, be grateful for what you have encountered, and be grateful for you!

I have received numerous favours in my life.

some people are grateful and feel good in contentment;

some people have hatred in their hearts and have bad luck all their lives in negative righteousness.

Wang Fu said:

"Life needs a grateful heart to create, and a grateful heart needs life to nourish."

people, the most important thing is to know kindness, but it is difficult to repay it.

No favors are taken for granted. Only when we cherish all the hard-won things with gratitude can we live up to ourselves and others.


the kindness of good people

as the ancients said, "there are unexpected events in the sky, and misfortunes and blessings happen every day."

it is not always plain sailing on the road of life.

there are always helpless moments waiting for us in the unknown.

it is a great luck to have someone to lend a helping hand in times of crisis.

the grace of dripping water should be rewarded by Yongquan, and it is easier to get the favor of heaven if you are grateful for the assistance given by the kind people and give back to others with greater kindness.


the grace of cultivation of a good teacher

GE Hong said, "the grace of an enlightened master is more important than that of his parents."

people do not learn, do not know righteousness.

the teacher accompanied us through the cold window for many years to study hard and train us to become adults.

do not forget the teacher's kindness, do not forget the original ideal and ambition.

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the Master said, "if three people walk, there must be my teacher."

everyone has something to learn from us, and the person who helps us correct our shortcomings is also our mentor for life.


the companionship of good friends

being a mentor is a great blessing in life.

as the ancients said, "rely on your parents at home and your friends when you go out."

some friends accompany us and finally disappear into the crowd; some friends stay with us for the rest of our lives and never give up.

No matter which kind of friends mentioned above, we should be grateful and remember them for a lifetime.

thanks for the company of good friends, so that the insipid life, also become interesting.


the kindness of a bosom friend

when Lu Xun talked about his friends, he mentioned: "it is enough to have a bosom friend in life, and Shi Shi should take it seriously."

some friends become strangers when they walk, and some friends become bosom friends when they live together.

people who have bosom friends are a bit more chic than others after all.

having a bosom friend can solve your worries and know what you think, which can put down bad emotions and double happiness.


the kindness of the noble people

as the saying goes, "when you meet an honorable person, your luck will be prosperous."

the success of many people cannot be achieved without the support of dignitaries.

in times of success, we cannot do without the guidance of dignitaries; in times of adversity, we cannot do without the help of dignitaries.

the so-called dignitaries are often not the one who is the icing on the cake, but the one who gives timely help.


the kindness of husband and wife working together

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "We can build the same ferry in a hundred years and sleep together in a thousand years."

partner is the one who accompanies us for the rest of our lives.

No matter whether they are rich or poor, they are always accompanied silently; they have nothing to do with interests and always give silently.

the place where you have a partner is the most reassuring home.


the kindness of parents

what is a dad?

left-handed career, right-handed family, the one who carries the burden for you.

what is a mother?

the one who doesn't care whether you fly high or not, but only worries about whether you are tired or not.

pity the hearts of parents all over the world, and the kindness of parents is a debt that we can never repay in a lifetime.

the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, fulfill filial piety in time, and repay the kindness of parents, so that they will not regret for the rest of their lives.

how much grace you have in your heart, how many blessings in your life.

in many cases, it is not to be grateful for it, but to be grateful to have it, and to cherish it to be happy.

there is a long way to go in life, be grateful for everything, be grateful for what you have encountered, and be grateful for you!

May we: be grateful, repay our gratitude, convey goodwill to the world, and reap blessings from all directions.

Han Jiu

guoxuewenakn), warm people's hearts with culture, never lose tradition, never forget where it came from, and never lose heart!

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